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Dominance Beast Information

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Beast Systems

Basic Beast Information

  • A Beast’s health is equal to 3 tiers of damage from their own rank. Once a beast gets to A-Tier, however, this changes to 2 tiers of damage of its own rank. Ex.: A C-Tier Beast can withstand 1 B-Tier damage and 1 C-Tier damage before death, or 3 C-Tier damage, or 6 D-Tier damage.
  • A Beast begins with 1 Passive trait at D-Tier and gains an additional one each tier.
  • A Beast begins with 1 Half-cost ability at D-Tier.
  • A C-Tier Beast can retrain their half-cost ability to max at C-Tier.
  • At B-Tier, the Beast unlocks a second half-cost ability that caps at B-Tier.
  • At A-Tier, the Beast unlocks a third half-cost ability that caps at A-Tier..
  • A Legend Beast obtains an additional Passive trait.

Passive Traits

Passive traits are what allow a beast to survive in the wild. These skills do not have any direct offensive capabilities nor do they cost any energy when using them. These types of skills and abilities range from speech skills, heightened intelligence, sensory, flight, swimming as well as any passive increase to speed, defense or basic attacks. Anything involving a type of naturally occurring biological feature, such as bio-electricity, acid, flame breath, poison, healing, etc. are also considered passives but require abilities to utilize. These skills are always in use and do not have cool downs.

*An increase in strength will provide an increase of 1 tier in damage to their natural damage, up to A-Tier(this only involves melee style damage). An increase in defense will allow the Beast to withstand 1 extra attack of their tier in damage. An increase in speed will allow the Beast to move at double the base speed of a Beast(this only applies to 1 speed, which is selected at time of registering the passive. To obtain extra speed in other modes of movement, you would need to make an additional passive for each movement type)

Half-Cost Abilities

These skills cost ½ the amount of stamina/magoi that an ability of that tier would normally cost but have a base cool-down of 5 posts and it may be sustained up to 3 posts. For each post sustained, the cool down increases by 1. These abilities take up ability slots.

Beasts as Mounts and Mounted Combat

Some beasts are large enough to be used as a means of transport. While size plays a factor in whether you will be able to ride your Dominance beast, another important factor is your tier in the Dominance Specialization. You will not be able to ride your beast until your Dominance specialization is at C-tier. This is strictly a means of transportation and you will not be able to attack from the back of your beast. At B-tier in your Dominance specialization, you may begin to utilize mounted attacks (e.g. Shooting arrows while riding, slicing enemies from the back of a horse, launching fireballs while flying through the air). You will only be able to use abilities of your Dominance Specialization tier and below while mounted.

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