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The Emperor's Decision [Closed]

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1The Emperor's Decision [Closed] Empty The Emperor's Decision [Closed] on 02/03/14, 09:28 pm

"Behold, rulers of this god awful world.", the boy said with a cocky smirk as he pointed towards the large building before him.

"You don't know me, however I know all of you." He continued whilst letting his smile drop to an empty stare.

"I will say it simply as this: whoever enters this building shall gain the greatest power which this world has ever seen. In other words..." He turned straight towards Gao Yuan Zu, the True Emperor of Zou. The bearded warrior himself smiled as he stood from his throne.

"The soul who conquers this...dungeon, shall be the rightful ruler of this pitiful world; for we all know the strongest deserves to dominate all."

All at once the boy waved his small black stick, and the image shimmering before the crowd disappeared completely.

Without another second to waste the burly man stepped off of his throne. "Prepare my horse. We march on this dungeon at once." Gao spoke, laughing quietly to himself as he clenched a hand tightly.

"The power to rule the world..." He muttered to himself, his smile simply growing larger and larger by the second.

"It shall be mine."

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