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Swim Good [Mission/Closed]

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Tai Black

Tai Black
Tai has become a warrior of the Imuchakk race. Even though he was half the size of a regular Imuchakk, but he had amazing skills with the spear. He found himself taking his first job as an Imuchakk Warrior. Tai and another Imuchakk Warrior were going to be swimming to a small island. All Tai had to do was make it there before the other tribesman could. This was gonna be very fun, adventurous, and a new piece to Tai's page. He found himself walking towards the artic waters. Where a bunch of ships and different things being transported.

The Imuchakk tribesman was ready to race. Tai stepped back ready to prepare himself to swim, by to get a good leap. He began to jogging phasing into sprinting. Tai leaped off the edge and dived down into the water. Both the Imuchakk tribesmen were swimming for their lives. Tai just wanted the money so he was gonna win no matter what. Tai arms went back & forth pushing himself while he kicked his feet. Luckily for Tai there was no sightings of any beast inside of the water. The other tribesman was swimming like it was nothing. For some reason he favored a dolphin to Tai.

He pushed himself forward more and more. The water kept catching in his eyes which really distracted him the most. Tai noticed a ship which really got his way so did the other Imuchakk which caused him to go around. Tai went deep into the water swimming under the ship. He reached and appeared right next to the Imuchakk. They were battle for their life, but soon one of them arms had to been to hurt. They were still a couple miles away, but this was just for the money so it didn't matter how far it was. Tai arms went forward while his feet were still kicking like a boat on a motor, but the other Imuchakk tribesman was like a elegant mermaid flowing with the water.

Tai wanted to win so he could make a name for himself in the tribe, but that was gonna happen unless he showed them he was strong enough, and could endure anything they threw at him. This was just his way of showing that he was just as strong as a natural Imuchakk. Tai arms began to get tired and he suddenly fell back into the water. The other Imuchakk continued on not knowing where Tai went. Tai began to go deeper in the water as he thought this was the end of him. His whole life flashed before him as he saw himself being beaten up by the older Imuchakk's. Tai didn't wanna die now, but this was maybe the end of him.

" No! " he said to himself taking away all the negative thoughts. His hand went up as he caught his balance. Tai looked towards the Imuchakk member just a few swims away from him. Tai pushed himself with all his strength as he found himself moving his arms like a cartwheel spinning. He reached beside the Imuchakk, and the tribesman was shocked by such determination.

Reaching in front of the Imuchakk, Taihele continued to swim good. He reached the island and crawled up trying to catch a good breath. He rolled on his back and looked towards the blue clouded sky. The Imuchakk tribesman reached the island, but to late. " Good job.." said the fellow tribesman. Finally Tai was getting the respect he always wanted. So what else awaited Taihele in this great world?




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