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Overview: A great and prosperous nation, Reim is a powerhouse both economically and militarily. They have suffered greatly in recent years due to a Kou occupation and a revolutionary war. In addition, policy changes introduced by the usurper king, Lagi El Nagi, created much instability with the abolishment of slavery and introduction of El Nagi clan beasts into the workforce as a replacement. Currently the country is in the middle of a transition into a democratic republic, and its people are hopeful to reclaim the greatness of their past.

Motives: With the disappearance of King Lagi, the council of advisors to his court have been advancing the establishment of a republic even faster than planned. Representatives from provinces all across the country are gathering in the capital of Remano and focusing on how to deal with the issues facing the country. The common folk however, are simply glad to finally be free from war and from a foolish king. They go about their lives, relieve stress at the coliseum, and enjoy the boons of returning peaceful times.

Culture: Reim formally formed around 300 years ago when the then-Emperor, Scipio Augusta, managed to unify the various peoples under one banner. Everything in Reim is either powered by gears, or by hand like most cities. The people themselves don't believe much in gods and religion, instead choosing to believe that they themselves are the only thing which will lead them to a better age. One of the most popular traditions within Reim is The Coliseum, a massive arena which was created two or three hundred years ago. In the magnificently-built structure combatants fight either to the death or to simple unconsciousness. Thousands of people come from far and wide to either participate or spectate.

Entrance: If one wishes to join the ranks of Reim, all they have to do is enter the city and side with all of the peoples' views. If one were to leave on good terms, they would not be considered traitors, but instead distant allies.

Traits: Those born into the bloodline of Reim typically have Roman or Greek styled names. Their skin is fairly white but not too pale. The common weapons found in Reim are those such as short swords and spears with tower shields, which are two of the official weapons of the Legion.


Built from the ground-up by Scipio Augusta and several of his subordinates, it quickly became the epitome of industrialization. He believed not in the power of gods nor men, but instead machines and technologies.

Though he had an amazing vision towards the future, Scipio was a dictator. He would punish his citizens at the smallest mistake, and was far more ruthless than any of the Pharaohs from Heliohapt. It was due to this that he was assassinated so that his son, a much kinder man, would be able to rule on the throne.

Up until a few years back, Reim had been silently expanding under the direction of Emperor Claudius Augustus off to The Western Front. While Claudius Augustus was said to have the face of a kind and benevolent ruler, who ruled with what seemed to be a pacifistic nature, his mask slipped before he died, showing a distaste for the strange power Lagi El Nagi wielded, as well as an apparent dislike for the less fortunate people who lived in slums.

During an invasion of the Reim continent, Emperor Claudius Augustus was slain just as the leader of the Kou invasion’s leader was slain. Through a stalemate in their positions, the Kou representatives traded the rights to rule the nation to King Lagi El Nagi with the agreement that he rule as a member of the Kou nation.

King Lagi ruled with reckless idealism and brought many disastrous changes to the country. Although he crippled its economy and production, Lagi did end slavery and initiated job creation programs. Despite this, the people disliked living under Kou rule and saw their King as a figurehead. Lagi eventually fought for Reim's independance but not before Kou began migrating its people into Reim lands and stationing troops there.

A war broke out for Reim's independence which ultimately ended with Kou retreating. A council formed with the intent of changing their government into a republic after the war and with the disappearance of King Lagi, nothing stood in the council's way. Now the country is recovering from these conflicts and establishing its new government with the Great General, Octavius Flavius as a key political leader.

Reim News

For the news and other going-ons of Reim, follow this link.


The Senate

Men and women from all over reim, gathered together in the capital to debate and vote on matters of governance. Each one a representative of a province chosen based on who owned the most land in that region. It is not a perfect group as each are often out for their own interests, but there are veto power positions elected in by the general populous present in order to prevent the senate from voting in any laws that are too predatory on the people.

The Fanalis Corps

This team of warriors are comprised solely of those from the Fanalis race, and led by Octavius Flavius, holder of the Slime Djinn, Andras.


In order for someone from Reim to advance to Ω-Tier, they would have to participate in at least 5 Coliseum matches (NPC or PC-Based). Then they would have to face Decimus, The Immortal.

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