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Roleplaying Force Affiliate

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1Roleplaying Force Affiliate  Empty Roleplaying Force Affiliate on 19/01/15, 04:38 pm

Hello. Uhhh i already advertised here and i thought it was about time i started asking for affiliations to get more people and what not.

Roleplaying Force is a very free Forum, where there can be hosted many Side Rps. I plan on hosting three main Rps, right now there is 1 Main rp, up for entering. This thing is completely Original.

Uhhh... it's also new but the more i get members the more they're going to see your button, and hey... maybe they'll like Magi xD

I do have a button, ill like place it here as well as the Forums Link.


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2Roleplaying Force Affiliate  Empty Re: Roleplaying Force Affiliate on 19/01/15, 06:22 pm

When requesting affiliation, please follow the guidelines found at this link:


Roleplaying Force Affiliate  Ari%20Sigs_zpsn7c2bhju
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