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Aengar[Solo] Avalanche Rescue

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1Aengar[Solo] Avalanche Rescue  Empty Aengar[Solo] Avalanche Rescue on 07/02/15, 05:12 pm

Job Name: Avalanche Rescue
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: The recent avalanche has left a child stranded in a chasm. Go into the blustery mountains to rescue her, as her mother was severely injured and her father was killed by the colossal sheet of snow.

Aengar had heard the news that a young girl had become trapped in an Avalanche so he planned to depart to save her. That morning Aengar came out of his tent and was greeted by his maid servant Yaikuru she said " It's a fine Morning Chieftain" and Aengar replied with "It is one indeed". Aengar departed he began walking towards Blustery Mountains where he heard that the avalanche happened. Aengar being the person that he is he wanted to help as greatly as he could. He went around gathering information. Due to the fact that it was essential to know more about the situation before proceeding in going into such an unstable environment. So Aengar talked to people who had been around the area what they said was that the place was risky but not to challenging. But Aengar needed to know more He needed to know if he was going to be safe in getting the girl out. So Aengar asked that some of his more agile warriors that do not weigh as much as some of his more stronger warriors do. It was about 3 days when they came back with information that the place was unstable but it was safe for him. So Aengar proceeded he packed what he thought he would need things like his staff, some rations, and a rope. Aengar set out to save the girl. By doing this it would boost his peoples individual faith in him. Aengar was jogging for a little bit ( He was jogging at 1m/s). But as he went on he notcied things about his surroundings like how the snow here was a lot more thicker than the snow back in his village and others. Aengar also noticed that there wasn't much wildlife, maybe they went into hiding due to the Avalanche. Or maybe they have just left the area due to unstable conditions .Aengar came along towards the mountain and he saw what the avalanche had caused. He saw the remains of an Imuchakk warrior and a severely injured mother he walked up to the woman and asked "Ma'am I am here to help tell me where your child is so that I may attempt to rescue her" the woman replied with "She down there trapped in a chasm......hurry". Those were the woman's final words as her spirit left her body Aengar saw the rukh ascend into the air. Aengar was now sprinting towards the chasm(Sprint at 6m/s) he was 5 meters away when he was standing above the chasm he saw the girl he called out "Child I am here to save you, speak so that I may know that you're living". The child said "Mr I am alive please save me". Aengar decended into the chasm when he was close to the girl he reached out his arm saying "grab my hand and I can pull you out", the girl grabbed his hand and they both climbed to the top but the girl was atop of Aengars' back. Aengar took the girl back to the village where she was adopted and taken care of by his maidservant Yaikuru.

Word Count: 525
Magoi Count: 100/100


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