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Day of Magic: Meddling With Fate, A Storm Brews

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With the defeat of Gremory and Cimeies, the world has two new King Candidates. Azix Niraj claimed Cimeies as his metal vessel and Jahan has claimed Gremory in a golden crown. With Azix Niraj’s contribution to the Imuchakk people, their debts to the Kou Empire will be easily repaid. With rumblings of unrest in Reim and rumors of Kou completing their integration into the gladiator country, other countries around the world are taking notice and becoming wary. Magnostadt is at the front of those attempting to rebuild a fighting force, with the previous attempt of Kou to invade the Magician City still fresh in their minds. Along with the country of magic, the tribes of The Plains are becoming increasingly frightened about the implications as Kou continues to push into their lands.

Pick your sides in Reim’s attempts to build a rebellion or see what can be done to assist Magnostadt and the Plains to fight the Kou Empire in the Mainland.

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