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Unexpected Creature [job/solo]

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Job Details:
Job Name: Unexpected Consequences Pt. III/III [Chain]
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 15,000 Huang, 200 XP
Chain Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: Unexpected Consequences Pt. I/III [Chain] Unexpected Consequences Pt. II/III [Chain]
Job Overview:
After getting to the destination safely, the leader of the Caravan and the traveling group of Beast Tamers pays you for the last job. Before setting off, however, one of the creatures accidentally starts a small avalanche that reveals an icy cavern. As if sensing something dangerous from within, the creature runs off frightened. The Beast Tamer leader offers to pay you to go in and clear out whatever it is that is causing the disturbance; all of their work would be for naught, if a strong predator would be released into the wild to attack these rare creatures.

Giant Millipede:
Enemy Name: Giant Millipede
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Description: This insectoid creature is a carnivore that has a grand total of 100 legs, distributed amongst 25 segments. Each segment is .75 meters in length, making the creature 20 meters long in total from mandibles to the end of its body. This creature stands 1.4 meters tall, and can crawl around on the ceiling.
Giant Millipede moves at 10 m/s.
Giant Millipede is able to survive so long as its head is in tact with at least 3 segments attached.
Stinging Bite: Giant Millipede snaps its mandibles at an opponent in order to cut into them and begin processing them as food. This attack shoots forward at 20 m/s and deals B-Tier damage.
Toxic Gland: From its mouth, the Giant Millipede shoots a skin-contact globe of poison, .4 meters in diameter, from its mouth at 15 m/s. If it strikes its opponent, the opponent moves at half speed and their reaction time is doubled.
Piercing Legs: The Giant Millipede crawls over its opponent with its heavy legs, stomping over its opponent and dealing D-Tier damage over while stampeding across their body.

Ariella stayed with the caravan, riding alongside one of the beast tamers as they made their way to their destination. She wanted to be sure no other bandits were trailing the nearly extinct creatures and she enjoyed learning about beast taming from the Dominance users. They were happy to share their knowledge and she imagined trying to use some of their techniques on Nilexa. The idea made her laugh, but thoughts of the winged serpent made her miss the creature. She had left Nilexa in the care of Viri and Sophie for this job, afraid the serpent might make some of the other animals nervous. The violet snake had gotten much larger recently and she was shocked at the amount of weight the creature’s wings could still pick up. The added weight seemed to tire Nilexa out much more quickly, though, and Ari was tempted to take her to an animal specialist to make sure she was okay.

Thinking now was as good opportunity as any, she decided to ask one of the tamers about Nilexa. She described how her snake had gotten heavier and seemed more tired and moody and the beast tamer laughed softly.

“Has she been around any other snakes lately?”

Ari looked confused but shook her head before remembering.

“Only one. Kabu, he is a friend of mine’s beast. They are both from the same area and we thought they could use a friend. Do you think he got her sick with a virus or parasite?”

The beast tamer could not help but burst out laughing, briefly startling his mount before shaking his head.

“The only parasite your little girl has is a belly full of babies. Sounds like she got knocked up at some point. Congratulations, you are going to be a grandmother!”

Ari rode beside him, her face stunned. She had not even considered that Nilexa might be pregnant, but it would make sense. They had left the two snakes alone the night of the coronation ceremony. Grumbling about being too young to be a grandmother, Ari nudged her horse forward, eager to get to their destination.

It took two more days of riding, their ultimate stopping point much further than the previous caravan’s. When they finally arrived, she saw them herding the creatures up the base of the mountain. Much like her previous experience, the animals began making their way into the wooded area and up the side of the hills. Unfortunately, one of the dominated beasts used by the tamers got a bit too aggressive and frightened one of the younger creatures. It spun around and made a noise that panicked several others before twisting and running head first into boulder that promptly began falling down the side of the mountain, picking up speed and knocking other loose rocks free. It did not take long before it seemed half the mountainside was falling, though in reality, much was simply loose scree and plant life. The animals they had been herding had scattered at the noise, but Ari was not worried, as this was their new home. They would eventually reunite with each other. Only one creature was left, the one that had started the commotion. It was cautiously sniffing at a cave entrance that had opened up before making a sound of fear, tucking its tail and making for the hills.

One of the tamers cursed, knowing animals only reacted in fear like that to an extreme threat. Looking to Ari, he asked if she would be willing to examine the cave in case a predator was lurking within that might destroy their efforts while they made sure none of the herd was harmed in the rock fall. She nodded in agreement, hopping off her horse and making her way up to the cave, seeing ice crystals near the entrance. Thinking of the orb she had found in the last ice cave, she cautiously made her way into the entrance, her wand in one hand and her dagger in the other. It did not take long for a massive creature to come scurrying towards her, its mandibles shooting out with a Stinging Bite. Ariella used her Leaping Steps to move back and away from the creature, raising her wand and murmured to the rukh, casting Electric Chains to slash at the creature, striking several of its legs with damage. The missing legs did not seem to slow the creature any and it retaliated by spitting with its Toxic Gland, making Ariella gasp and try to move backward. The toxin struck her borg and the Giant Millipede used its legs to crawl up the wall of the cave as she kept moving back. Using her Electric Wall and urging it forward, the spell seemed to paralyze the front half of the creature, making it hang down and exposing its underside. She wasted no time, dropping her dagger to the end of its chain and swinging it around with her Slice and Dice, the blade easily cutting through the soft skin on the belly of the creature. The blades severed just behind the head, making all of the legs lose traction and the massive millipede crashed to the ground, spraying blood across her. She finished the decapitation with another two slices from her blade, more guts and blood spilling out.

Making a face of disgusting, Ari kicked at the head, making sure the giant insect was dead before looking deeper into the cave with a wary eye. She wanted to make sure there were no others in the cave before she left, lest she have to return and continue extermination. It seemed that there was nothing else in the cave and she made her way back out into the open air, wiping the insect insides from her face and chest. She made her way to the nearest stream, washing as much of the blood and guts from her face and hair as she could without immersing herself completely in the icy cold water. Once she felt a bit less disgusting, she made her way back to her horse, the beast tamers slowly making their way back from checking on the creatures.

She gave one of them a basic description of what she had killed and pointed to the cave the remains were in, in case they wanted to examine the creature for themselves. The beast tamer thanked her and handed her the payment for her services, adding in a bonus for taking out the Giant Millipede. She waved before nudging at her horse, making her way a nearby inn. She hoped her services would not be needed again in the morning, as she wanted to get back to Kios to check on Nilexa.

The next morning dawned bright and clear. There were thankfully no beast tamers awaiting her when she went to leave and she turned her horse to the south, making a good pace towards Kios. The trip was not a short one and she rested her horse for a short period to have lunch before taking back to the road, wanting to sleep in her own bed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the stars were against her, or rather the weather and a late afternoon downpour forced her to find shelter for her and the horse for the evening.

The next morning was cloudy but the rain held itself at bay, luckily, so she continued her journey, warmth and happiness filling her chest when she saw the first evidence of her farm on the outskirts of Kios. The fences were familiar to her now and she could easily identify which fields were part of her property and which were her neighbor’s lands. The long road that was the path to her house broke off from the main road after several acres and she nudged her horse to move faster. The mare needed little encouragement, just as happy as she was to finally be home where there was a cozy barn and some delicious oats to munch on. She had barely made it off the back of the mare before Sophie and Viri both came rushing out to her, both of them smiling broadly.

“What’s up? Did you guys make me a cake?”

Sophie shook her head, laughing as she threw herself at Ari. Ari swooped down to envelop the girl in a hug before Sophie became impatient and started dragging her into the house, babbling excitedly about something. Ari looked to Viri for a translation as Sophie was often incomprehensible when she was hyper. Viri just gave her a mysterious smile and let the girl continue babbling. Sophie promptly dragged Ari into the house and up the stairs before holding a finger to her lips while standing in front of Ari’s door. Ari covered her mouth as though in agreement and the little girl quietly pushed the door open. In the corner, a pile of silken clothes sat in the beam of sunlight that struggled to peak through the clouds and Nilexa’s head was barely visible in the nest she had made. Ari was confused until Nilexa raised her head with a happy trill and Ari could see what lay beneath the winged serpent. Beneath the violet scales of her precious snake was a pile of deep purple and black eggs.

Ari’s eyes widened in shock before she fell onto her bed. Her baby had babies. Well, not babies, they were still just eggs. But still.

“I’m too young to be a grandmother!”

[Magoi 220/300]

Name: Electric Chains
Tier: C
Cost: 20/10
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 20m
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 3 posts or Sustain+1
Description: Ariella directs the rukh into a chain of lightning approximately 2 cm thick that travels at 15 m/s within 20 meters of herself which can deal C-tier damage. This spell can be sustained.

Name: Leaping Steps
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Stamina
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description: Ariella dashes and leaps at 20 m/s, taking 1 meter leaps in a direction of her choice up to 5 times. She is able to use the environment to leap off of and can change directions with each leap.

Name: Electric Wall
Tier: B
Cost: 30
Element: Lightning
Class: Supplementary
Range: 30m
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Ariella casts a wall of electricity up to 15 meters wide and tall and one meter thick which can move up to 20 m/s up to 30 meters away from her. If anything touches the wall, it will take paralyze two limbs for three posts, reducing movement speed by 10 m/s.

Name: Slice and Dice
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Stamina
Weapon Type: Chained Dagger
Class: Offensive
Range: 3m
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Ariella holds the ball on the chained dagger and swings the dagger around at 25 m/s in a 1-3 meter radius from herself, dealing B-tier slicing damage to anything at the end of the dagger.

Name: Chained Death
Tier: C
Type: Chained Dagger
Appearance: The 25 cm dagger has a hook in the 15 cm blade, designed to catch on flesh. At the end of the hilt is a 3 meter long chain with a weighted ball on the end. The hilt is wrapped in black fabric and the blade is made of sharp steel.


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