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Get er Done [ Job - Delivering the goods ]

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Job Name: Delivering the goods
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim Empire
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview: With the coronation, there's been a huge boost to the economy with people buying frivolous items. However, with so many orders going in, many shops are in need of a delivery person. It's not a difficult job, just make sure the goods get to their owners safe and sound. You must make 5 deliveries before getting paid.

It didn't take Kokoro long to realize in order for her to live on her own she would need to make some Huang. It was luck that smiled on her that she was able to enter Reim when it was in such a prosperous time. The coronation of Reim's new king had blessed Kokoro with snagging a job that was most fit for her abilities. She was happy to help and they were happy to pay so it was really a win/win for everyone. Today Kokoro found herself helping deliver quite a few decorative pieces that came in from the Kou empire.  



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" Oh do be careful with those. Father will have my head if he knew anything happened to his customers products! "
A voice as sickly sweet as any honey dripped from the lips of a Reim woman. Kokoro had taken up a delivery job for a shop that was bringing in items from Kou into Reim, taking full advantage of the coronation. Kokoro was pulling a cart of neatly packed items, she would be making at least five deliveries on this day.
" Aye! I'll take good care of the product mam! Don't worry one bit! "
With these words Kokoro lifted the handles of the cart, pulling it behind her as if she were a horse pulling a carriage.

117 (220)/500

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Many people looked on at the blue haired Imuchakk as she pulled along the carriage of goods. Kokoro knew that her size didn't match the job that she was doing, and she knew that was the reason for those looking on. Her feet carried her past many and took her into a rather luxurious part of reim. Her clear blue eyes took in the area as she pulled up in front of a house that looked to be different from the rest. The design and the color were certainly not like the rest in Reim. Placing the cart near the gate of the home she pulled out three boxes and quickly made her way to the home. She wasted no time as she knocked quickly four times, her wait for someone to open the door being rather short as the door opened in seconds.  

144 ( 364/ 500 )


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The person to open the door was a short woman and she waster no time in snatching the items away and closing the door behind her. Kokoro stood there for a second to process what had happened but soon found herself leaving and picking up the cart to her next destination. " one down, four to go. "
Kokoro didn't once stop or slow down on her route. Her next stop led her to a kind elderly couple who wanted her to come in for some tea which Kokoro had to decline. After that the next customer on the list was a flamboyant young man who kept calling Kokoro " darling " and wanting to keep talking about his puppy which he dyed in the colors of Kou. Moving down her list she saw she was almost done as she walked up to the fourth house finding herself waiting a little longer than the rest. The person to greet her was but a child but she spoke with a air of maturity and thanked Kokoro for the delivery.
" Well...Just one more to go."



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Kokoro's route was fairly smooth as she pulled up to the last house. The carriage had gotten much lighter allowing her to move a bit faster in order to finish her very last delivery. Coming up to the house it was much more modest than the others she had come across. Kokoro only had one box and it was smaller than the rest she had delivered. Knocking on the door to the home she waited as usual until the door opened and a woman came out. " Ah the package is here. Thank you, I was worried it wouldn't come today. "
The woman had a sweet voice and Kokoro nodded in acknowledgement. " Aye, mam it is my pleasure to help. Have a nice day!" Kokoro responded cheerfully as the last of her work was done. Quickly she made her way back to the shop, being rewarded in the process and moving along to find a new job.



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