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Miracle Overture III: The Qiangbi Underpass

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Job Name: Miracle Overture III
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Reward:  200xp / 15000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Miracle Overture II
Job Overview: A bright idea to propose a tunnel to connect the town and the city, a formal letter is sent to a guild of Trently's to come and help with the project. A couple of the members come to where Trently is and help him begin digging out the tunnel, paving a road inside of it large enough for carts to pass through. Get the guild started on the almost half a mile long tunnel, and finish it with them.

The air blowing light this morning and roosters cockadoodlingdoo, it were to be a good start of a day. Yet again, it was very calm and peaceful in these parts of the Kou Empire now with the civil war over and the country rebuilding. Trently was happy to see a good morning day after day and he would like to keep it this way. He just woke up from his sleep and was nicely rested. Trently had some big plans for today and the week to follow. He sat in his tent just near the town previously mentioned the other day that were having a local bandit issue. Now with that problem over with however, they had begun trade with the nearby city just on the other side of this thin but tall mountain range that separated them. It was probably more like a plateu range though. The mountains or plateu that divided them meant that the town's traders and people had to travel a while north through a dark forest, then west where the mountain range was more traversable, and finally south a couple miles down to get to the city. It could be an impressive feat and achievement if one can clear up a big enough tunnel into the thin mountain plateu to make trading and travel easier. This is what Trently would try to do, for both notoriety for his trading and mercenary guild and to help out the nation's people recover and prosper. Trently had the power to complete a tunnel of this caliber, and would not pass up on the bright idea.

An ink pen and scroll in his hands, he writ a message to the guild in a village miles from here and would hire someone to take it there for him. He could travel there on his own, but he sought to begin work on this tunnel project if he wants to get it done sometime soon in the next week or two. Trently were to train somewhat too during this time as he mined and cleared an undeepass path within the mountain. The main focus here was creating a stable tunnel and to do this he would have to find a good spot to begin mining and breaking into the mountain plateu. Taking a look very closely at the mountain plateu, he were to test the rock of the mountain and determine where to mine and drill at. A large array of powerful equipment to help him dig into the mountain, Trently did not have very much trouble starting to mine and break into the sky peaking earth material. Today it seemed some traders begun to set out to the nearby city on the other side of the mountain. Only time and strife will tell if Trently's efforts here will have made this area better and improve.

A pickaxe over his left shoulder, and his katana in right hand, the young guild leader set out for the thin but tall mountain plateu range to begin his digging ventures! Trently was feeling great this morning and would make sure this emotion of determination and excitement translated into good and amazing work. His torso kimono wear hanging along his waist, he were to work and begin this project with his chest exposed. If he would be working hard everyday for the next week or two, he had to feel comfortable while he worked. This was also to not overheat, as it was the summer time and therefore a very hot and sunseering time as well. His eyes set on the mountain area where he shall dig, Trently smiled and humphed. Taking a step toward the mountain before him, he soon after made another step, and again, and then again, faster, until he was sprinting and charging at the giant tall wall of earth in his path. Roaring aloud with a great spirit, he begun to let loose on the mountain before him, striking numerously again and again rapidly with his razor sharp katana and pickaxe. A grin on his face, he were to pour magoi into his katana and let it ravage the mountain side with a great sharp blade of wind that would sever into it. The blade of razor sharp wind cut and tore through 40m ahead of the mountain with great power, making digging somewhat easier. Then with his titanium metal arm, he were to strike at the mountain plateu with his muscle and strength magic behind it to pummel the rock of the mountain and loosen the long and great he was digging out. The power of his magic arm, Lion's Pride, was a large asset to the project progress. In his metal arm alone he had the power of a peak fanalis, hence the name of it, Lion's Pride. Pounding the mountain side with intensity and thrill, he worked hard and vigorously to get as much as he can done before some of his guild came. With the utmost effort and calculated thinking to mine and dig effectively, he would feel the strength and morale to carry on for hours. His will to do things was titanium. Smiling, the swordsman continued to work tirelessly.

The very next day, Trently were to repeat what he did yesterday. Trently was hoping for some of the guild to come sometime today or the next day although he did not need very much help currently. A bright sunny morning day again, he got to work. His all going into this, Trently were to have a yet another great and eventful day where he had dug a great length of the mountain. The young determined man had tore through about 350 meters in length of solid rock. Trently mined ores and minerals as well from today and yesterday, a fair sum. This project was looking up for Trently and his guild of traders and prior misfits, Miracle. It can be very succesful for them if advertised well to the public and if capitalized upon correctly. With the help of his comrades, Trently should be able to get this tunnel complete in a matter of a couple days if they work fast. The sun was coming down, and in the sunset a couple miles from where Trently was located, men were traveling on their way to assist their leader. The guild would be here by the third morning of the project to help. Until then, it was just a usual night of Trently's after working hard. He ate and planned for after the tunnel is complete, and went to bed. Trently was trying to think and plan his strategy on how to take the city and country's by storm with Miracle. This was only the very beginning of his guild, with much more to come. Just you wait for the symphony to begin.

Very early, at the morning break of dawn, Trently were to wake up from a good night's rest and go straight back to the project grounds to resume his hard work on the yet complete tunnel. Progress on the tunnel were to speed up with the arrival of some men of the guild who would help set up structures in the tunnel to stabilize it. Trently left the mining and digging to himself. He wanted to allocate his men on the structuring of the mountain underpass for safety for soon to be travelers who will go through this tunnel. A couple others would help pave a path for the underpass, getting rid of any protuding rocks in the way. The work on the project would be coming to a close soon in the coming days. It was only a matter of time now. Trently worked his ass off on the third and fourth day, completing more than half of the underpass and only less than a quarter of it left. He used his powerful titanium arm to clear out and crumble a lot of the mountain. With his katana, Trently cut and severed through the solid rock. Trently would work extensively with the guild members to get this done by the next day. The project begun to garner a lot of attention from the town where the initial tunneling began. The presence of Miracle and its help to the economy was becoming more and more loud. In the coming day, Trently and the guild were to be hard at work from sun up to sun down. By the end of the day two hours before nightfall, Trently were to have cleared the remaining end of the underpass. Crushing the last of the mountain rock in his path with his titanium fist, he would set foot on the other side. Trently had dug out the mountain with nothing but his arm, his katana, and his iron will. He would astonish the citizdns who were to see him come out from the mountain wall, breaking it down with his fist! Trently stunned the city with this monumental tunnel half a mile long that would now connect the two sides of the sky peaking mountain range. He smiled and sighed in relief to have complete the project. The only work left to be done was the rest of the internal structuring. Trently could begin taxing the people who begin using the mountain underpass once the structuring is complete. A presence being made in this region, Trently will need to set up a new guild hall here, and station and recruit some new promising people into Miracle. A smile on his face, Trently cried out loud "Hoah~! I will not fall nor falter! I will restore the Kou Empire no matter what stands in my way~! I am coming, world!" in excitement and proceeded to fall on the ground, fainting from overworking hinself.


Miracle Overture III: The Qiangbi Underpass BQdy5Kr

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