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If you didn't get the reference from the title, leave.  leave right now.

Anyways, i'm seeking players whom i know to be good at rp, for a run through the world of Pokemon!  I've created my own, fully fleshed out, new region called Gaia.  You'd play as teenagers (13-17) who are just about to start on your own adventure.  You can go as a group, as a pair, or even go alone.  You can write up your own backgrounds (i'll have to approve the weird stuff), create connections with the other players, and then head off into the world!  I'll take as many of you as i can, and knowing the players here, this should turn out pretty well.

We will be using the PTU (Pokemon Tabletop United) system, which i can give you though email or skype, and we will be playing on  Depending on how fast people sign up, i can have the game forum up and running in maybe a day or two.

Gaia Map:

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Bud Town: a small quaint little cruise town on the bottom of the region map. It is surrounded mostly by grasslands and plains. There is a small port here. People come to this town to buy crafts and food during wailord watching expeditions.

Rose Town: a bustling burg that is the center of exotic agriculture and art in the region. It features large statues of some pokemon made of marble and other mediums. Includes a gym.

Hollowroot Caverns: A large, sprawling, underground system of roots and caves. Various research groups have explored the caverns, but there are still large sections that remain unexplored.

Foxglove Town: a small village with nothing going on in particular. There is a small shrine to shaymin around a burgeoning grove of trees that just popped up one day.

Arum City: a coastal fishing village that holds an annual water pokemon race. Many worshipers of Manaphy and Kyogre live here. The Grand Library is located here. Includes a gym.

Geranium Isles: a lovely group of islands that feature crystal clear water, and a variety of salt water pokemon. Apricorns grow very well here.

Juniper City: a quarry town next to a collapsed and dormant shield volcano. Most of the surrounding area is covered in gravel and rock, including a pebble beach on either side. Includes a gym.

Battle Frontier: a place for the elite of the elite of trainers. New to the region, it is still shrouded in mystery, but is known to the public as the Maelstrom Five.

Lilyville: a very small resort town with many hot springs. There are fractured hills and sheer cliffs with hundred foot drops surrounding the town. The residents use these exposed geological features to build ecologically friendly hill-homes and hotels.

Asphodele Islands: murky islands that are more grown over swamp than actual islands. A mystical Healer is said to live here.

Iris Town: a carnival town. Literally the epicenter of fun for the entire region. The whole town is a giant carnival game, involving pokemon battles, treasure hunts and puzzles. Includes a gym.

Nettleburg: a very small town on the side of the Barberry mountain range. The whole town is dedicated to keeping the supply tunnel to Larkspur Valley open and accessible, and the mountain pass unblocked.

Everlasting Cave: a direct route to Larkspur Valley that travels underneath Mount Barberry. It is only traversable by car, and is the major route for trade to the Valley.

Mount Barberry: A large, Icy mountain that is the center of the Evergreen Mountain Range. The Peak is so high, it becomes hard to breathe while up there.

Larkspur Valley: a very religious town nestled just behind the Barberry mountain range. There are many churches and shrines to the various deities here. Includes a gym.

Grand Festival Gardens: The epicenter of Pokemon Contests in the region. Or, at least it will be soon. Literally any kind of flower can, and probably does, grow here.

Quartz Mountain: a mountain made almost entirely of marble and quartz. Rare stones can be found here, but to preserve the integrity of the mountain, mining on it is illegal.

Mandrakopolis: an enormous city that is the center of development and innovation of all things technological. The city extends all the way to the coast and is the major port town for all incoming people and supplies. The Emporium is found here. Includes a gym.

Oliveburg: this city is the main provider and exporter of berries and other crops in the region. As it sits in a very fertile position benefitting from the mineral rich waters that create the rivers dividing the mountains and the steppe desert, almost anything can grow here.

Pricklepear Wastes: a long, dry desert that stretches on the border of the Cosmo Mountains. It is a mixture of sandy dunes, and long patches of rocky flatland.

Poppyton: a desert oasis completely surrounded by dunes and buttes on all sides. The town is barely 2 miles across and is only a little respite for those passing through. Includes a gym.

Teasel Woods: a dark thick rainforest that is almost under constant rainfall. You almost can’t notice it however, as the canopy is so thick, the water forms lakes at the top instead of falling to the forest floor.

Mount Hypericum: the largest mountain in the Cosmo Mountain Range. Largely unexplored as it is very difficult to climb.

Lotus City: a city surrounded on both sides by wilderness. The town is constantly sinking into the muck (and being beset by muk and grimer as well), and so has built up a large underground foundation infrastructure in addition to what is seen above ground. The underground installations are far more impressive than those aboveground. Includes a gym.

Victory Road: it is surrounded by a special kind of rock that prevents satellites from taking pictures of the interior. Electromagnetic waves disable most electrical equipment brought inside.

Elite Tower: Accessible by train or by Victory Road. Spectators gather here to watch the battles between challengers, the elite four, and the champion.


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Oh, for those of you unfamiliar with Myth-Weavers, it's play by post. basically it's forum style.


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will do


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If you are still aceppting people I guess I could check this thing out


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Ok, the forum is up.

You will have to create an account in order to join or post. Once you have done this, go to the game profile, and request to join.


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