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Name: Dolemite Ghost Dynamite
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Magician
Tier: D
Class: Magician ( Light )
Age + Birthdate: 25/10/22
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Calm and collected is how you can describe him. He is always never in a panic state of mind. Ghost growing up was always told to never panic this has led him to doing just that. He will never really show fear even if he is scared. Happy go lucky type of guy. Meaning he will always have a smile on his face at all times. Rather this smile be a happy one or a sad one. It will never be a fake one like ever. He tends to try to brighten the move with such a smile. Watchful eye meaning he could and will always keep an eye on all that passes by him. Can't never be too safe nowadays. Picture perfect memory. Fame by fame he could remember anything he has every seen before. Flamboyance he has that nature in him. Macho man he has this nature as well. He has a very caring nature and tends to go out of his way to help those he seems family. Demanding type of guy he truly plans things to a tee a d wants those to follow his plan through and through.
Likes: Peace-Be truly wants nothing but peace.
Love- So much hate in the world someone has to have love.
Dislikes: War-Do I need to say more.
Hate- Misplace hate is something we all experienced once. We can do better.
Aspirations: To create a nation for all to live as equals. Everything matters and so does everyone. Why hate the world for what reason do one get out of that. We are all one and the same. I bet right now you could name 5 people you love and care for right about now. This is what I aim to build. It will take time and alot of power but it will get done. With a little help and alot of love peace will be more then a dream you know.
Phobias/fears:The dark he fears the darkness. It could be your friend but really it is not. What is in the dark can never be in the light. So many bad things could go wrong in the dark. Ghost trys his best to stay away from the dark. There is no place better to.lose your life. People tend to get lost in the dark. Losing thier way on the road or life. It all has one thing in common the darkness. Like when you cut off the light and see something in the dark. It looks scary until the lights come on and you realize it wasn't a monster. Yeah the darkness do things like that.
Face-Claim: God Serena from fairy tail
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color: hazelnut brown
Height: 6 feet tall
Weight: 185
Appearance: He stands at six feet tall even. HD has long red hair which reaches his feet. Yet he keeps it tied upon a wolf tail. His attire will differ depending on what nation he is in. Mostly he wear royal clothes he brought up off of the streets markets.
Rukh Alignment:Light
Special Features:Scar across his nose.
History: Born to parents who was loved by dark Rukh. Ghost was ok with seeing such a color. It was his destiny to go against the gain. However he did not want to follow after his parents. Ghost saw his very own Rukh turning black. However he was not able to escape such a fate. This was done by aiding rebels and conquering cities by force. Ghost now knew he had to go against his family way of life. That way of  life is conquering others. He will not stand for such a thing. His family is none other then the legendary Dynamite family. Known to help Kingdoms end wars for good.
Ghost would travel from Place to place to get what he needed to get. No much was known about his past as he simply went by the name of a shadow of a man. Ghost had much on his mind when it came to his life. Learning how to use a sword as a wand was one thing. This tricked people because they did not know if he was a magician or a warrior. He used this to his likeness. This was very good to be doing as it allowed him work. So far he has been looking for allies in his crazy war against his mother and father. Only truly leaving home as he heard. There was strange powers yet to be seen in this world. If this was the case he wanted to make sure of it first hand. Finding out such truths would be most epic in his eyes. He knows he cannot win without the power he needs. Not only his mother but he has nine siblings as well. Not knowing if they are his friend or foe at the moment. He still keeps his head up as he knows this will be a long road ahead of him. Nothing to do but look ahead. At the moment he is training to get stronger. Only time will tell what will happen next fir him.
Role-Play Sample: Ghost would be breathing extra hard. He was running away from a large group of knights. The knights had on all black armor. Ghost was running low on magic. This group of knights known as the knights of the sun. Was his mother soldiers. This is the tenth time he ran away. This time he was going to stay away. Taking his wand he would run close by the cliff. He was surrounded on all sides. His only option was to jump. So that's what he did. Now his true adventure began. Ghost as he jumped off the cliff right in the air. He knew what he had to do. Right then and there his Rukh turn light. His life truly has only began.

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Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
I need a magic type near your class everything else looks good.


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Ok I put Light there

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Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
You approved my dude go make a vault maker sure to put it in your signature. you can find it here

Start abilities too 4 D tier 1 C tier for free you can start them here

and finally make your weapon here


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