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 Raion was outside a large looking run down house, it was grey and the roof looked like it could come down any second. It was late at night, the moon was full and bright. A slight weak breeze was in the air, that made things sort of calmer. Raion was dressed in casual outfit, fixing his gloves with a un-amused look on his face. Outside with him was some people, thug look a likes, that were eyeing Raion down.He took a deep breath and looked up into the sky, eyes closed. He stayed in this position for a good while. Then his eyes shot back open, he looked forward and took steps toward the door. He opened them and loud cheering came, from the inside.

For a quick moment Raion pretended the cheering was for him, but it wasn't. In fact no one payed attention to him at all. There was loads of people surrounding a circle, eyes locked on into the center where two grown men were brawling out.They all looked excited, happy and drunk. Inside the place looked filthy, just grey walls with black and brown smudges all over. The people looked like slobs when Raion took quick glances at them. He noticed a few wealthy people there, he know he'd seen around. But it was hard to tell that they were themselves acting so wildly. Raion continued to walk forward, he bumbed into a disgusting looking man by accident. "Im sorry." Raion said not looking for any problems.

"Yea, yea watch where stepping punk." His voice gravely and old he kept walking. Raion made a nervous looking face. "Come on Raion, you came here there is no turning back."

He made way to the front of the brawl, were there was small 3 feet tall walls in front of him. He looked a little out of place, he was definitely was the cleanest one there. 

"And we have our winner!!" A loud booming voice came from the back. A rather tall man, with ok looking clothes and a charismatic face. He had a wide smile, and cane that he really wasn't using fro walking. "He must be Toga." Raion whispered to himself. 

Toga went into the ring to grab the wrist of the winner of the fight. "Lets get another round of applause for out defending champ!! Kong!!!" 
The people surrounding Raion all cheered loudly, some ones sit hit the back of his neck. He looked disgusted, and wiped it off using his shirts collar. 

Toga smiled widely at the crowd. "Thank you Thank you!! Now before we put in an end for tonight. You know we allow one brave fighter in the audience of course to take on out champ Kong!! in a one on one fight. All we ask is that you give us 10 piece of gold, for your chance to win over 30 pieces of gold!! Now do we have any challengers?!!" 

The room stayed quiet for while till Raion who took a deep breath, hopped over the small walls. Then the place had a instant boom of reaction and yelling. Toga himself looked surprised. "Wooaahh woah wwooaaah!! look what we have here, a young man ready to face or champion Kong!!...I say lets do it!!" Toga said aloud with a evil looking grin. The place cheered loudly. Shouting out Kong's name.

Toga waked over to Raion "You death warrant kid, fork over the ten pieces."  Raion smirked and did as he was told. Then took off his shirt, just wearing a white tank top. Toga took it. "I'll hold that for you, seeing as how your not gonna beat Kong. A young guy like you, its impossible."

Raion didn't even reply he smirked and started stretching. He spoke quietly to himself. "Nothing is impossible."

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The air was intimidating Raion had to admit, Kong was big not only that he was a experienced brawler. Raion faced allot guys that looked like Kong, who were just big and used that thinking they were good but Rai always showed them otherwise. But today that would not be the case, today Raion needed to give it his all or loose, and loosing was not an option.

Toga the announcer stepped in the middle of the ring, looking at both fighters. One final glare at Rai "You ready to fight!?" Raion replied with a smile. "Always ready."  Toga looked at Kong. "Is the champ ready to fight!?" Kong took a step forward, pounding his chest. "I'll crush this kid five seconds flat!" getting a wild reaction from the spectators. Toga raised his hand up, and solid motion swung it down initiating the fight to start.

Once Toga was out the way, Kong took a couple steps forward to be in striking distance. Leading with his main leg, the right foot he launched a right hook aimed straight at Raion's face. An easy read, even easier counter Raion used Kong's giant size against him, parrying the blow using his right hand to guide to his left side. Raion used that parry to step in, closer aiming two straight kicks to Kong's stomach, but it was block by Kong's huge left forearm.

This guys is pretty quick for his size, better then I thought he would be.

But before Kong could counter, Raion made an extremely fast kick aiming at his midsection. It made no contact but it didn't need to. Before Kong could realize it, he was sent flying back to the other side of the ring with a pain in his chest.
"That was soyokaze. You liked it?" Raion said jokingly.
Kong touched his chest, feeling the sharp pain then looking at Raion who stood there guard up, but a wicked smirk appeared on his face. "OOoohhhooohh, so your that good huh? Guess I can bring out the big guns as well. Kong then stood up straight, gathering strength in his right arm, then striking it forward, A sharp noise was heard the attack was coming to fast, Raion barely had enough time to block strengthening his arm taking the blow. It launched him back to the caged gate, his face looking surprised. "That looked just like my technique." He looked up but didn't see Kong, only a shadow on the matted ground indicating that Kong was in the air coming down with his next attack.

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Raion needed a counter and he needed one quick, he took a deep breath and regained composure. Kong was coming down with a kick attack, his main leg again. As Kong was coming down Raion quickly and steadily, swayed to the side locking his right arm on his leg. Using Kong's momentum and size against him he slammed the humane giant on the ground countering his attack perfectly. The slam was loud and big, and had a added notch in power to it. Leaving Kong face down on the ground it was seemingly over from there. Raion gave off a smirk, shaking his right hand loose.

Still getting used to the Gyaku burēku, i was able to counter him in mid air so I am getting better. Just gotta fix the timing.

Toga and audience included was in shock. The underestimated Raion heavily, not only was he proving to be a match for Kong. But he might actually be better then him.

Kong surprisingly got up, his face red and full of anger. Raion readied his guard, he expected Kong to get up. But now Kong was furious blood dropped from the top of his forehead. "To make me bleed...I'm gonna kill you!" He yelled rushing towards Raion, but this time he no form no focus. He was just lost in anger, and opponents lost in anger were the easiest to take down. Raion backed up getting his placing right, When Kong was in distance Raion took two hops forward and leaped in the air aiming a knee straight to the bleeding spot. Which knocked Kong back a few feet, victory was becoming apparent.

Toga looking displeased, met eyes with a hooded man to his far right. The hooded got up and stood beside him, to witch Toga said. "If Kong loses make sure the kid doesn't leave in one piece got it?" the hooded man nodded, and gestured to his other men to follow him.

Kong was dizzy from the strike to his forehead, but still attempted to attack. Raion feeling this match was already over. "Come on big guy, it's over just give up." Kong ignored him and sent a even angrier right hook towards him. Raion sighed and pointed two fingers, aiming and striking at his vital points making his swinging arm numb, then his left arm followed. Raion then stepped in, and aimed a elbow strike to his mid section, but before his elbow struck a shock wave of impressive force struck Kong hard knocking him out and sending him flying back breaking through the cage and landing in the crowd. With that the champ was defeated and the spectators erupted in cheers!

Toga at first looking disappointed giving a the knocked out Kong a devious grin. He walked in the ring, where Raion stood victorious but instead of taking his hand and declaring him the new champ. Toga stood in place his grin even more evident, as he looked at Rai. "I know what your here for, your that bastards Angelo's student. You think taking out Kong was your biggest threat here huh?"

Raion rubbed the back of his head humorously. "Well yea, he is the biggest guy here haha!"

Toga chuckled "You aren't that bright huh kid?! Stepping right into enemy territory!" once he said that, Raion was surrounded by about ten dark hooded figures some wielding weapons. The situation turned from good to bleak real quick for Raion.

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"You see how stupid you are kid! Coming here alone was your biggest mistake!" Toga said with a evil like grin.

Despite the situation, the hooded mercs closing in on Raion he had nothing but a smirk on his face, that smirk turned into a smile, and his smile turned into laughter. "Who ever said i was alone!" Raion laughed out, making Toga step back a little. Suddenly there was a two loud glass crashes from the windows above, where Jin and Angelo dove down landing in the middle of the ring side by side to Raion. Angelo holding Raion's staff Ruyi Jingu Bang tossed it to him.

Raion smirking at Toga, "I was merely the distraction. They already freed your slaves from the containment." he said twirling his staff at his side. Angelo threw a large bag of opened ankle cuffs at Toga's feet. His face went red with anger, "Damn you! Damn you! Damn yooouuu!! Kill them!! Kill them now!"

The hooded figures then jolted to attack, there was ten of them. Rai, Jin and Angelo were out manned but they were not out skilled. Three of them coming towards Raion with swords in hand, Raion started to twirl his staff, his twirl turned into a spin, a extremely fast spin. He was using it to block the attacks from the three mercs, from all angles and sides. "Figure eight!" Raion shouted getting excited using one of his favorite techniques. He took a step forward and was using his spins to strike the mercs as well. He was able to block and parry while striking at the same time. He finished the three by ending his rapid spins, then did a massive sweep releasing a sharp gust of force and wind knocking the three out. "Hangetsuuuuu, suckers."

Another merc came towards him, who was holding a scythe like weapon with a chain. He used the chain to grab Raion's staff and flicked it out of reach leaving Rai unarmed. But the mercs face was met with a extremely fast dash, to his center. Raion's first strike going unseen, making him vulnerable to the other strikes soon to follow. Raion then instantly performed his voided violent flash, landing twenty powerful blows throughout his body. But Raion eased up on the power deciding not to break any bones thought he could have easily could.

Angelo looked at Raion "Getting some new moves huh?" he said his foot over his three defeated mercs. Jin looked at them sheathing his blade, standing over his enemies.

Raion picked up Jingu Bang, and hooked it onto his belt. Toga looked at the three in shock, he attempted to run but tripped over one of the fallen mercs. Raion grabbed him by the collar and picked him up. His face serious for the fist time. "No more slave trading got it?!"

Toga sighed and looked down defeated "Got it."

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