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Magi System

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Magi System Pbucket
Magi are "Magicians that shape the world". By using Magoi, they are able to control the world's Rukh. Magi have the power to summon Dungeons, and to lead people in there. A Magi's goal is to select a candidate to become "King" of the entire realm. These Candidates conquer the dungeons which arise due to the Magi, and utilize the powers of Djinn to lead the world into a better era.

Magi Rules

There are several rules pertaining to Magi:

  • A Magi may only aid their chosen king candidate in conquering Dungeons.
  • A Magi may only have a Specialization of Intelligence.
  • A Magi cannot conquer a dungeon.
  • A Magi can not be any of the non-human races.

Magi Perks

There are several perks to being a Magi:

Since Magi cannot have Specializations other than Intelligence, they have more ability slots for their primary one:

D-Tier: 25 Spells
C-Tier: 30 Spells
B-Tier: 35 Spells
A-Tier: 40 Spells
Ω-Tier: 45 Spells

Unlike regular Magicians who can only learn 3 of the basic magic types in total, a Magi can utilize all types from the start. Their Borg protects against the same amount of attacks as a regular Magician's Borg can.

Magi have 2x the amount of Magoi a regular character would. So a B-Tiered Magi would have 400 Magoi, instead of 200.

Lastly a Magi can raise up Dungeons from the ground. They cannot choose what type of Dungeon gets raised, nor what the Dungeon itself entails as that job falls onto the staff. Even so, a Magi can actually Roleplay themselves raising the Dungeon.

Becoming a Magi
*At the moment you must have staff approval!*

In order to be a Magi, you must be active and have above-average writing abilities. In order to become a Magi, only currently active players should apply/inquire, as there are a limited number of spots available at any given time and we would like an assurance of activity levels. You must have made 2 activity checks and applied for the bonus to be considered ‘passing’ for the minimum requirements of activity. This is the sole exception to the rule for taking something away from a player; as Magi spaces are limited, if a player misses 2 activity checks in a row they will lose the privilege of being a Magi. Furthermore, all prior Specializations and techniques outside of Intelligence, as well as Djinn, are lost. Any items that would be lost as a result of losing a specialization may be sold in the Marketplace. Players with proven activity and writing skill may inquire with staff about either their current character being reborn as a Magi (being reborn will cost 1 life, but no Magoi/Stamina) or creating a new Magi character. Players must be willing to work with staff regarding the raising of dungeons.

*At any one time we can only have a maximum of 4 Magi*

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