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Silly Rabbit [Job/solo]

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Job Name: The Purse Snatcher [Repeatable]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
A man with features of Reim has targeted a woman from Kou, taking her money and belongings after he bumps into her. She calls out for help, and points to the man. Obtain the valuables by capturing the Purse Snatcher or forcing him to drop them in order to run away. The Kou woman will thank you profusely, providing you a reward as a token of her gratitude.
Job Enemy:
Enemy Name: Purse Snatcher
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
The Purse Snatcher may sprint up to 6m/s.
The Purse Snatcher has a knife used to deliver D-Tier damage.
Word Count:792/500

So this is Reim huh? It didn't seem like anything special. Aside from it being much larger, it didn't look too much different from Balbadd! At least, this is what the young Balbaddian Fanalis told himself.  With a few more steps into the huge city, the young man was instantly lost within a large crowd of people. He was a little confused as to why the place was so congested. It was a huge road, clearly with enough room for a lot of people to walk. Maybe, he was just underestmating the amount of people in this city.

The young man, awkwardly standing in the middle of a bustling crowd, was named Bahir. A Fannalis born in the kingdom of Balbadd. He was wearing his usual outfit: a dark purple, sleevless midriff and matching pants. He also, as usual, was wearing his black cape and headband. The scabbard holding his dagger was on the front portion of his right hip, visible to anyone who looked him straight on. Due to his hair sticking up and being visible, he started to receive odd stares from random people on the street. They obviously knew of his heritage. He just narrowed his eyes and continued to walk, ignoring whatever stares he received.

It wasn't too long until Bahir was starting to feel a bit more comfortable. The large crowd didn't bother him so much now... the stares did, but the group of people was not a problem. "Help! Help! He's got my purse!" The Fanalis's head jerked in the direction of the voice and started to head towards the source of the voice. It didn't take him long to find the woman, but what happened next was a little... cliche. He searched the crowd, looking for the one person who looked guilty. It was surprisingly easy to do so, considering the thief had his back to them and was running away. Without a thought, the Fanalis cracked his knuckle and began pursuit. His first step was insanely fast and he immediately broke out into running at 10m/s. Unfortunately, the thief had quite the head start on Bahir and all the people there made it a bit difficult.

Adapting was easy, though. Bahir moved through the crowds at a constant speed, making cut routes around the people. From above, he looked like a darting red light, zigzagging through the city. It wasn't long until the Fanalis caught up to the thief and lunged forward with his arm outstretched, poised to grab the thief. The moment Bahir felt the cloth of the thief's shirt, he clenched his fist, gripping the material. The thief came to a jerking stop and was pulled back to Bahir. The thief thought to catch his assailant off guard by immediately turning around and stabbing him. The thief turned around and thrust the knife forward to try to stab Bahir. Bahir noticed this and moved his body a bit to the right, preventing the knife from running through his shoulder, but it still cut him lightly. Immediately,the Fanalis's knee was thrust into the thief's midsection. It wasn't long before the thief was face down in the dirt of the street.

Bending over and grabbing the purse, Bahir didn't think about the body he left lying in the street for a moment. He turned around and started to walk towards the direction he left the woman until he saw that there were patrolmen walking that direction. He passed the patrol calmly, keeping his cool. The moment he was passed them, he ran off to the side, finding his way into an alley. He checked to make sure no one was watch and jumped as high as he could. He wasn't able to reach the top of the building, but he was able to reach a window ledge. Grabbing onto the ledge, Bahir pulled himself up far enough so that he could jump to reach the roof. Crouching on his new position on the roof, Bahir watched towards the direction of the patrolmen and the thief. He waited until the patrolman looked around and split up before making his next move. Once they were out of sight, Bahir lept from rooftop to rooftop to make his way towards the woman.

How many old ladies were in this city?! Bahir was ready to give up his search until he could hear a woman weeping. His eyes darted in the direction and recognized the outfit and frame as the woman from before. He hopped down from the roof with a soft grunt. He walked up to the lady, holding out the purse. The woman's face began to light up as she hugged Bahir tightly, thanking him over and over. Without a word to her, he peeled her from his midsection and started to walk away. Before he could get too far, she grabbed his arm and handed her a pouch filled with Huang. Bahir blinked for a moment and flashed the woman a smile, nodding his head to her in thanks and headed deeper into the city.

Stamina: 70/80
Skills Used:
Name: Explosive first step
Tier: D-Tier
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type: None
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: This is one of the things Bahir is most proud of, having an explosive first step. With it, he can break into his sprint much sooner than other people. This ability allows for Bahir to skip pass the jogging phase and enter immediately into a run and reduces the phasing from run to sprint by .5 seconds.


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