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A Job from the Lazy Sailor [Job]

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1A Job from the Lazy Sailor [Job] Empty A Job from the Lazy Sailor [Job] on 11/03/14, 02:56 am


Yuurei had finished his first job done with, and now he was just trying to take on more jobs in this place. It was a good place to be at as it was a new experience to him. He knew what this job was going to be about and he was moving towards the location of the sailor. He couldn’t believe that there was a guy who wanted to do his work for him, but he was cool with it since he was getting paid. He was quick to arrive at the location as he looked around trying to find the man who had put this job for someone to take. ”I assume you are here for the job? Well if you are, take this paper right here, and start working. Don’t bother me till after you are done with everything,” he spoke up to him.

Yuurei looked over to see the man was laying down on a chair, and he sigh because he couldn’t believe he was doing this job for this guy. He was quick to move over to him, and he grabbed the paper, and looked at the list. He just couldn’t help but become a little irritated on what he needed to do. There were four things he needed to do, and he decided that it would be quick to do this if he started now. He looked at what he needed to do first, and figured that it wouldn’t be too hard to do this. He was only task to mop the deck of the floor of ship and nothing more. He took the mop that was nearby, and started to mop the floor. He swayed side to side right now as he looked back at the guy and couldn’t believe he really wasn’t doing anything.

”People seem not to care about what they do in their life,” he thought to himself as he continued to mop the floor. Yuurei bit his tongue as he remembered he was getting paid for this job. It didn’t take him long to mop the place down. He looked at the floor and smiled because he had done a good job. ”Well that wasn’t too hard,” he said out loud as he wiped some of the sweat off his face. He looked back to the paper that was given to him, and smiled at what was next on the list. He remembered seeing barrels around the deck, and moved over to them right away. He was quick to pick one up, and noticed how heavy it was. He walked down the stairs of the ship as he looked around to see where they store everything.

It took him awhile to find the storage, but it wasn’t bad as he knew where it was now. He had put the first barrel in the storage, and he could only help but continue to put more in the storage till it was full. This was not an easy job, and Yuurei started to noticed, but didn’t complain. He had picked up quite the sweat, but it wasn’t a problem to him. He had also fixed the storage up while he was putting the barrel in the storage. It was only because he knew that it was on the list, and he was already there. It wasn’t a problem to him, and it was quick to clean the place up. Yuurei’s last task wasn’t a problem to him. He just reached the deck of the ship, and noticed the man was still laying there.

Yuurei sigh as the man was really lazy indeed, but knew that his last task wouldn’t take long. He got off the ship, and started to tighten the ropes that were holding the ship to the port. There were quite a few of them, but he was able to do it. He didn’t mind, and he just couldn’t believe that this guy couldn’t even do this part. Yuurei was quick to finish that, and he went over to the lazy sailor. ”I did everything you wanted me to do,” he told the sailor. ”That’s good just take this, and get out of here before the boss gets here,” he threw a pouch at Yuurei, and kept doing what he was doing. Yuurei scratched his head as he was left clueless to what happen. ”I didn’t even have to do anything and I probably would have gotten paid,” he thought to himself as he walked off the ship, and continue on with his day.

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