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FAQ - Please read before posting a question!

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Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. This list will be expanded on as staff deems appropriate.

  • When will the next dungeon be?
    Dungeons are released as staff deems it appropriate and when there is ample time to dedicate to them. We do not release them on any type of schedule, but most of the time, if you ask, we can give you a rough estimate, based on what else is happening.

  • How do basic attacks go up against abilities?
    When a basic attack goes against an ability, the ability will automatically win this clash and the ability will deal full damage to either a person or the item it is clashing against.

    More information about different clashing guidelines can be found here:

  • What is the difference between Nationality and Affiliation?
    Nationality is the country you were originally from. Affiliation is what country you are loyal to. You can be born in Imuchakk, but hold loyalty towards Reim. You can be of Kou nationality but hold affiliation to Heliohapt. When you hit Omega-tier, your “test” will be based on who you are affiliated with, not where your character was born.

  • How do I make Huang?
    The most common way to make Huang (currency) if through Jobs or Profession Assignments. Each tier of job or assignment comes with a reward of a pre-determined huang amount. Huang can also be earned through events or through selling items or services to other players.

    For more information on the Job and Profession system, please visit:

  • Can I be a Magi?
    Currently, the position of Magi is through staff approval only. There are a limited number of Magi slots available, so we want to make sure a person will be active before considering them. They must also show a willingness to work with staff and have above-average writing skills.

    For more information on the Magi system, please visit:

  • What is the deal with Duration/Sustain?
    The Duration of an ability for the template is how long a player is casting it. Typically, this will either be Instant, 1 post or Sustain. A sustained ability may be cast again or continued the next post while paying a reduced cost. If you are sustaining an ability, there are specific guidelines to how LONG you may sustain it. This will be based on the tier of the ability being used and the tier of the Specialization associated with the ability.

    For example, if your Intelligence spec is B-tier and you cast a B-tier spell, you may sustain this ability for 2 posts. When counting your sustain, your initial post DOES count. So you would be casting a spell in one post and then you could sustain it into the next post, but no further than that. However if you were a B-tier magician casting a D-tier spell, you would be able to sustain this for 4 posts.

    For more information, please see the Ability Guidelines, found here:

  • How do I add an Avatar/Signature?
    To add an Avatar, visit your profile page, click on the tab labeled “Avatar” and then, in the field “Link to an off-site Avatar” use an image link. Do NOT try to upload an avatar using the “Upload an Avatar from a URL” as Forumotion has a bad habit of not uploading/saving them properly.

    For a signature, simply go to your profile page, click on the tab labeled “Signature” and you will see a standard posting box. Enter whatever image or text you wish here.

  • How do I make a character?
    This is a very complex question with no short answer. We have, however, created a step-by-step character creation guide to assist you. It breaks down the character application and includes all of the information we expect to find. It also includes the basic steps we suggest following once your application has been accepted.

    For more information on character creation, please visit:

  • How do I link a specific post?
    There are a couple of situations you must link to a specific post rather than the overall thread. In order to link to a specific post, at the top of each post is a title (Generally, this is something like [Re: Thread Topic]) if you right click this link, you may then choose “Copy link location.” You may then paste this into your post.

    When should you link to a specific post, you may ask? When you have completed a job and it has been approved, you may post for XP rewards. In the XP rewards thread, we ask that you link to the post where the job was approved. This is a way for us to double-check any claimed XP rewards if a conflict involving your XP arises.

    A tutorial to claiming XP rewards can be found here:

  • I have a question for staff, how do I ask?
    Staff are here to help you and try to make themselves available for questions. If there is something you would like to ask, please contact a staff member by PMing them directly. Links to staff profiles may be found on the right side of the page under “Solomon’s Advisors.”

  • What are Epic Quests?
    Epic Quests are Staff created personal events for a player. When a staff member has seen that you have been putting time and effort into developing personal character development, they may find it appropriate to approach the player about participating in an Epic Quest.

    Epic Quests are a way for staff to recognize and reward a player’s hard work and dedication. The plot of the Epic Quest will revolve around a conflict or issue the character has, whether it be wanting closure with their past or an obstacle to overcome to reach a future goal. Prizes vary and are developed by staff to be completely customized to a player based on their actions in the Epic Quest and can range a wide selection. Current examples of prizes include a magic tool necklace that allows the user to see images of the family history and also allows them to received a reduction to training threads for any abilities directly related to their heritage. Another example is obtaining a Legend Beast customized to the players preference.

    Staff will approach you when they feel you are ready, so please do not ask for one. Once an Epic Quest has been offered, a staff member will work with you closely on your goals, the plot and your prize.

  • What is the NPC section for?
    The NPC section is included as a reference for staff and players as to the history and personality of recurring NPCs. If there is an NPC that you often use in your threads, you may choose to create an NPC page for them. This allows other players basic knowledge of how to interact with the NPC and will also allow Staff members an opportunity to use these NPCs to help you further your personal plot.

  • What is considered a basic beast?
    A basic beast is any non-mythical creature without any special features. This may be a dog, a gorilla, a giraffe, a parrot, a snake, etc. If the creature is especially odd in some way, such as a snake with wings, this would not count as a basic beast and you may be charged more to purchase it.

    If a beast or creature is something that seems to be straight from myth or legend, such as a dragon, a fairy, a gryphon or a sphinx, they would be considered a Legend beast These creatures may only be tamed by players with Dominance as their primary specialization. Legend beasts are also the only creature with access to a single magic type.

  • What are beast active and passive traits for?
    Beasts have two sets of skills that come natural to their species, actives and passives. A passive trait can provide buffs to the beast’s speed, strength or health, or it can give them access to a set of abilities they wouldn’t have normally. If it gives access to a set of abilities (i.e., an organ that allows a beast to produce bio-electricity, poison, healing fluid, etc.) then an ability would need to be created to use it. An active trait on the other hand, is basically a cheaper cost version of an ability, though it has a set cooldown. Unlike a passive, an active trait is an ability that can be used, but no abilities could be made with that effect.

    Passive Trait: A special gland that creates poison in the beast’s saliva. Must use an ability to gain the effect.

    Active Trait: C-Tier 10 stamina (Half-cost of normal C-Tier) 5 post cooldown; The user spits a stream of poison that burns an opponent’s skin on contact.

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