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Shaking Off Shackles: Part III

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1 Shaking Off Shackles: Part III on 07/09/14, 09:37 pm

Azix Niraj

Job Name: Shaking Off Shackles Part III
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 15,000 Huang & 200xp
Job Overview:
The third target provided by Serene is the Twisted Sisters, a slave-trader group run by three sadistic sisters that specialize in reeducation and conditioning of pleasure slaves. They are rumored to have the ability to break even the strongest man and turn him into a slave that craves to fufill his duty. Within the documents Serene provided there was a map with the location of their compound outside of Remano. They operate mostly by themselves with a handful of members that handle selling, buying and trading the merchandise. The sisters preferred dealing with the slaves, enjoying the dark, damp dungeons engaged in torture craft than dealing with people they couldn't sink their claws in.


Enemy Name: Silveus
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: C (D-Borg + D-Tier Damage)
Soil Shorts - D-Tier poison magic: Up to five meter plume of gas that causes one to lose control of their bowels for one post when inhaled. Moves at 10 m/s
Noxious Fumes - C-Tier: Creates a cloud of gas that irritates one's eyes and mucus membranes causing an allergic reaction. The eyes tear up, nose leaks phlegm, and their face becomes swollen, puffing up slightly preventing vision. Moves at 15 m/s

Enemy Name: Tyris
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
Scythe - Deals C-Tier Damage.
Arc of Ecstacy - Spins the scythe at 15 m/s to swing it in an arc at a target limb. Deals C-Tier damage.
Twisted Slam - Spins the scythe while holding it in a reverse grip and slams it at a target area to deal C-Tier damage at 15 m/s. The spinning of the sycthe twists the target in the direction of the spin when hit.

Enemy Name: Rhyn
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B

Preying Manits: B-Tier Dom Beast
Two segmented wings to fly at 10 m/s. Bladed claws that deal B-Tier damage.
Scissor Slash - Slashes with both claws at 20 m/s to deal B-Tier damage.
Spinning Drop - The mantis flys upward and then descends downwards, spinning with its claws extended outwards to cut anything within range as it falls at 15 m/s to deal B-Tier damage.

Group Request:
Ariella and Azix
{C-Tier and B-Tier}


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