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When does the sabertooth hunt? [Plot/Voda/Asisiak]

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As the first lights from the early rising sun danced across the outstretched wilds of the frozen wastes shining through the snow and against the rare glint of the few frozen foliages that could be found in the wild before halting and casting a shadow as they hit the tents and structures of the village which had long awoken. For some, they went about the things that they did every day like the children going out to play, or do mock battle with one another and the mothers who fed babes or watched over older ones as they did things like cook or sharpen their weapons. Amongst them, there was also those who went about special tasks, like some of the older boys who planned hunts, or the huntresses that could return at any moment, but even amongst them, there was someone more mired with her own tasks. The Chief, when wasn't she doing something that was deemed important, at least to herself.

Instead of waiting inside of her hut she was outside, looking at the sky Asisiak thought of her personal warriors and their fate, past and present, it was a bit important when she was considering their future even, though there was also some other thoughts on her mind relating to the recent pressures of her position even if she chose not to think about them at the moment.

Her eyes squinted a bit as she stared at the sky, her hands clenching a moment as she held her robes, the furred pelt around her waist of a beast that was killed in the wild providing a great camouflage for the environment around them. She had plans to go out into the wild today it had seemed, more specifically it seemed she was going out to hunt based on the time of the day and the things she had set aside ready to grab at any moment.

While this was true there was more to it than that, she really had nothing she wanted to go out and hunt, but it would be good to be out in the wilds and to look for a thrilling hunt it would also serve to free up her mind to think and ponder matters of importance. The thought of how to spend it was stuck on her mind for so long that she had time to request that someone bring word to Vodarara to be ready to join her on a hunt. A voice to bounce her words off of would prove better use than letting them fester on her mind, and the trusted warrior could provide a unique position on her matters due to his own experiences.

Asisiak thought that it seemed that he had some thoughts of his own, and while she wouldn't confront him on what could be on his mind she would try to see if he might say anything important to her. He amused her and with the matters on her mind and the future that seemed imminent she could use the thoughts and skills of someone as odd and skilled as he had proven to be.

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2When does the sabertooth hunt? [Plot/Voda/Asisiak]  Empty Human in the Winter Wilds on 13/05/19, 01:13 pm


Items Present:

Hunting Knife
Clawed Gauntlet
Improvised Throwing Weapons
Beast Tamer:
Owl Chick - Seeker
Other Items:
A Frozen Tear (MT)
Shimmer Scale Cloak (MT)
Stalagmite (MT)
Howling Lantern (MT)
Health Potion
Mysterious Shard

Vodarara's day begun like any other, an early rise before the sun's light and warmth peeked over the horizon. Vodarara intended to arrive back in the busiest settlement of the Imuchakk. In a sense, it was know as the Chief's Nest to him. Home of the tent of the Chief and her primary residence, It was also the biggest homestead and settlement on the Icy Mass that was Imuchakk but it was also the best location to do business with the Imuchakk that would trade for the spoils of the Huntsman's Hunts.

Pelts, Meat, Fangs, Entrails and Others Materials gathered from the creatures that the Huntsman successfully predated upon. Much of the time, he would end up storing the significantly less perishable materials focusing on returning Entrails, Meat and other materials that attracted the creatures of the wilderness through their lingering scents.

As usual to sustain the hunter within the cold temperatures of the tundra and plains. He was adorned in a thick assortment of hides and furs to maintain his temperature, an armed, tailed and hooded poncho like furred chest piece overlayed his body hide, the underside concealed a shimmering carapace. Under this somewhat heavy but loose bodied garb, under-which Vodarara was able to assort his equipment that could be easily accessed for duties or to be used as improvised weapons, if it came to it.
Vodarara's left hand was adorned and embraced within a clawed and scaled gauntlet, possibly recognisable to some as a cut from the Ice Warden's of the Ice Dragon's lair. His left hand covered with a thick hide glove topped with a hardened gem plate, obscured by a piece of fur.
Vodarara's Legs were covered in hide leggings packed thick with fur and fibres to contain the body warmth. Suitable to have another thicker and furred set of leggings to be worn.
Finally, his boots wide based for ease of traversing to snow, large and thick for maintaining warmth.

To carry his good's Vodarara's pack was essentially a large bundle of different materials and other assorted items that Vodarara wanted to carry along thoroughly tied together and then further covered by a hanging piece of fur to help disguise its scent though much of the hair fibres had been extracted to prevent the temperature of the items raising to much while in transport.
Every inch of skin was covered, the only flesh visible was that of the huntsman's eyes and eyelids that could be seen from between the crest of his face mask and first hood.
Finally, in hand the huntsman had his bow. Wrapped carefully in white cloth to disguise its visible red structure, to aid with his camouflage in the wilderness at the current time the bow remain unstrung to avoid maintained pressure on its limbs.

Alongside, the huntsman he was followed by his companion Shevika and atop the crest of his secondary hood sat their final member the young owl chick Seeker.

Vodarara would intend to arrive just after first sunrise within the Settlement as he began his dark traversal through the wilderness towards the small lights that could be seen in the distance from the settlement. It was during this time of traversal that he met an encounter, now this was not a hostile encounter but rather a lingering encounter, a tail had been on Vodarara for a while. Not a predator in the sense of a creature seeking the consume Vodarara but an ever watching pair of eyes that always lingered just out of sight bar sporadic sightings.

This was Vodarara's first encounter with the individual and their beast's. Clearly a capable beast master from the mixture of scents that Vodarara could smell in his nostrils that called out from their obscured position.

They had been dispatched to bring the demand that the Hunter or Poacher see the chief. This was of course not a demand the wanderer could refuse, she was the most powerful presence on this landmass and as Vodarara was within reason part of her pack, it was still his duty to pay tribute when demanded. It seemed that the demand had been called upon and Vodarara would not see any reward from the goods that he carried upon his back.

As such Vodarara would enter the settlement just after first light and begin a different route. One he had not really travelled up before in good terms or with clear and visible direction towards the Chieftain's Tent.


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While it seemed like the beastmaster had the intent to talk more he would look off in the distance for a moment before offering a word to him, even giving him a nudge on the back. "Look over there if you're sharp, walk there straight and true and you'll find her waiting and I wouldn't keep her waiting long." He started to move in a direction off to the same as the larger tent, well decorated with fur, totemic charms made from bone, wood, stone and etc that were put into pinning around the edge of the roof. "Never know if you might anger the chief." It was likely a joke but he soon went off in his own direction likely to the same place.

Outside her tent, she was dressed in a white dress lined in darker sable brown fur that appeared black until under sunlight it stopped above her knees, tied tightly to her waist with a leather belt that also seemed to have a few pouches on it capable of holding various tools, or even rations if needed. Pacing in place her seemingly new boots fashioned from a dark leather was lined with a softer brown fur firmly thudding against the frozen ground with each step.

The chief's beautiful blue hair and stark white fur mantle swayed in the breeze as she moved back and forth almost wearing a ground path where she had been walking, either due to the rapidness she was pacing or the force of the steps she had been taking, The answer to which was even unknown to her.

She stopped for a moment and looked out into the village, from one eye she could see her tracker and why she thought it would be practical to slap him for not guiding Voda the entire why she then thought it would be bad if a man of his talent wouldn't be able to find her with a little guide. She stopped and stood in front of the entrance to her tent. Her gaze was soon fixed out into the distance as if she was simply waiting for one thing and that she would not move until then. This was mostly to shower that she had been waiting, and even one minute could always bee too long.

Though a small smirk crossed her face as she looked off into the distance and thought of the plans for the day and the entire reason she had invited him along. An outsiders perspective on things could be unique and useful after all. "I wonder what he thinks he's walking into."

It was a question she poised to herself because she had also come to think it was entirely plausible that he was meeting up with her without knowing that he was joining her for hunting. Though it was also the time for her to air out and talk about some recent matters which had been on her mind a bit too heavily as of late. This gave her the impression that he was coming here a bit easier, though it wasn't something that could easily be ignored. With an outsider as him, it would also be good for her to learn what he wants and if his desires could be useful to her.

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4When does the sabertooth hunt? [Plot/Voda/Asisiak]  Empty Scent of the Storm on 20/05/19, 11:26 am


Vodarara felt the hulking trackers nudge on his back as he was sent off towards the chief, his words echoing in his mind. While the man may have intended a joke or not that didn't even cross Vodarara's mind, he was not a creature of jest and had been away from those that talked in words that he could comprehend that it was something that he had long since lost the grasp of.

Vodarara knew the route to the Chieftain's Tent, he after all had been there before not once but twice within the structure though in both situation's it was on hard times, he hoped that it would not end like the first time where his shoulder became a plaything for the Great Alpha of this territory. He did not have the presence of another individual keeping vigil on him within their own abode to recover at now and thus suffering such an injury could be a death-sentence.

The totemic charms, runes and display gave a powerful display much more powerful than the other structures of the settlement and above that of the chief's of the other settlements. It was truly the rest bed of the High Chief, the most powerful creature. Showing their power through the creatures they had slain each told its own story through its carving's though Vodarara couldn't understand the vast majority of them, he could at least judge the bones and attempt to identify the creatures they came from if he had a chance to fully inspect them at sometime.

He would soon visually see the dominant structure that was the chief, wrapped in clothing that only of course an Imuchakk could wear without hesitation within this environment. Clothing that seemed light at least for them but also loose enough to allow good movement. Unlike, the clothing that adorned the huntsman that restricted his movement but in exchange kept him alive by protecting him from the elements.
Vodarara firstly noticed that she was not wielding her spear or that he couldn't see it immediately. Secondly, he became aware that she was pacing back and forth heavily, Vodarara presumed of course that it was impatience. Maybe he was late and of course if the Alpha presumed the Beta was late then it would of course be the Beta's fault.

Vodarara quickened his pace as he headed up towards the Chief's presence. Lowering his posture as he got further and further as he got closer to the pressure that the Chief radiated from her majesty. Coming to more of a bowed or hunched squat, the Huntsman unfurled much of his strung together pack presenting spoils of hunts to the Chief.

Vodarara worked out a few words, raspy with mucus that built up within his chest while entrapped within the garb that was his lifeblood, "This one brings tribute, This one and its pack does not intend to delay the chief, the chief calls this beta for tribute... yesss ??"

Vodarara presented the spoils openly and of course had no intention to hide anything from under her gaze. He knew of her strength and her power though he had not witnessed the display he had heard discussed by some of the Imuchakk. Vodarara swore she smelt like a storm, like the way the air smelt at the time that the booming rippled light cracked around the Structure that he had attended with Tai.

Asisiak, might well have noticed the small amount of shivering or shacking that worked through Vodarara's whole body under her presence. Maybe he was just cold or maybe he was keeping his muscles prepared to allowing him to quickly escape or withdraw should the Chief be frustrated with him.


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When the visage of the wilderness defined Vodarara came to the chieftess she could only simply watch him while keeping her calm demeanor. It would be good to see how he greeted her, and how he held himself in the company of someone as grand as herself, a nondiscerning smile and a strong stance was all she held as her eyes narrowed slightly to pay attention to him. It was rather to see how deeply she could trust him with such conversation without fear, of an untrusting person abusing any information about herself she might give.

However, within seconds any fear of betrayal was dashed or at least put at bay for the time being as she saw the shivering his body held, as well as the raspiness in his voice. While it seemed like he was eager to be there it seemed like he really hadn't made any preparations to speak with anyone.

"Mm, in a way you could say."
Her eyes shifted from his frame to her tent as she would let out a soft breath that slowly drifted off into crystals as it froze. "I feel it's time for a hunt, and I thought you would make for a great hunting partner."

"Let's talk in my tent." As her hips suddenly turned she would walk over to her tent slowly, opening the flap just a tad before she would turn to look back at the man. "I assume you wouldn't turn down the chance to hunt with the chieftess, now would you?" Her words playing on the loyalty of him as she was mostly doing it to give him some time to warm up. Though it would also be better for her to bounce some questions of off him, it would be good to take some time before going out into the wilds. Would the shiver retain, or would it leave once they both had time to let warmth set in.

The inside of the tent would prove an instant wall in comparison to the weather outside, inside it was completely heated and it felt like there was no need for extra clothing. Asisiak was walking over to her equipment looking at it all as she was considering what to bring on the hunt, depending on what they were going out to hunt. It would likely be her decision since it was her hunt, but she wanted to see what would be said in the time before they returned outside.

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Vodarara would observe her body language as well as her words as the Chieftain. At the very least, he seemed to believe that she had at least been abated or pleased though her eyes closed every so slightly still relayed a deal of pressure onto the Hunter.

Vodarara was then more thoroughly caught off guard when she declared it to be a time for a hunt. Such a thing, Vodarara had heard stories of but had not heard of any recent exploits by the Chieftain. Furthermore, she was pursing his presence on a hunt. Vodarara didn't exactly understand why but also could somewhat understand why, It was dangerous to hunt alone even for the apex of creatures. Everything had to sleep and that time every creature was at its weakness, it also allowed a creature to sleep more soundly, while another could observe and protect their environment.
Such a thing, had relieved the creaking tendons, muscles, bones and more that afflicted Vodarara during his age before the pack.

He of course did not understand if her last comment before she entered her tent was a threat or a test. Vodarara did not answer such a question after all it was not his place to do so, the only words he uttered before moving to enter the tent were.

"Does Chief wish Pack or Bow ?"
Vodarara, of course knew perfectly what he meant by this but the Chief ? well that was only for her mind to know. To Vodarara it meant he was asking if she wished for him and his companions or just himself.

Her answer to this question would decide a few things. If she requested the Pack then he would bring both the Owl Chick, Seeker and the Rabbit Wolf, Shevika into her tent. If not he would leave the two together with food and enter her quarters alone.

Once this was decided and Vodarara entered the tent of the Chief. It was a completely different feeling entering the tent than the outside. As a wall of heat hit the huntsman face, the skin felt like it was burning as it rapidly heated up.
But Vodarara could not retreat, such an action might insight rage in the Chieftain. He endured as his body temperature rose slowly and steadily over the time that he was within the tent.

It was a rather stunning place, full of trophies and equipment. It was truly a sight to behold that was of course if Vodarara would have removed his eye's from the Chieftain. Normally, of course he would have scanned his surrounding thoroughly but he remained focused on only one thing. Any action here Vodarara believed could very well mean his end, so he left himself fixated on the Chief so that he could both see and hear any instructions.
He also awaited for her to discuss the intentions and target of her hunt, that would at least allow him to think about what tactics and methodology that he would use.

This of course turned out to be rather useful as sweat clearly ran down like a small waterfall down his face. Obviously the situation was only getting worse under the numerous layers of clothing that adorned Vodarara.
Of course, Depending on how long this carried on Vodarara's breathing would only get heavier but he would of course not remove any garb without permission to do so and he was not going to be as so rude to ask for permission.


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Even without fire, the warmth of the tent would stay constant, and the chief knew how it would feel to the clothed man. her eyes had wandered over to him a few times as she looked at a bow, and then a rather hefty spear. Of course, it was a bit large for Imuchakk even and the teeth on its serrated tip seemed just as sharp as the rest of it.

"Mm, your pack can join us, beasts can always provide.." She paused for a second as she turned around lifting the spear onto her back as well as lifting the rest of her stuff. "Great insight on the beasts, especially with the one I hope to find." Her words joined with the sound of her steps soon moving to the door of the tent once again. Her eyes would dart up Voda once again as her head would give a slight nudge as she would motion him outside where she would likely tell him of what kind of plan she had for them if she had one.

With the morning sun still rising and bringing its way towards noon the chieftess thought to herself that they still had plenty of time before any possible storms might move in, but she didn't want to wait around for much longer and leave that sort of risk open to happening. It seemed like others had the same sort of mind as others were coming in from their hunting expeditions or leaving on their own, but while they all headed off in similar directions the chief turned her head to the left, looking towards the north and thinking of something for a moment, her teeth sunk into her lower lip as she soon enough let out a light sigh and moving forward just a tad.

"No one else will be out there for miles, but there's a creature people claim disappears into the snow as soon as you see it, and to be the first to take down such an elusive beast would be an honor for me, and surely for you to help your Chief is an Honor anytime." Her words followed with a bit of sass, not to mock the hunter but rather to tease him. She knew her position and even now and then a joke from her was appropriate, and teasing the smaller hunter was just too easy.

Her boots shifted in the snow as she seemed like she was going to run off in the direction without warning, but her boot stopped as it pressed into the ground and she once again turned to face her companion once again. "There's a chance we won't find it, but even if we don't we aren't coming back empty handed are we?"

The smirk on her face was that of a woman confident that they would grab what they were looking for, but also one that was filled with the intensity that said she would also drag down whatever they might hunt with an almost rabid intensity.

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It was rather stunning the ability of Imuchakk home construction. Though Vodarara didn't have the gall to ask how it was done, in truth such construction would aid greatly out in the wilderness in locations the huntsman used as his camps. It was hard out there, making fires was risky as it attracted predators and cold camping meant remaining entombed in layers of clothing for extended periods of time, which could lead to missed wounds festering.

Vodarara listened to the Chief's words, she was kind enough to allow Vodarara's companions to join them. She was clearly very aware of the use of beast's by her beast tamers or by their quite obvious prowess on the tundra and beyond where she had clearly fought many creatures before.

The days moved quick when you were active and the day was already cruising towards noon. Some hunters were of course returning in from their hunts and others making headway into the wilderness. Vodarara though wasn't sure if the weather was turning or if it was the Chief herself that gave the presence of a creeping storm.
Vodarara of course noticed her obvious look to the north and the sinking of her teeth into her lip, though he did not know if it was concern or nervousness of the hunt or concern or nervousness of something happening while she was gone. Of course, Vodarara would not even risk the wrath of asking such a question.

He absorbed her further words and information as they moved out into the tundra with their further companions. Vodarara was aware that he was being teased or mock, he couldn't really identify the difference between the two but it was better than broke or dislocated bones and with mention of it being an honour to help his chief anytime, Vodarara returned a swift series of nods to her.

Vodarara was still trying to predict the Chief, he had very little time to encounter her previously and thus she was an unsolved enigma after all she was different to the other Imuchakk, so so many differences. Vodarara will finally respond aloud when the chief suddenly turned back to face him and stated that they would not be coming back empty handed either way.

The confidence across her face should the energy she had to hunt, Vodarara wasn't exactly sure if it was a creature with rabid fixation or a creature with energy to burn that had been coiled within from a long period of fed hibernation.

"Great Honour... Yes... Hope to Please Titan of Imuchakk... Great Power of the Area... This one humbly wishes for all Information, Great Chief knows... Humbly Recommends clamping maws... maintain quality hide... Further plan once camped for night ?"

Vodarara would slowly work the words out though he would try to maintain them in as clear a fashion as possible, it would be bad to make the chief demand him to speak again, once he reached the recommendation of the clamping maws he would attempt to simulate the action of the trap with his gloved hands for clarity.

Vodarara hoped to keep his presence like that of an insect, he believed that would keep him from coming to the most harm from the chief. He wanted to not delay her after all as he believed he would have the press hard to keep up with her pace in the wilderness.

In a sense, Vodarara had a odd affection for the Chief. While he had a huge amount of fear of her, she was likewise very alluring in many senses as a creature she was strong, healthy, graceful, dexterous alongside being wise, intelligent, comely and charismatic.
It was no wonder of course that she had become the Leader of her people, the Alpha of these lands. Vodarara was of course but a beta under her command and thus submission was the only course of action that he could decide on. Though he was not naive enough to become completely captivated and smitten by such outstanding factors as many creatures would do with such perfection, this was in a sense one of the few human remnants of Vodarara, the fear of such a perfected creature and the fear of being cut down with ease led to his somewhat heavy observation.

The eye's of the hunter while also scanning the wilderness, horizon as well as his companions would devote a significant portion of their time observing the Chief's movements. How she shifted her weight, trying to identify things such as her preferred side, primary arm and leg and which way she dictated to scan the horizon from be it left to right or right to left.
He of course did not want to become the Chief's prey and thus needed to have any edge he could if her intensity or rabidness turned on him.


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The sounds of the rustling wind had become long attuned to the Imuchakk's ears to the point where it had almost become silent within her mind, only registering when it was important. This let's her easily pick up on the mannerisms in which Voda spoke, his intentions and the pauses were their own form of charming and they caught the attention of the chief as she continued to track him, and read him, to what level, well that was for her to know.

"Asking for all my knowledge and then telling me what you suggest?"
She paused for a moment, but her face only showed elation as toothy grin crossed and held on her face for a moment. "Cute, eager to learn but not afraid to suggest what he knows."

"That plan will do well."
She gave him a firm slap on the back with her right hand, it was a hearty enough slap that an Imuchakk might give one another after success or any moment of celebration, and as she removed her bag she checked her supplies to see if she had already prepared any teethed traps when she found she had lacked them it was only a moment before she disappeared back in her tent.

With the sudden silence of her proud voice and firm movements, it would give Voda a chance to think to himself or catch his breath if he chose to stay outside while she went to retrieve what was forgotten from within the tent. While in reality, it wouldn't take long the only thing dragging the passage of time was the winds, as they would howl higher off in the distance. There was the sound of some beasts going out as the last of the other hunting parties went off in the opposite direction they had plotted their course. Their horns ringing loud and true as they all seemed eager for their own adventures, their own stories.

Soon enough Asisiak was leaving the tent as fast as she had entered with a ferocity that radiated in ever stepped as she had seemingly heard the horns of the other hunters as they had begun to move out on their own journeys, it seemed that she had also dragged out with her a rather larger hunting horn that she was ready to blow on herself, with a deep breath her chest swelled and the massive frame of the chieftess loomed forward with power and pride as she threw her head back and let out a bellowing noise that filled the village, her call outshining the others, but rather seem intimidated they all let outcries in the distance as she herself began to chuckle, her chest still heaving with each heavy breath she took, her own pride and energy providing amusement for herself.

"This is what a proper call to the hunt sounds like, am I right Voda?!" The question was rhetorical to most but she would expect an answer, as while she was indeed powerful and intimidating as most people imagined her she was also someone who enjoyed getting to know others, it was like politics or beasts, but with people she could tease them with her power, or rank, though she wouldn't abuse it was fun, and his reactions were a tad fun so far. "Now, let's go and show them what a real good trophy is, and maybe I'll show you how to pick up a real Imucahkk woman." Her tease hinting that she might introduce him to Imuchakk woman, maybe she meant herself, or maybe she was just trying to elicit a reaction, at times like these she was purposefully vague, after all, what better way to know someone than what they assume.

Her feet already began to make noise as she would start to head off in the direction she had intended for them. "Your words are a bit off, but you know what you're talking about, prove yourself to me, Voda." She said a bit more whimsically than would be comfortable to most, but it didn't matter to her and she would only continue to move onward.

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It seemed that they didn’t get far before the Chief returned to gather more equipment, seemingly triggered by his suggestion at traps evident by those being the item’s she retrieved. Vodarara wondered if he should enquire if she had brought her own ration’s though Vodarara suspected he could attempt to gather sustenance. He did not exactly know if he would be able to sate the Chief’s appetite without being eaten himself.

Vodarara observed and analysed the Chief as they moved using the edge and peripheral of his vision, while also observing the horizon. He was somewhat confused by the term “Cute”, the word seemed to be an abnormal and an unknown to Vodarara as it didn’t exactly make much sense. Vodarara, of course did not query or question the Chief regarding his confusion though. Only acknowledging what appeared to be a possible compliment indicated by the grin that held for but a moment with a nod of his head.

It was shortly followed by a swift slap to the back. Of course with unmistakable Imuchakk power, of course the force was sufficient to stagger Vodarara forward a step and a half as he set his feet to prevent himself from slipping or sliding on the packed snow. He was fairly fortunate to retain his balance as it would have surely been a disgrace if he had been laid out and knocked prone by such an action.

Vodarara looked across the Horizon as he awaited the Chief’s return. He listened to the echoing of the horns in the distance that filled the surrounding tundra and the limits of the tribal shelter’s. Vodarara was of course sure some sounds were that of the experienced hunters as well as some inexperienced youngsters seeking out to attempt to make a story for themselves so that they might one day end up as a story given by a Storyteller to the quickly growing children of the Imuchakk.

When the Chief returned though she did bring out one new instrument however, a great horn, huge in size at least for a human as she clearly in-took a huge breath of air as her chest and bosom swelled forth, her already large form becoming all the more dominating as she released her breath through the horn releasing a bellowing noise that blasted through the village and out into the Wilderness. The reactions that followed clearly displayed the impressiveness of it as Vodarara’s body continued to vibrate from the sonic vibrations that passed over and through him, as Shevika slowly emerged herself from the snow and the owl chick, seeker eventually poked out from the hood of the hunter.

Vodarara listened to her words as she claimed the sequence was a proper call to the hunt. Vodarara of course provided a short response to the Chief.

“Titanic Display.. From Apex” indictation with a motion of his hand and arm that the Apex was indicating to her as in Vodarara’s mind Asisiak was to top of the chain of beast’s on and around Imuchakk.

Vodarara was swiftly further confused by the Chief who indicated in verbal form, she regarded a statement in teaching or showing him how to pick up a real Imuchakk Woman.
Vodarara didn’t really understand the true context of “pick up” but rather found himself confused by the chief wanting to explain how to lift a real imuchakk woman.
Vodarara turned his head the other way out of embarrassment and shame, with a light flush of blood pinking his face for being considered unable to lift something as brought his right hand to the top of his head and rubbed it for a short-while. Of course, the embarrassment shown could quite possibly have been taken a different way and maybe just maybe the Hunter would find time to question the Chief’s words out in the wilderness rather than ask further questions before they left the settlement.

Vodarara, of course returned back to glancing towards the Chief making partial eye contact as she started speaking once again. She commented on his way of speaking saying it was a bit odd but also complimented his knowledge, Vodarara would respond with a somewhat swift response.

“This One Thanks Chief… This One Try Better”

Vodarara wondered how their travel was to be, they would of course have to find out as nothing Vodarara knew of could perfectly predict the future.


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The signs of embarrassment made the chief smile as the teasing always brought a bit of pleasure to Asisiak, she wasn't necessarily a bully, but it was fun to tease her friends and the people she interacted with, though some people didn't always react to it kindly. However, with Voda she knew she could continue as from what she had seen the wild human seemed to be loyal to their tribes after having chosen to settle in these lands, and seemingly wishing to prove his loyalty to her.

While the wind howled in the background it would soon begin to carry the time as they walked forward and away from the village. Their trek would normally be filled with conversation at the chief's taste, but the wind had made it rather hard to hear one another for a long period of the walk. Much to her distaste did she trudge through the rising or falling snow as she would signal out to Voda when they made occasional detours in their path. She would make sure to keep close with her eyes turning to watch him as to make sure he didn't get lost, but also to see how he handled himself on the trek through the sudden wind storm that had buffeted them the entire way.

When the wind began to die down and the snow had stopped shifting the chief saw a small bit of forestry in the distance. With the opportunity to fresh tracks as well as converse she quickly turned to look at her fellow hunter. "I've seen a forest, and who knows what manner of beasts could have chosen to take sanctuary in this part of the tundra." Her voice was confident, but she had gotten a bit closer to speak quieter, it was better to be safe with the hearing capabilities of some of the animals out in the bush.

"I'm going to head straight over to that dense patch, from there we'll look for any tracks that might match beasts the tribes have been on the lookout for, like the supposed white mammoth."
Stopping her words for a moment she moved forward and looked into the forest some more as if she was looking already, and listening before she would continue. "If anything is still there, we'll kill it, and if we just find tracks or nothing we can set up camp."

After her plan was finished the queen would check her bag and make sure she had her ropes, and spear ready incase a random beast or even the unexpected human behind one of the trees. As she approached the border of the forest she would start to crouch, muffling her steps as even her breath seemed to stop the mind of the huntress had taken over Asisiak as she would turn her head only once to see if Voda was following, or if he had chosen to do his own thing. Her large hands would reach out into the branches first, pushing it to the side with just a bit of force before slipping into the bristly green pines.

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The wind began to howl and beat as they traversed through the tundra, it did not seem to have an apparent effect upon the Chief. Though it was understandable she was Imuchakk and she was far more powerful than this mere howling wind, Vodarara on the other hand felt the buffeting against his fur’s as he tried to use gully’s in the snow to give him as much protection as possible to prevent the wind from slowing down his travel to much. It was of course important to keep a view on the Chief at all times but he also had to do his best to match her pace thus he had to use the environment to his benefit.

Vodarara, followed her signal’s as she dictated their path through the tundra and a fair while later the howling dissipated and thus the ever changing tundra settled on its new shape. Ahead of them lay boreal forest, it seemed this is where the Chief sought her hunt and at the very least the forest would provide protection from the beating wind should it return.

The chief, finally seemed to be able to speak again as she declared her spotting of a forest. Vodarara’s eyes were keen but he still nodded to the chief who had turned to face him, declaring that it was sanctuary within this part of the tundra which was also correct. Her voice, however was not booming like it did before a much subtler tongue as she communicated with the hunter.

She declared her intention she wanted to head straight into the most dense part of the forest. She mentioned that they would look for tracks that matched the descriptions of the creatures the tribes had been looking for even mention a white mammoth. It seemed she was eager to hunt and slay as she stated her intention to kill anything still in there, such a method did not exactly follow Vodarara’s methodology of extremely targeted hunting, though he could already imagine how hungry the Chief was given her appetite.

As such Vodarara quietly began seeing to stringing his bow, stamping the snow a few times to compact it so that he could set the bow and string it with further ease. Pulling in the bow’s arms taught as he looped the rampaging unicorn hair bowstring into place, of course Vodarara did not imagine himself using the bow but it was worthwhile to have it ready as he held it in his left hand.
In his right hand he took his Kukri, it would be useful for marking a path in the forest should sections become to dense to find a way out as well as for engaging in melee combat should it come to that.

Vodarara would not follow directly behind the Chief, after all that would be a waste they needed to be spread from each other to best find tracks and markings of creatures and thus Vodarara set Shevika between them waving the Rabbit-Wolf off to about a 15 metre gap between Asisiak and a 15 metre gap between Vodarara thus making Vodarara roughly 30 metres from the Chief as they closed towards the forest.
The huntsman did wonder why she turned her head once and only once, maybe she doubted him or wanted to know his exact location or the many other things that she could be considering after all she was somewhat of a mystery.

Vodarara’s intention once he entered the forest was to take a slightly higher ground. This would give his eyes the best vantage to be able to scan both the ground as well as the surrounding tree’s front and then back once he passed the front. He would use both his great balance and his eagle like eyesight, to traverse where he could from a better vantage point. Of course, he would attempt to keep track of both Asisiak and Shevika as he needed to maintain the spread of the formation, he had formed.


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The sound of wind and snow was lost among the trees as they transitioned into the forest with the chieftess taking note of Vodara's movements she would give him a single hand signal just to say to keep his eyes open, also for them to be quiet at the moment and communicate via hand signs if anything is needed. Asisiak lowered herself crouching down knowing that her large stature was easy to see if she didn't try to hide at all. It wasn't that she knew that there was anything nearby it was more than she couldn't be sure just quite yet.

The beasts would be useful in tracking but animals could evade each other after all so she began to look around the ground, tracks would be good but her main focus was broken branches or destroyed foliage. Her eyes took note of the size of any broken sticks she saw, nothing big yet only small branches and one or two scattered which suggested it was treed dwelling rodents or other animals that would eat the nuts on the trees, especially the birds would go for the pines she remembered. Her eyes would motion to Voda occasionally, but just enough to where he was in the corner of her vision so she could see any hand signs he might make while she herself looked for signs of beasts.

Stagnant air arrested the forest in a state of placid stillness time seeming to be of no concern as she stood up and taking a rag she blotched it against something glistening that she had seen on the bark of a pine tree when the sun had hit it. The pungent, vinegary scent of animal urine, but it the warmth of it burning in her nose let her know that it was fresh. She wasn't sure what animal it belonged to, but something had most definitely marked its territory here recently.

Her eyes turned to Voda and she held out her hands, making signs for urinating, wild beast, and finally crossing both her eyes to signify that she didn't have sight or sign of whatever had done so. After that, she waited to see if Voda signed anything back knowing that his view from a higher angle would let her know if something was stalking up on her.

The eerie lack of tracks or undisturbed undergrowth and snow made it the question of how the animal had made it around without leaving a trace but was still able to mark its territory, Made even more so by the possibility that it was still nearby and might be unhappy about visitors.

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Vodarara kept Asisiak in his peripheral vision as he observed her lower herself to try to depress her visibility in the ever increasing density of foliage. Her hair was the most visible thing of course, though its blue nature was muted by some snow in the branches.

Vodarara himself didn't find any signs as he worked at height where he could, maybe his area was fairly barren of creatures and they others may have been having more luck stumbling upon the beast trails that lurked this and every wilderness.

Vodarara came to a complete halt as Asisiak raised her hand and made more handsignals in his direction that she had discovered something in the undergrowth as Vodarara observed her to understand her intentions.

As Vodarara gathered and broke down the signals that were sent to him, he began slowly scanning the environment look for any additional signs that he could spot from his position and if he did manage to spot or find anything that drew his attention he would return sign to the High Chieftain.

Vodarara's eyes would scan the wilderness looking for anything lurking within the shadows as he attempted to locate anything between any of his current companions, after all Vodarara wanted to avoid anyone disappearing and never being seen again within this wilderness.


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It was peculiar as the air sat still with no sounds filling the air or Asisiak's ears were her own breaths and the sounds of her feet crunching against the snow as she followed around the tree wondering if whatever it was might still be around the tree and hid as soon as Voda and the chieftess had made themselves known to the denizens of the forest. While the fear of finding nothing on a hunt always existed the marking of urine and pure silence made her even more sure there was something to be found.

Wanting to investigate a bit more she crouched down and brushed away some snow to look in the underbrush, it would be visible to Voda that she was on the ground now looking around for things or rather signs of something. Since she had trailed a bit away to look around the tree she slowly made her way back, brushing off snow and checking the undergrowth, but as she parted the undergrowth that surrounded the trunk she was met with peering yellow eyes that glimmered, in the same way, a feline would in the dead of night, However, this would only last for a second as it would soon dash out.

However, despite the thick, knee height white creature rushing past the chief rather aggressively she only moved to stand up and get out of its way and instead kept her eyes on it.

In her mind, she knew that Voda would be watching both her and the sudden beast, but she chose to mouth to Voda to give him a bit of insight. "It's a cub."

Having communicated the info the best she could she chose to follow after the beast soon after knowing that it would most likely lead them to its den. With a cub big as this one she would feel no problem taking out its parents or any animals that they would find as a result of following it, after all, it was larger and marking territory by itself which meant that mommy or daddy would be out getting food.

With everything in mind she kept a consistent pace, staying no more than 10 meters away from the best so she would be able to see where it was going, but also so that she could suddenly dip and take cover behind a tree. Though if there was any real threat or things needing observation she could handle herself, and there was always here eyes from above. With him following from above she believed that they would be able to take home a good bounty so long as they don't lose track of their meal ticket.

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The air sat still and the lack of significant sounds within the environment was also concerning. After all, with the forestation the huntsman would have hoped to have maybe caught the occasional cracking of a branch but this boreal forest was eerily quiet.

Vodarara himself stopped his movement when the Chief stopped hers as he provided a form of overwatch from his vantage point above scanning through the limited visibility in the area surrounding the Chief and Shevika. There was always the possibility of the hunter becoming the hunted after all and this most certainly wasn't their turf.

Vodarara would be alerted by movement from the Chief as she moved her head in his direction and through the obscurment of the branches tried to indicate something, likely tracks or prey.

As she led the hunt, Vodarara would remove himself to a position that normally was filled the roles of his companion's during his hunts. The watcher, the individual or individual's that overwatched the area and situation looking out for changes or unexpected encounters.
Vodarara, of course would try his best to keep pace though he may find difficulty given his more unique positioning.


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