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1 Balbadd on 26/10/14, 10:43 pm


Overview: The only democratic country around the globe, Balbadd is a slowly prospering country in the south. They mostly specialize in the fishing industry, with little to few armed forces.

Motives: The various leaders of Balbadd don't care much in terms of expanding, but simply wish to spread their ideals throughout the world. They believe that democracies are the best forms of government, hoping that in time monarchies could be abolished for good. With that being said they hold a cold resentment towards the Kou Empire, who has the opposite mindset completely.

Culture: Those in Balbadd are practically your average citizens. They go about life, sometimes enjoying it, sometimes not. They enjoy festivities and their diet mostly revolves around fish and other aquatic creatures. Although they aren't as advanced as Reim in terms of weaponry, the past rulers of Balbadd had put many of the country's resources into building a "Casino", a place where people could waste their money in hopes of winning more. Although she dislikes the structure itself, Mirah keeps it standing for it fares as a good alternative for taxes. A majority of the country's other income comes from being a large trade center in the global scheme of things, as it is a central country that has not truly been at war with any others.

Entrance: If one wishes to join the ranks of Balbadd, all they have to do is enter the city and side with all of the peoples' views. If one were to leave they would not be harmed in the slightest, and still be considered as allies.

Traits: Those born in Balbadd typically have Arabian names and slightly tanned skin, but not as dark as Heliohaptins. Members of the army all learn the art of royal swordplay, specializing in quick-paced attacks with daggers and cutlasses.

History: Like Reim, Balbadd was originally ruled by a ruthless, horrible man; however this one was more greedy than anything.

Akhmad Al-Jabiri, a pompous, chubby old fool who only wanted to draw in more and more money for his personal benefit. For years he collected over-priced taxes from the people, and did nothing to better the country as a whole. It was only when his grand-daughter spoke up that Balbadd would forever change.

Mirah Al-Jabiri, a far-off descendant to the throne. At the young age of 13 she rebelled against her grand-father, not in the form of combat, but instead an election. She threatened her elder, stating that if he couldn't beat her in a competition of votes and slips of paper, he wasn't capable of ruling an entire country.

In the end, Akhmad lost by a landslide; however he wasn't done in the slightest. He drew his sword against the new ruler, but was quickly stricken down by a mob of rebels.

Instead of actually ruling Balbadd as a monarchy, Mirah surprised all of the populace with only several words. She stated that the country would now be a democracy, in which they would elect a Cabinet filled with representatives who would all share their own views and opinions.

Mirah is currently 19 years of age, and is watching over Balbadd as a simple supervisor, not a tyrant.


The Minister - Mirah Al-Jabiri

Kind-hearted, young, and filled to the brim with a fiery passion. Mirah will do anything for her country, even if it requires the sacrifice of her life. With that being said she often has moments of childishness and tomfoolery.

The Cabinet

Made up of several warriors, magicians, and simple politicians. The Cabinet votes on all of Balbadd's new laws and actions. The Minster counts as two votes and is technically the "leader", but all in all it is a group of equals. Currently The Cabinet is full, it's members all political puppets of or in the pocket of a sinister magician who manipulated elections from behind the scenes.


If a person from Balbadd wished to reach Ω-Tier, they would have to act as ambassadors of their country and meet with at least 2 leaders of some of the other civilizations. Once one reaches A-Tier and meets the other requirements to reach Ω-Tier, the chosen rulers for said meetings MUST participate, whether they like it or not.

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