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Kinda heavy. (Job, Solo~)

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Le Job:
Job Name: Delivering the goods
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim Empire
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview: With the coronation, there's been a huge boost to the economy with people buying frivolous items. However, with so many orders going in, many shops are in need of a delivery person. It's not a difficult job, just make sure the goods get to their owners safe and sound. You must make 5 deliveries before getting paid.

Lifting wasn't too bad. Really, it was because Zax was around people. In this city, there were people everywhere. It made him happy, so to speak. As he carried crates of newly caught fish down the street, he couldn't help but have a smile on his face. The fish were heavy, and they all looked great; but of course, he couldn't eat them. After all, he was getting paid for this. There had been a caravan with numerous goods to deliver to shops, and Zax was offered to deliver things around for a suitable amount of pay.

Did he accept it? Yes. Was it a good idea? Probably not.

These fish were all so heavy, and he was still only on the first one. The very first one, and his arms were already starting to grow a little bit weak. Maybe he just wasn't cut out for this, after all, he was a Magic user, rather than a physical fighter. The first crate, which as mentioned before was fish, was delivered to ae food merchant in the downtown district. Zax rested it down next to the trader himself, as the man let out a little laugh.

"Thank you, my boy! You look quite tired, however! Hahaha!" He would say, Zax panting a little. He wasn't really bothered by what the man said, thanks to Zax's overall neutral and flat attitude. Zax would then begin heading back to the caravan for the next crate.

The next crate he was assigned to was a load of silk. This wasn't too heavy, so it didn't take him long to get it delivered to an odd lady in the market. She wore rather revealing clothing, but covered up her face. She had a voice almost like a snake's.

"Thank you, my dearie...." She said. Zax however, paid no attention to this, his lack of opinions kicking in again. "Hehe, you're welcome! See you!" He would reply, walking back to the Caravan for his next order, navigating the busy streets.

The next delivery? It would be banananas. Bananas weren't too common of a sight, so to speak. So, Zax was a little shocked when it would appear he would actually see some in front of him. He had seen pictures, but surprisingly, never seen one. Despite all the thinking, Zax made his way through the busy streets, almost bumping into people here and there. In the end however, he placed it by a fruit merchant, who was a skinny man. The man whom was receiving the delivery seemed shy, and muttered out a very quiet "Thank you." Zax nodded, and began to head back to the Caravan for his next load.

This was the 4th one. It was of cloth, so it was extremely easy. He delivered it to the same, creepy lady. Of course, Zax didn't see her as creepy. "Ahh, my dearie... you've come again, thank you...." She said, as Zax nodded, with a friendly smile. "You're welcome, no problem!" He would respond, walking back to the Caravan to get his final order of the day.

It was coconuts. They were pretty heavy, if he had to say so himself. Zax carried them, sweating in the last 10 seconds. It was for the last of the merchants, the same shy furit merchant. "Thank you, again..." was muttered out, as Zax nodded, with a friendly smile. "Yeah, you're welcome." he said, heading back to the Caravan.

Upon coming back, he was greeted by a fat, bearded man, this man was the one whom offered him the job. "You've done a good job, my boy. Please, accept this." He said, giving him 3000 huang. Zax widened his eyes, not expecting that much. "Thanks." he said, as he then seemed to notice a group of idle chatters in the area. He was in a talking mood, so he went over there.

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