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Dungeon System

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Dungeon System Zagan_(dungeon)

Dungeons are mysterious buildings that have just started appearing around the world. Rumor has spread that whoever conquers a dungeon gains great riches and power. Not much besides that is known to the people of all the countries.

There are several prerequisites a character must meet before they wish to tackle a Dungeon:

  • If a character's primary Specialization is Intelligence, their base rank must be at least B-Tier if they wish to enter a dungeon to capture a Djinn. They do not need to be B-Tier in order to aid another player in the capture of a Djinn. The primary reason for this is that Magicians are physically weaker, and have a more difficult time receiving the favor of Djinn. A second reason to this is that there has not yet(as of the time these rules were written) been a Magician King Vessel in the canon version. Despite being unable to obtain a Djinn until B-Tier or higher, Magicians can always opt out and try their hands at getting the Dungeon-Beast Transformation.
  • You must purchase a Dungeon Ticket from the Bazaar if you wish to enter a Dungeon in the first place. There is usually a limited supply of tickets for a single dungeon, so it would be best to decide quickly on whether or not you'd like to challenge one. *There may be exceptions to this rule.

Now, there are also several other basic rules regarding dungeon topics themselves:

  • A Dungeon Ticket owner that enters a dungeon may only take 1 player-controlled character (companion) along with them. This companion cannot receive a Djinn (exceptions can be made in special circumstances). Companions may have a chance to obtain a unique magic tool before a Dungeon's Set is released in the Bazaar. As an alternative, they may instead attempt to transform into a Dungeon Beast.
  • After a DM post, you have 48 hours to reply to the dungeon topic. If you don't post within the deadline you will be subject to auto-hits from monsters and other dangers within a dungeon. The DM’s monsters are also subject to this rule.
  • If you lose Magoi/Stamina within the Gate, you will regain it once you enter the Dungeon itself. Any damage sustained will not heal.
  • All Dungeon-Topics are kill viable.
  • Thanks to the Rebirth System, if you die in a dungeon (and still have extra lives left over), you may choose to start over at the beginning and have the chance to tackle it again. Players Rebirthed in this way regain all of their lost stamina/magoi.

Dungeon Structure

Within a given Dungeon forum, there will be a total of 5 areas:

1. The Gate: This is the area right outside the dungeon. The Gate is the only way to get in, and the only way to get out. All you have to do in this area is make a post and touch the entrance itself. A Dungeon Ticket holder and their Companion may or may not be met with opposition from other characters.

2. The Main Hall: This is the first area within the dungeon. It is typically filled to the brim with low-leveled monsters. The Main Hall ends with two large double-doors, leading into the Midway.

3. The Midway: The largest section in a Dungeon. The Midway begins right after the Main Hall. At this point, there may be several paths options, some of which may be dead ends. If there are several paths, at least one will lead to the Necropolis.

4. The Necropolis: The room before the Chamber. It may or may not be guarded. This will be where you could possibly begin to meet other groups.

5. The Chamber: Once you make it to the chamber, you'll be met with the toughest beast within the entire dungeon. In order to gain the Djinn you must either make it past this monstrosity, or incapacitate it. Remember that other characters can also attack you in this area.

A character starts outside of a dungeon at The Gate, and then proceeds through the next areas until they reach the chamber. In The Main Hall and The Midway, each main contender for a Djinn will create a topic of their own (if they have a companion that person also posts in that same topic). In The Gate, The Necropolis and The Chamber, however, there is only a single topic for every contender and their companion to jump into. This means that you can interact with other Player-Controlled characters within dungeons too.


Dungeons are a slightly complex system, yet at the same time they're quite simple. There is a series of chronological actions which you must perform before you can progress to another level. This is the way it all works:

  • After you reach an area besides The Gate, you will encounter either beasts and/or some type of “puzzle.” You must defeat the enemies on the way to the door to the next area and/or solve the puzzle to continue. ((Removed the rolling system, added "puzzle" system.))
  • A Beast will be NPCed by a staff member, or by any regular member if they're given permission to do so.
  • All players who reach the chamber before the dungeon vanishes will receive a huang reward.


In The Gate, The Necropolis and The Chamber areas, you may meet up with other characters besides your companions. These people are also contenders for either Djinn or Dungeon Beast Transformations. There are several rules regarding confrontations:

  • In The Gate, even if you get into a fight, all you have to do to enter the Dungeon is touch the entrance. You don't have to defeat your opponent necessarily, but can simply escape and flee. If your attempt makes sense and is successful, a staff member will post on the topic saying so.
  • The Chamber runs slightly differently. If more than one contender for the Djinn or DB Transformation enters, they must all battle it out until only one contender remains [conscious, not necessarily alive]. Exceptions:

    • A Djinn may instead propose a challenge or contest, as they may not be satisfied with a simple battle
    • If one person wants a Djinn and the other wants the Transformation, then they can agree upon not fighting at all and simply taking one or the other. NOTE - If the person to reach The Chamber first has passed/defeated the beast before anyone else enters the topic, then a 24 hour time limit will be placed. If no other contender enters in that time, the person who got there first automatically gets the Djinn or chance to morph.

      If one person wants a Djinn and the other wants the Transformation, then they can agree upon not fighting at all and simply taking one or the other.

Djinn Capturing

In order to capture a Djinn, a person must:

  • Reach The Chamber
  • Complete the Djinn's challenge within the Chamber.
  • Defeat all opposing teams (if there are even any to confront) if they also wish to capture a Djinn or simply wish to throw-down.

When you transfer a Djinn to a Metal Vessel, there are several things to remember:

  • The object MUST be metal.
  • If you own a weapon from one of your Specializations that is made of metal, you may choose to use that as your Metal Vessel.
  • Beasts CANNOT be used as Metal Vessels.
  • If you have no weapons to transfer a Djinn to, you can find/use any random metal object.

Dungeon Beast Transformation

In the Canon version, everyone who entered a dungeon simply wanted to gain a Djinn and/or riches. However on the site we have added the option to also transform into a special race. A leader or companion of a party can go after the transformation, but not both of them. In order to do so you must:

  • Reach The Chamber
  • Complete the Djinn's challenge within the Chamber.
  • Defeat all opposing teams (if there are even any to confront) if they also wish to transform or simply wish to throw-down.
  • There will be two options for different Dungeon Beast races which come with their own perks and downsides. A list of the two Dungeon Beast Transformations can be found in the Dungeon Overview Topic.

*NOTE - Just like for a Djinn, there is a limit of a single person per Dungeon who has reached the Chamber to become a Dungeon Beast. Remember that the transformation is PERMANENT, and there are no foreseeable ways of ever reversing the effects.

Magic Tools

Whenever a Dungeon is conquered, a series of Magic Tools based on the theme of the entire structure will be released in the Magic Bazaar. There's always a limited supply, however the items will always be up for sale until they're purchased.

Companions (people who accompany Djinn/DB Transformation contenders), also have the chance to obtain unique, one-of-a-kind Magic Tools for free within the Dungeon.

Leaving and Closure

In order to exit a dungeon, you must either die, forfeit, or conquer the dungeon itself. Every contender who leaves at any given moment will be transported to The Gate. If multiple people are in the Dungeon at one time when it is captured, then everybody is teleported to The Gate at one time, and must make their own exit posts or interact with each other.

There are several things to note about this system:

  • A dungeon ONLY closes when the DJINN is captured. If a DB Transformation is achieved first, the dungeon will not go down.
  • Once the Djinn is captured there will be a 72 hour time limit if the DB Transformation is still up for grabs and/or wanted. After that time everyone in the Dungeon will be automatically transported out, and the structure will vanish or collapse.


If there is more than one Contender for the Djinn, in rare cases, the Djinn may decide neither contender is a viable “match” as their King Vessel, based on their individual personalities and desires. If this is the case, the companions accompanying the Contenders may also be considered for becoming a King Vessel. In this case, the Contenders may still choose the Dungeon Beast Transformation option, or may opt for a magic tool. The matching system will be decided on by the entire staff in a vote for fairness.

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