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Overview: A Tribal people of various clans, situated up in the Northern Continents. The Imuchakk are a free-spirited group. The people themselves are extremely strong, and also feel little to nothing when it comes to the cold.

Motives: Despite their docile personas, the Imuchakk are extremely territorial. If someone were to attack their land they would immediately go on the offensive. They grow weary of an outsider and do not care much in terms of conquering the rest of the world, and are just fine on their icecap.

Culture: The Imuchakk typically feast on a diet of fish, seals, and other mammals which can stand the cold. They participate in various festivities, many of which decorate their towns with beautiful ice-carvings and lights. As a whole they frown upon magic, and value physical strength above all else.

Entrance: Even those born into the tribe can claim citizenship for life unless exiled, however those not of Imuchakk birth can only join the tribe by completing a rite of passage as a warrior. One must hunt and slay a staff controlled B-tier rampaging unicorn in a DEATH ENABLED thread. If you successfully defeat it you can actually keep the beast's horn and fashion it into a new weapon for free. You will also receive a "Warrior's Name" which the tribe will use to address you from that day forward. If you choose to leave the Imuchakk tribe as an outsider (as in, not part of their race), you'll forever be known as an enemy and traitor (though the chief may make some exceptions).

Traits: Those born into the Imuchakk typically have a massive physique. However even for those lacking in physical appearance, their strength is still equivalent to the largest of men in the tribe. Imuchakk characters all have blue-hair if they're part of the race directly, and those born into the clan are given simple short names until they pass the warrior rite of passage. Then they are given a warrior's name with repeating sounds in them such as "hoho" "toto" "riri" or "rara". The Imuchakk are masters at the art of the spear, and many Imuchakk prefer to use these weapons.

History: The birth of the Imuchakk race dates back hundreds of years Throughout the Northern Continents they lived in separate groups, barely holding onto their dear lives. Hunting was an issue, and housing was near to impossible. They simply lacked in numbers separately, until the day one of them stood up to the plate.

Asisiak, a fearless female warrior from one of the scavenging groups, stepped up to unify the various Imuchakk of the Northern Continent. At first they shunned her, believing she did not have the strength, as a woman, to lead their people.

The young woman left the group temporarily, alongside three of her trusted warriors that she called her ‘Sabertooth Warriors’, in order to prove her strength as an individual, and her capabilities as a leader of those warriors. There was a group of monsters, situated just off of the ice cap, that were known for their ferocity and incredible appetite. These beasts were, in part, what made hunting so difficult in those lands. Not only were they incredibly powerful, but they ate quite a bit as well. Named “Rampaging Unicorns’, these creatures vary in sizes but all have a tell-tale horn as well as a body covered with hard coral.

Asisiak and her Sabertooth Warriors fought off a score of these creatures, bringing back the results of their hunt to the various tribes around the Northern Continent. The exploit resulted in Asisiak gaining much respect from her people, and the tribes accepted her as their Chief. It then became a tradition to hunt the Rampaging Unicorn to prove oneself as a member of the Imuchakk nation, with the title of ‘Sabertooth Warrior’ being an honor held by the three strongest representatives of the Imuchakk nation.

Ever since she displayed her abilities 10 years ago, Asisiak has been leading the Imuchakk as the Chief of a single, unified group.

Imuchakk News

For the news and other going-ons of Imuchakk, follow this link.


Chief Asisiak, ‘The Demolisher’

Fearless and determined to lead her tribe to a better era, Asisiak is definitely one of the more renowned leaders around the globe. Many fear her for her cunning nature, and even more worship her amazonian strengths. She has a very large appetite and, despite her ferocity, she has a fairly kind-heart.

Asisiak holds the Storm Djinn, Gusion and has mastered its Djinn Equip.

The Sabertooth Warriors

Ever since the unification of the Imuchakk tribes, Asisiak has appointed a total of three warriors to be her trusted generals at any given time. At the moment all of these positions are left vacant due to a disastrous avalanche. To join, one must have gained Asisiak's trust and be a skilled warrior (B-Tier).


In order for an Imuchakk member to advance to Ω-Tier, they must first be fully recognized as a pinnacle warrior. The only way to do this is to hunt the rare species known as the "Queen Demolisher Unicorn". There are only several spread around the waters of the North, all of which are rumored to be the size of palaces and battlefields, if not bigger. These creatures are Ω-Tiered themselves, and hunting them down always comes at the risk of death. In order to even partake in such a quest the Tribal member would have to first be of A-Tier.

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