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The Purse Snatcher! Job/Solo

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The Purse Snatcher:
Job Name: The Purse Snatcher [Repeatable]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
A man with features of Reim has targeted a woman from Kou, taking her money and belongings after he bumps into her. She calls out for help, and points to the man.

Keila was eating a piece of cake in a cafe, while looking out at a street. There were no jobs today... stinks since I wanted to make more money... Keila frowns as she continues to watch the street. She, then, sighs and pays for the food and leaves the cafe. That's when she hears a woman scream. Springing into action, Keila runs to the source of the scream which was a dark alleyway, as she arrives, a hooded man runs out of the alleyway, holding a pink purse under his arm. Keila runs past him and checks up on the woman.

"Hey! Are you okay, Miss?!" Keila looks at the woman staring at the man running, "He stole my purse!! I beg of you, can you catch him?" Keila looks at her and nods. Keila looks at the direction the man is in and decides to make a plan. She starts to jog as she thinks to herself. I'd assume he has a weapon so I'll make him attack me and that will have my Borg activate then use Heart Kreuz I to attack him once he lets his guard down. Keila's jogging speed as she had her eyes set on the thief. The chase was a long one as there were many twists and turns. At one point, Keila had to through a narrow alleyway. Keila was still running, getting a little annoyed. I really want this all to end, he should be hitting a dead end soon, there probably isn't many more alley paths. I hope that there is no more alleyways that connect to this current one...

Keila is still chasing the man as he finally hits a dead end. He then turns to her and gets on his knees and starts to beg, "Please let me go! My family is poor and my wife is dying, I got fired from work and haven't eaten is so long..." The man keeps begging as Keila's expression gets soft. Ah... I feel bad for him... But he still stole... but his wife is dying... When Keila is wondering, the man smiles and pulls out his knife and goes in to stab Keila. Keila looks at him, unamused. Then, her Borg activates and she smiles, "Heart Kreuz!" The end of Keila's staff glows and she slashes at the thief. Then the water follows her staff which cuts the thief across his chest, knocking him to the floor. Keila kicks the thief in the gut and grabs the purse. She then stops using Heart Kreuz with the water falling on the thief as she walks away.

Keila was walking back to the woman, after getting lost a couple times, she eventually found the woman, still hasn't left the alleyway. She smiles as the woman thanks her, "Thank you so much, miss. Here take this." The woman gives her Huang and Keila looked distraught, "Um, Ma'am, it's fine I was just doing a good deed for a stranger in distress." The woman put the Huang in Keila's hand, "It's fine take it. I insist." Keila bows in thanks, "Thank you so much, ma'am." Keila begins to walk out of the alleyway after putting the money in her pocket. I never assumed a stranger could be so nice especially just some random person. Keila smiles to herself as she walks away. Today was a really nice day... perhaps I should treat myself to some cake. Keila is beaming as she heads to a cafe nearby, to treat herself.


Magoi: 140/150
Word Count: 585/500

Abilities used:

Name: Heart Kreuz I
Tier: D-Tier
Cost: 10 Magoi/5 Magoi Sustain
Element: Water
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 2 posts or sustain +1
Description: Keila says a few magic words, forming water around the end of her weapon, creating a small orb of water approximately 10-30 cm in diameter. When she slashes, the water mimics the action, causing a slice after a brief delay. The water moves at 10m/s and deals D-Tier damage.


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