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Preparing the Students [C - Repeatable]

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Job Name: Preparing the Students
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: With Kou having recently occupied Reim, the teachers realize there is a possibility of Kou making another attempt on Magnostadt. After the casualties of their last attempt, the teachers want to make sure the students are prepared to defend the city, as well. Go up against a mock battle with 5 students to show them some basic battle techniques that could save their city.

Enemy Name: Students x5
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Students are capable of flight through Gravity magic.
Icy Chill – Students cast a cone of ice shards that is 5m at the widest point and move up to 10 meters from them to deal C-tier damage.
Fiery Slice – Students create a spear of heat 1 meter long that travels up to 10 meters away from them, dealing C-tier heat damage.
Wicked Winds – Students create a wall of wind moving to push any opponents in its path back 5 meters.

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Preparing the Students [C - Repeatable] GONhvwv
Preparing the Students [C - Repeatable] Pbucket
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approved and rewarded~


Preparing the Students [C - Repeatable] Ari%20Sigs_zpsn7c2bhju
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At a weird spot but this was finished w/ Merari.



Preparing the Students [C - Repeatable] HpiKX4Y

ALT - Diana Corvus | Totodilo
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Approved. Rewarded both Setekh and Merari with the appropriate huang, don't forget to post in C-Tier rewards!


Preparing the Students [C - Repeatable] BgH0fcQ
Traits Points: 0/8
Shards of Solomon: x2
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