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GFX Shop of King Darius the allmighty

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Greetings, my dear Mongrels!

Soo I dunno if I'm good enough but I wanted to try earn some Huang by makign you guys some GFX. Me happy. You happy. ^.^
Be it for the forum or something else.. It doesn't matter, just please be detailed.

Use the Template for requests. Requests not using the template will be denied. (sry but it's for organization issues.. I hate not having a overview)

Character Name: Your Character/Accountname
Date of Request: When you requested (MM/DD)
Type of GFX: Avatar, Signature, ....
Price: (leave empty)
Details: Here go the Details about how you want your GFX.. please be detailed, that makes a lot of things easier for both of us.


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Date of Request:[/b]
[b]Type of GFX:[/b]
[b]Price:[/b] (leave empty)

A stand-alone Avatar will cost you 800~1000 Huang.
Price depending on how complicated it is~

Animated Avatars are 1300~1500


Behold the mighty Darius, Peasant!

Fukuwa as medieval poison guy~

Gin Ichimaru~

Supposed to be for a One Piece RPG but then I said nah~

Used to be a RP Char but everyone left :(

Ever saw a crossdressed Orochimaru? Well now you did

For a Bleach RP once

Stand-alone Signatures will cost you 1700~2000 Huang.
Price depending on how complicated it is~
Animated Signatures have an open price as they can be a real pain in the ass!


Fairy Tail RP Char~

A RP Char again

For a current Fairy Tail Char

For a One Piece RPG once

Request of a friend

For a One Piece RPG once

Hichigo/Ichigo Signature (too big doe)

Shiroooo <3

You know what's nice? Cheap GFX. You know what's even nicer? Cheaper GFX! If you plan for a new Avatar AND a Signature (or even more) you can aswell ask for a Set Price. It comes a lot cheaper than getting both seperately. Here the prices:

Signature & Avatar (1/2 Set): 2500 Huang

Signature, Avatar, small Character icon & a nice edited App Header (Full Set): 3000 Huang


Example #1:

(Warning: Takes time to load, will seem slow at first)

Example #2:

Example #3:

Example #4:

Full Set Example W.I.P ~



Short Description of Darius' Character:

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