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The final blow [A - Repeatable]

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1 The final blow [A - Repeatable] on 25/02/14, 11:46 pm


Job Name: The Final Blow! [Part 3 of All’s Quiet on the Western Front]
Job Rank: A
Job Location: Reim’s Western Front
Job Rewards: 500xp / 30,000 Huang
Job Overview: The final bandit group has made itself known. Even though you have gathered a map of where it would be located several scouts have found a small camp built around an abandon tower. The tower is about 4 stories high with watchmen at the top armed with bow and arrows, there are 2 of them and a third watchman with a magical sniper like gun. The base camp around the tower has built up a makeshift wall out of a mix of wood and rocks. This wall will need Alpha tier damage to destroy it or one can attempt to scale it, 9 feet high. The camp is made up of 6 tents all situated in a circle around the tower. There are three groups of two which patrol the camp each with a hound to help spot people. The number of bandits that are not in the patrols are fifteen in total. This gives a total 24 bandits total at this camp plus three hounds. You will somehow need to take out all of these enemies by yourself or with a group. Squash this hopeless rebellion once and for all!
Enemies and abilities:

Enemy Name:Bandits x 21
Needed damage to take down: 1 C
Deals C rank damage with swords and bows. All three move at a speed of 3 m/s.

Enemy Name: Hounds x3
Needed damage to take down: 1 D
Able to detect people from 50 meters away, deal D rank damage with teeth and claws.

Enemy Name: Watchmen x2
Needed damage to take down: 1 C
These enemies use bow and arrows that deal C rank damage from a range of up to 50 meters away. The arrows will move at a speed of 15 m/s.

Enemy Name: Sniper x1
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: 1 C
This enemy uses a large silver gun that has a lightning affinity. He can launch an attack up to a range of 100 meters away moving at a speed of 30 m/s. These attacks will deal B tiered damage and cause people’s speed to be cut by ½ after being struck.

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