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Character Sheet




Myra was born into difficult circumstances. Being a Fanalis, she should have been born with freedom, into a world that was so majestatic and beautiful that not even heaven could be compared to the endless plains and beauty of the dark continent. However, the Fanalis were forced to go a different, way more difficult path. Far away from their homeland they were brought to earth by their mother’s, and while every single one of them had memories of their home flashing through their minds, no one had ever really been there. People say that the Dark Continent had been abadoned by the Gods long ago and is now nothing more than darkness and dirt. A place no one would want to visit. Living as a slave, Myra has rarely seen any joy in live, however she wouldn’t lose her pride or dreams, eventhough she was incredibly good at hiding those. Over the years Myra has developed her very own attitude and personality. She is no one to mess with, someone who is not only strong in a physical way, but also someone who can bear that hard life of a Fanalis slave that she has, without giving up. Her Chaotic Neutral nature guides her through the world and while she has to work for other people, she still knows what’s best for her and is willing to follow orders if she has to. Myra can be very cold and unpredictable. She is sly and sometimes even spiteful, even towards her Master’s, simply because she see’s her current position as one that couldn’t really get any worse. Her big mouth and blunt and honest personality has often gotten her into trouble and painful punishment, but as long as she can be herself, Myra doesn’t mind to live this way for some more years until she can break out to return to her homeland, which she believes is still as beautiful, free and endless as the old legends say.

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Myra H4C59Pi

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Name: Myra
Tier: C-Tier [Veteran]
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 18 | June 6th
Country Affiliation: Zou Empire
Race: Fanalis
Specialization: Dominance

Personality: Myra is a very blunt and strong minded person who won’t depend on others. She sure has her own thoughts on everything but prefers not to speak out those carelessly, simply to avoid unneccessary trouble. She would rather not get involved into business that is not her own and therefor keeps herself out of certain situations. She’s not good at ignoring other people due to her hot headed nature and that’s why she is usually all by herself. After losing her family an being dragged away from her home continent, the redhead has stopped believing in humanity and developed a typical chaotic neutral nature. Myra is neither evil nor is she good, her decisions and actions are simply based on what she sees as the right thing to do – and while she is able to love other people than herself, she will always put herself first. Myra doesn’t necessary kill out of lust, but she will murder for money. The female Fanalis is coldhearted and prideful. She believes in her own strength and abilities and if she had to accept help from others she would hate it. She is an ambitious young woman who can often be found training, constantly trying to better her combat skills. She can be kind and gentle towards her friends but in case of betrayal, Myra could tear them into pieces without the bat of an eye. She can be pure and honest, almost innocent at times, but also wild and sly. She is smart and sneaky and sometimes even a bit bossy. She doesn’t trust and can’t be trusted. Myra holds a grudge against he Monarchy and any other instance that tries to enforce their own rules on free humans, but she can obeye them if it’s for her own sake and that of her loved ones.


  • Martial Arts: As a Fanalis, Myra has incredible physical strength and speed, which was given to her at birth. She enjoys training and tries to better her skills daily.
  • Fruits: Fruits are sweet, healthy and delicious. Her favourite fruits are mangos, peaches and watermelons.
  • Silence: Myra truly appreciates silence and loves to have some time for herself here and then. She likes to hang around with people but being isolated from the noisy big city life not only helps her to restore her health but also gives her time to think about her next steps, future plans and dreams.
  • Summer Nights: Warm, silent summer nights are the best. During summer Myra loves spending her nights outside, sleeping outside and being surrounded by the pure nature. Myra sees the night as something relaxing and calm in general and was never afraid to stay outside late.
  • Luxury: When Myra was young she never owned any personal things. As a slave she has seen the luxury that she never had and she desires it. Myra loves beautiful clothes and jewelery as well as rare and unique weapons.


  • Isolation: Myra might be a very ignorant person who prefers to not see herself around other people but she hates being completely isolated and lonley over years. Myra wants to have at least a few people she is close to, a few people she can be with rather than being alone. However, it is very hard for Myra to form strong bonds because she rarely trusts people and is not one who can be trust either.
  • Chatterboxes: Myra can't stand people who talk fast, who talk a lot of nonsense, who are noisy and who can't get to the point of a conversation. They get on her nerves more than anything and Myra tend to slap those people in the face automatically.
  • Slavetraders: Slavetraders are truly despicable creatures. Myra hated every single moment as a slave and she still can't believe that something ignominious like this is legal. Everyone is born free and no one has the right to take someones freedom.
  • Chains, Cages: During her time as a slave Myra has developed a heavy disliking towards chains and cages. They remind her of what had felt like a never ending nightmare and sometimes Myra feels sick just seeing someone else chained or caged.
  • The Cold: Myra preferable wears light clothing like dresses and skirts. She also walks around shoeless from time to time so the cold would only bother her. Freezing makes her feel umcomfortable and she prefers warm areas like her homeland, the dark continent, used to be one.


  • Spider & Centipedes: This might be a very common fear, especially for girls, but while Myra feels slightly uncomfortable around bugs, she can still live with them. However, Spiders and Centipedes don't count into that and they completely freak her out. Myra is terrible afraid of Spiders and Centipedes and when she faces them she usually runs away screaming.
  • Death & Slavery: As a former slave, Myra has experienced the pain and agony slaves have to go through every single day, and the feeling of being torn apart and brought to an unknown place, far far away from home has left it's scars on her soul. She is afraid of reverting back to what she calls a life in pure misery and therefor almost desperately fights for freedom. Death would only take her away from all this, and eventhough death can be a relief, Myra has so much more responsibilities, such as returning home and protecting the young lady, that she fears to die before she has completed the puzzle that is her life.


  • Freedom: While Myra hasn't been a slave all her life, she was bought by people to pamper themselves while she has to work for them. As a maid, a meat shield or a simply servant, Myra was always captured and never truly free. And while she has gotten used to the life within the Zou Empire, she is still longing for the freedom that she was born with.
  • Family & Home: It's been a long time and many years since Myra has last seen her homeland, the dark continent. Myra wishes to return to the dark continent one day, and while she knows that she still has responsibilities in this new world, she is already imagining her return to her home and her real family, even considering to take the young lady with her.

Face-Claim: 마더데몬 - Sword Girls
Weight: 122 lbs | 55 kg
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: red
Height: 5'6'' | 167 cm
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh (dark occasionally)
Special Traits: Myra's teeth are slightly sharper and come close to fangs. Sometimes, her pungent red eyes shimmer golden or orange in the light. Her fingernails are slightly longer and pointed and she always wears a shimmering black nailpolish on them. Sometimes she has a very unusual smell of petrol on her body.

Appearance: Myra is a beautiful young woman of average height and weight with a slim and feminine body. She has flawless fair skin, slender fingers and long legs. As a daughter of the Fanalis Myra’s body is more robust and strong than it looks like and her small fists can make boulders shatter. Myra was born with shocking red eyes that are framed by thick, black lashes and shimmering satin red hair that falls down onto her back in soft waves, her forehead being covered by a messy fringe. Very typical for a Fanalis are the piercings that Myra has, which are two on her tongue, several piercing on and through her ear and one on her belly button, each of them being simple steel. Myra’s body is covered by several small white scars, most of them located on her wrists and ankles, as well as on her back, which appeared sometime during her life as a slave. She has a large tattoo of a golden tiger that climbs down on her back, with it’s fangs bared, with a small stamp that bears the sign of the Zou Empire next to it. Myra has a simple clothing style. She can usually be seen walking barefeet, wearing long or short, tight or loose, dresses and skirts, in all kind of colors, her favourites being those in dark colors like black. Myra also sometimes wears high heeled black boots that cover her legs up to her knees and dark coloured  coats that cover her whole body. Myra also owns a golden Fanalis armour, that is usually worn by the Fanalis Gladiators from Reim, but it was bought to her as a present from her current owners. She can often be seen wearing said armour when she is out with the young lady. During combat, Myra uses the typical Fanalis fighting stance and her weapons, a pair of claws which can revert back into a normal looking silver armlet, are located on each of her wrists.
History :
Myra was told that her ancenstors were born in a place called the „Dark Continent“. A land, far away from what people call “civilisation”, far away from war and the conflicts between the biggest and strongest empires of todays world. But the land wasn’t dark, it was blessed by the sun, there nature and wildlife everywhere, living animals, larger than any kind of human. It was the place, where a race called “the Fanalis” used to live. They were similar to humans, had fiery red hair and pugnet red eyes. Their kicks were like thunder and they were fast and nimble, something so extraordinary, that even the new world slowly started to become interested in the dark continent and it’s inhabitants. Myra was one of these so called Fanalis, she was born to a loving mother and a protective father whose names she would never now. She was simply to young to remember. Myra spend the first three years of her life at the great plains, a place so beautiful and similar to the dark continent and she quickly started to love the land, her brightest memories were filled by the beauty of her home. Older people would tell her stories about her homeland, but none of them had ever visited or seen the dark continent itself. And while she was being told all these stories, memories started flashing through her mind, memories of something that she had never seen with her own eyes.

But that happines wouldn’t last long. Soldiers and emperors would conquer the land she lived in, capture the fanalis and enslave them. Myra was sepereated from her parents and from that on she has never seen them once again. The young fanalis was brought over to the new world, into an empire that was called “Zou”. The people there looked different, they had black hair, small eyes and dark souls. A full 6 years, Myra lived as a slave, who was sold to cruel people to do all kinds of chores and hard work. During that time Myra was not only abuse and beaten up, it was her soul that had the deepest scars. However, due to unknown circumstances, Myra’s previous owner was found dead, sliced open by an unknown assassine, and Myra found herself, once more, on the slave market. However, this time it seemed as she had more luck that before. She was bought by a well known family, named the “Fu Clan” that was interested in a strong protecter, friend and companion for their youngest and newest member, a young lady named Yunling. Unlike the other people she was warm, kind and innocent and Myra continued to live as her Maid. That life was plain and boring, but it was better than the slavery she had come from. Myra was allowed to train and better her skills and at some point, when the two women had grown up to be ladies, Myra was allowed to leave the property of the Fu Clan whenever she wanted. Pleased by the freedom they actually offered her Myra decided to not run away but return to the young lady’s side from time to time.

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Myra J7A5BDI


  • Primary -DOMINANCE
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -

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Myra Wf5lzuI

D-tier Abilities


Name: Zafar - Morior
Tier: D - Tier
Cost: 10 Stamina
Beast Type: Brute
Range: Close
Duration: Instantly
Cool-Down: 2 Posts
Description: Zafar's dashes forward at a rate of 10m/s, up to 5m away. Activating the contact poison from his fur, he intentionally bumps into or rubs against anything in his path. The victim of this technique will suffer from stinging pain that flows throughout their body for 2 posts.

C-tier Abilities


Name: Zafar - Aestus
Tier: C - Tier
Cost: 20 Stamina
Beast Type: Brute
Range: Close
Duration: Instantly
Cool-Down: 3 Posts
Description: afar dashes forward at an enemy within 10m of him at a speed of 15m/s and slashes them with his poisonous claw. The attack deals C-Tier damage and the claws cut halfway through the muscle. This attack carries with it poison, which causes the victim to suffer from sore muscles, stinging pains, minor headaches for 3 posts.

Name: Zafar - Poison Fangs
Tier: C - Tier
Cost: 20 Stamina
Beast Type: Brute
Range: Close
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 Posts
Description: Zafar's teeth become covered in poisonous fluid. He rushes forward to an enemy within 10m at a speed of 15m/s, biting down on them with his teeth and dealing C-Tier damage. His teeth sink halfway through muscle and can fracture bones. The poison will make muscles sore, and cause stinging pains and minor headaches for 3 posts.

B-tier Abilities


Name: Zafar - Poison Horns
Tier: B - Tier
Cost: 30 Stamina
Beast Type: Brute
Range: Close
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 5 Posts
Description: Zafar's horns on his head produce poison and become poisonous. He will dash forward at an opponent within 15 meters at a speed of 20m/s. Zafar headbutts his target, dealing B Tier damage which cuts straight through muscle and can break bones if it comes into contact with them. The poison will cause the victim to cough up blood and have sore muscles and stinging pains for 4 posts.

Name: Zafar - Varis
Tier: B - Tier
Cost: 30 (15)
Beast Type: Brute
Range: Close
Duration: 1-2 posts
Cool-Down: 5 Posts
Description: Zafar moves towards a target within 15m at a speed of 20m/s. He will bite his target, dealing B Tier damage which cuts straight through muscle and breaks any bones his teeth come into contact with. This attack injects a poison which will cause the victim to cough up blood, have sore muscles and stinging pains for 4 posts. If sustained, Zafar can either bite the same target to re-apply the attack or a new target.

A-tier Abilities

- None -

Omega-tier Abilities

- None -

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5Myra Empty Re: Myra on 27/10/14, 04:25 pm


Beasts | Weapons | Items



Zafar The Dark Lion


NAME: Zafareon
AGE: subadult
TYPE: Brute
TIER & SPEED: C -7m/s
APPEARANCE: Zafar is a massive and robust looking black Lion. He is about 5 meters long and has a shoulderheight of 3 meter. His body is ripped and strong and he has large and sharp claws and fangs. Zafar has white glowing eyes and five large horns, two located on each side of his head and one of the middle of his forehead, each of them being around 12 inches long. They are steeled, thick and can perfectly be used as weapons to pierce through the flesh of his prey and enemies. Zafar’s tail is approximately 2 meters long and a majestic mane that surrounds his neck.
PERSONALITY: Zafar is in general a calm, yet serious Beast. His voice is cold when he talks to others, excluding Myra, and he can be quite grumpy at times. Humans annoy him and he doesn’t respect them like he respects other, more unusual and stronger races, like the Fanalis and the Imuchakk. The ones he doesn’t trust are the Magicans, but in general every other person that isn’t his Mistress. For Myra, Zarfar has a gentle spot, they love each other and over just a short time they have formed a strong bond. Zafar is wild and loyal and he would carry his Mistress on his back for the rest of his life if she needed him to. While he is still “young” and hasn’t fully grown up yet (body wise) he still tries to support Myra whenever and wherever he can, be it in combat or in just during the daily chores of life.


  • Zafar is able to use the human language. He can talk with his owner and any other person that is capable of speech. He has a twisted personality and is mean and evil at first, however the truth is he is a big baby and loves belly rubs and his owner to death.
  • Improving his strength an growing older, Zafar is now able to use poison based abilities. Purplish glowing veins can be seen all over Zafar's body, however eventhough they have been there for a while now, he has only recently managed to build up poison within his body as a result of growing older and bigger. A poisonous concentrate can be produced at his claws (paws), his fangs (mouth, saliva), his horns and the tip of his tail.
  • Unlocked at Alpha Tier
  • Unlocked at Omega Tier
  • Unlocked in Legendary Beast

  • As a large lion with strong legs, Zafar is capable of increasing his speed for a burst of movement. For a single leap, Zafar moves up to 5m at 10m/s. This costs 5 stamina and has a cooldown that is 5 posts long.
  • Unlocked at Beta Tier
  • Unlocked at Omega Tier
  • Unlocked if Legendary Beast

- None -


- None -

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