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Disaster at the Coming of Age Ceremony [B - Reserved]

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Job Name: Disaster at the Coming of Age Ceremony
Job Rank: B
Job Location: The Tundra
Job Rewards: 200 XP, 15k Huang
Job Prerequisites: [Reserved Azix x Garret]
Job Overview:
Asisiak welcomed Azix and Garret to the village when they arrived from Reim. During the feast there were stories of their cultural coming-of-age ceremony, the battle against the Rampaging Unicorn. It just so happens that it is the season for a higher amount of activity from the creatures, and they expect to be able to hunt one of them off the tundra. To allow the newcomers an opportunity to see a core part of their culture, Azix and Garret are invited to witness the battle that will lead to this warrior's Ceremony. Unfortunately, more than what was expected showed up, and both Azix and Garret find themselves forced into providing assistance in order to come out of this alive...


Name: Rampaging Unicorn (x2)
Tier: A-Tier
Size: 40 meters in length; 7 meters in width
Speed: 20 m/s Underwater; 10 m/s Land
Damage Capacity: A-Tier Damage
[Note:] The Rampaging Unicorn features hardened skin along the sides and back of the creature which reduces damage by two tiers. The underbelly of the creature is sensitive and takes damage normally.

Large tail, makes up 10 meters of length.
1 meter long horn on head; used to impale (acts as a C-Tier weapon)
Deals B-tier damage with it's fangs.


Thrash: The Rampaging Unicorn swats its tail in any direction. This causes a wave of water about 10 meters large to surge forward at a pace of 15m/s. It causes C-Tier damage and can push a target back by about 20 meters. Can be used on land and in the water.

Charge: The Rampaging Unicorn charges in a direction at 25 m/s over 30 meters to pierce a target with its horn dealing A-Tier damage.

Hydro Pump: The Rampaging Unicorn sends at ten to fifteen meter long pressurized stream of water at a target to deal B-tier damage.

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