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The staff works hard to ensure that all things are approved in a timely manner. That being said, sometimes things are missed on accident. That is where this thread comes in; if it has been 24 hours, and you are still waiting on a staff member to approve or change something, post in this thread to inform them of this.

Jobs that Staff can perform include:

  • Rank Icon Switches
  • Editing Magoi/Stamina Levels
  • General Vault Edits
  • Job Rewards/Approvals
  • Character Application Checks
  • Ability Approval/Registration Checks
  • Huang Transfers
  • Topic Moving
  • Specialization Editing
  • Invasion Requests

The template below should be what you use:


[b]Type of Work:[/b] (Grading? Job Rewards?)
[b]Link:[/b] (Link to whatever you require needing to be done)

If it is an Invasion Request meant to retaliate to an Antagonist, use the following template:

[b]Character Name:[/b] What character is being targeted?
[b]Antagonist:[/b] What character is antagonizing your character?
[b]Reasoning:[/b] Give links to the threads that show the antagonizing characteristics that made you request an invasion. Include why you feel this/these thread(s) is a direct influence on your personal plot. Would you like to request this to be Kill Viable?

There are 2 rules for using this function.

  1. You must wait 24 hours before posting in this thread if it is in regards to an approval that was posted elsewhere. This means that if you finished a job, or are waiting on some sort of ability approval, you should not post in this thread. The staff will see everything they can within that 24 hour period and get to it ASAP. This thread is meant to inform them of anything they missed after that period is up.
  2. This is not to be used as an initial notification for approvals. If you have edited abilities/items/character application to fit the grading criteria, you should first bump that thread to inform the staff that you have edited the criteria they have asked for. Your bump should include whether or not you made the edits you were asked to make, and why you didn't make an edit you were asked to make. For Job threads, you would bump the Job Board thread that your job was being graded in.

*Failure to comply with those 2 conditions will lead to a verbal warning. Continual refusal to comply with those 2 conditions will lead to a warning bar being docked.
*Whenever your request has been completed, your post will be deleted.

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