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Lukios Ragnis, Reiman Officer

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Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur
Lukios Ragnis, Reiman Officer JLpZRuS

Name: Lukios ‘Luke’ Ragnis

Country Affiliation: Reim

Race: Magician

Tier: A tier

Class: Ranger and Magician

Age + Birthdate: 23 years old/Born 15th May

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Knight of the Code: Befitting his title as a knight of the people, Luke is the very definition of a gentleman. Being so well versed in proper manners and common respect he often has been described as an ideal knight. Some have described his chivalry as a curse, and that is because there are more underhanded individuals who would take advantage of the honourable ones - so it is more likely his sense of chivalry and strong sense of justice would be taken advantage of.

Keeper and Taker: Luke has always been a listener and keen to help others which along with his studies in body language has allowed him to become empathetic and understand people's intentions and to figure out if they are lying or not. This has a practical meaning to it as the ability to understand others is one step towards being an effective leader.

Born for Battle: A completely different individual during battle, his eyes are cold towards his enemies and rarely does he flinch at the sight of brutality or blood. It's hard to understand the reason for this behaviour, but the advantages allow him to react appropriately without the chaos of fighting clouding his judgement, rather the opposite; he thirsts for the bloodlust of battle. One thing is clear that this state of mind can be rather frightening to see when comparing to his actions outside of battle, so much so that he finds it better to cover his upper face when in battle, a remnant from his childhood.

Social Formality: Luke has grown up around formal meetings and high-class people this had lead to a life of formality which leaves him unprepared for life outside that social circle. While in his case this is not too big a negative, for it has led to some occasional blunders in the past, he has also picked up on how he should act with others accordingly.

Gears of the Mind: Just as one needs to sharpen their sword to keep it up, Luke does this with his mind by analysing and studying various subjects in his spare time. Leading to a habit to assume much more than there is and often overthinks a situation which has a simple solution. It is a lack of focus on the most likely solution which is down to him considering everything at once. To compensate Luke had developed another habit which defines him. While there isn't much sense to it, the young man often focuses better once his mask is on and it comes down to him just feeling more comfortable this way.

Likes: Time Alone - due to the nature of his upbringing, Luke truly values the time he has to himself, where he does not have to worry about the thoughts and unwarranted gazes of others.

His Darling - one of the few people he will open up to is his childhood sweetheart, Glaucia, who he pines for while knowing it will be long before he will see her again.

Inflicting Pain - it is one of his pleasures that he partakes in, yet also a fact of his being as a knight that has twisted into some sort of a need.

Double Entendres - he frequently uses wordplay of a sexual and plain kind, a fact not taken to very well by those who are on the other end of them.

Ancient History - he had old tomes and recent historical records abound to keep him company in his childhood, which has stayed as a fascination and obsession that defines his journey.

Family Tree - he has oft found himself wondering about his ancestors and their deeds, to justify his existence and understand the cold action of the families’ heads, which has extended to an interest in the origin and path of life itself.

Dislikes: Insults - he hates it when people slander his family name, regarding it as an act against not only himself but his entire bloodline.

Rain Storms - as he spends much of his time travelling round the various kingdoms on foot, he finds showers of rain to merely be a distraction which delay him from journeying onwards.

Corrupt People - his duty as a knight is to root out evil, and so he has a natural hatred of those who sow the seeds of discord.

Aspirations: As a knight, he wishes to gallivant across the world to scatter chivalrous deeds over the lands, but that is merely a guise thrown over his true intentions. He wants to travel to historical monuments in order to establish a connection with his ancestors, and learn more of the world he lives in. That is not to say he will not help out all those who are in need along the way - quite the contrary, he cannot resist aiding those unjustly persecuted, leading to him often finding himself in the wrong place when aiming to arrive at some destination.

Phobias/fears: He has a form of Indikephobia, the natural fear of injustice, which is based on the idea that without a person such as himself devoting themselves to those who cannot defend themselves, there will be no one to uphold the law and deliver true justice. In such a way, he has a fear of being unable to help others, that in some way he would be impeded from delivering aid - be it by his death or capture, or by forgetting himself and losing his reason for existing. For him, being a knight is a way for him to help others, and also to find himself - to realise his purpose.

Face-Claim: Conrad/Fire Emblem Echoes

Hair Color: Flaming Orange

Eye Color: Chartreuse Green

Height: 178cm

Weight: 71kg

Appearance: Luke has light green eyes framed with short hair the shade of a gentle flame, well kept. His pale tan skin provides a sumptuous contrast with his warm-coloured hair and his rose lips which conceal his shining white teeth.

He sometimes wears a black and white eagle-beaked mask that covers the upper half of his face to hide his identity.
When wearing this mask, he wears a crisp black shirt underneath light white armour which is strapped across his body with leather, a long gold and white hooded cape billowing out behind him. Below, he wears a pair of black trousers, kept up with an engraved belt, along with fur-lined leather gauntlets. Out of the mask, he usually wears his black shirt and trousers with smaller leather vambraces and greaves.

Rukh Alignment: White

Special Features: None

History: A story such as mine is not that much different to others and so not too interesting to listen to, but if you wish to know, I must start at the beginning; as most tales tend to:

‘Off of the coast of southern Reim lies a small island province governed over by the appointed Alcmeno family, but it is not to them that we look to - they will tie into this narrative at a later point - rather, it is the noble-standing yet half-forgotten Ragnis family that we are to deal with. The marriage of their heir to a reasonable well-off family produced three children, each of differing talents and opposing attitudes. The eldest son chose to pursue a life of academics and stayed on at an esteemed university as a respected professor, while making preparations for himself to become immersed in the treacherous road to a political seat. The only girl, possessing a knack for business and the art of money-making, decided to blaze a trail in setting up a merchant company, which she herself provided with the fruits of her labours. But as you can guess, this is not a story about them, but of the youngest son, me.’

   ‘At a young age, despite my parent’s affection, the head of the family had ordered me to be groomed for political union, as I was never to inherit the Ragnis family’s properties and fortune, nor did I ever think of wanting to. I was content to carry out my role, to be a pawn for greater wealth, as long as I retained my simple life that had gifted me so much treasured knowledge and training in the knightly arts, developing an obsession with discovering the truth behind the world that I could never explore. That was until I met the one woman who I would devote myself entirely to, Glaucia, the second daughter of the Alcmeno family. Remember that name? I told you they would be important to this story later on, but I digress. All I wanted was to be with this beautiful woman for the whole of my life, partaking in formal occasions and friendly outings together, with the occasional intimate encounter in the bedroom. Yet, it seemed the two of our families had undergone a harsh falling-out, attempting to invariably convince and force out of a relationship, until we could no longer stay together and were parted from each other.’

   ‘In an attempt to prove our true worth and faithful love, we submitted to the roles we were given. She was to stay confined within the prison of her own bedroom, to refine her noble mannerisms which had been supposedly twisted into a perverted and rough fashion. I was to be sent out to spread the family’s name, a vague mission if you had ever heard one, which I interpreted as helping those who could not do so themselves. As a way of rebellion, I barred my face from view with the same mask that I had donned in my childhood to calm Glaucia’s fright when she had found the cold expressions I had made in sparring scary to her, preventing those I gave aid to from associating their safety with a member of the Ragnis family. With such an excuse, I decided to research further into my family’s lineage by tracking records across the entire land, delving deeper into the world’s history as a whole, so fulfilling my childhood dreams.’

   But how I came to this land, I myself am not sure. I was intending to investigate the household shrines at a southern Reiman port for names attributed to the lares, but was distracted by a group of bandits assailing a commercial boat heading to Kou. I must have fallen asleep in that boat from exhaustion and been ferried here. That certainly is not a help, but at least I still have my satchel! I do not have my satchel, do I...

Lacus Bow:
A two-metre and eleven centimetre longbow, decorated in silver inlay, with tight gut-string and a black leather grip.

Eliktos Blade:
A spiralling fifty-two centimetre long steel blade, traces of silver streaking throughout, with a piercing tip used as the medium for conjuring spells as well as a black leather grip and metal handle.

Arma Devicto:
Any projectile which Lukios grasps hold of may be transfigured by Razor magic into a sharpened projectile of A Tier sharpness for use with his Lacus. These transfigured projectiles maintain their sharpness for four posts and may be used as a melee weapon. They may have their direction changed with a simple gesture of his hand. Four transfigured projectiles are able to be utilised at any time.

Busillem Fulmen:
A transfigured projectile in flight may have its speed enhanced twofold or three through Strength magic. This transforms it into an elongated bullet which can exceed the speed of sound, adding another instance of A tier damage onto it for a single post. One elongated bullet is to be utilised at any time.

Gaudia Certaminis:
A transfigured projectile may exert an attractive effect or a repulsive effect upon a target. For an attractive effect, the transfigured projectile may tail its target within a fifty metre radius around Lukios for a single post. For a repulsive effect, the target is unable to approach the transfigured projectile within a fifteen metre radius of it for a single post.

Beast’s Claws:
Lukios applies a layer of Razor magic onto his fingers such that they appear as half-metre long claws, able to deal A Tier damage.

Beast’s Haunches:
Lukios utilises a layer of Wind Magic upon his legs to spring back a distance of twenty metres.

Unlimited Projectile Works:
Trait Tier: A Tier
Trait Requirement: Must have both Ranger and Magician classes.
Trait Description: Lukios has formed a particular style of bowmanship which utilises melee weapons as projectiles for archery. This allows for the usage of all manner of recognisable weaponry in conjunction with his Lacus.
Trait Effect: Any weapon which Lukios grasps hold can be automatically registered as projectile, being transfigured into forms more fitting for use with his Lacus. In addition, he may produce B Tier projectiles with Strength magic every two posts but only four such projectiles may be active within a single thread.

True Mind’s Eye:
Trait Tier: A Tier
Trait Requirement: Must be both Ranger and Magician classes.
Trait Description: Lukios has mastered archery to such an extent that allows him to execute his own form of long-range sniping. This requires him to be able to map out the surrounding terrain accurately as a mental image and to track the movements of targets within the terrain.
Trait Effect: Lukios is able to precisely mark down a target within a five hundred of his location by a combination of a hunter's honed senses and his control of wind currents through Wind magic. As such, he is able to accurately snipe targets from that distance and greatly improves his accuracy from a kilometre more.


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This grading is pending until Lukios Ragnis is formatted into an NPC format template, and not PC format, and a single weapon and single class is removed, however, probably save those that you remove somewhere. My recommendation on a weapon to remove is the blade/wand which is not approvable, as it is an advanced wand and those are only attained as magic tools. As to Ranger and Magician, that is largely up to you, just remember to change the Race to Human if you change him to Ranger. Removing a Class will also change your Traits. You could also save the Traits somewhere by the way.


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