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Next Stop Balbadd (Travel)

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Minku had just stepped outside of Tao’s territory. A little past mid day. The scenery was gorgeous. Minku Jaht was a long way from the Plains and the sight of mountains and valleys as far as the eye could see reminded him of that daily. A brisk wind blew. Any harder and a mountain Goat could be lifted off of its path. Add how close the sun felt from the altitude you’d be able to prep and cook your meal all in one. Minku Jaht continues his track down the mountain, after only stopping briefly to take in Nature’s work. Bird songs echoed through the valley. Minku Jaht hummed a tune, causing the birds to sing more frequently and louder. Eventually some even came flying around him, wanting to get a look at the musician that had been adding to their songs.

Minku Jaht was tired. He’d only reached the first stop of his journey, yet his body ached from head to toe. A split second thought ran across his mind. “It May be time for me to invest in a Mount of some kind.” A horse would assumed to be the ideal stead for these kinds of journeys. How Minku Jaht felt some kind of magic mount would probably be better.

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Eventually the mountain range thinned. Minku Jaht looked over his shoulder to see them getting farther away. He puffed on his pipe, while adjusting his body back to its right position. He walked along a ridge that extended from the mountain. It ran along the coast. The ocean breeze felt good as it began to blow. The waters crashed against the ridge. A few drops of water managed to make it up to the ridge. Minku Jaht moves closer to the edge to allow the water to drop onto his head, cooling him down. “Right on time. Thank Yah.” Minku Jaht moves back to the center of the ridge. He hadn’t noticed there weren’t any wildlife around him. Not even a birds nest on the upper ledges of the ridge.

Time progressed slowly. Seconds turned to Minutes. Minutes turned to Hours. Hours turned into Days. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. The mountainous environment had been replaced by a large jungle thicket. Minku Jahts water canteen had run dry. This was no problem the Jungle hosted a giant river right through its center. Using his skills Minku Jaht was easily able to find the river. He moved branches and leaves from the large plant life out of his way. It was far more humid here than the plains of Magnostahdt or the Mountains of Kou. Once the river came into view there was a little dingy floating in the water.

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The closer Minku Jaht got to the water the more he could see inside. Inside a large burly man laid slumped. His snoring got louder and louder as his dingy floated down the river. Minku Jaht didn’t say a word. He just watched with a slightly amused look on his face. The snoring reminded him of someone he knew back in the Plains. As the dingy continued to float down the river, once out of sight, Minku Jaht kneeled to refill his canteen. The cool flow of the stream felt good against Minku Jahts skin. His bear skin cloak often made him feel hotter than he needed, so breaks at rivers, streams, ponds, lakes or whatever body of water he could find were plentiful.

After his canteen was full Minku Jaht continued in the direction the dingy floated in. Minku Jaht walked until he saw a small shack. There was a sign sticking out of the water near the shack that stated. “Balbadd. 3 miles ahead.” The shack looked like it had been upkept. Minku Jaht noticed the dingy he’d seen. It was tied to a small makeshift dock. He continued on his way towards Balbadd.

Word count: 651/600

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