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Helping The Jaguar Tribe

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1Helping The Jaguar Tribe  Empty Helping The Jaguar Tribe on 08/02/19, 08:45 pm

Helping The Tribe:

@Solomon's Proxy wrote:Job Name: The Hunt
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Jade Montains
Job Reward: 3,000 Huang, 50 exp
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: The tribe has gotten low on meat. Go hunting for bison, or whatever you can find in the area too help feed them.

Job Name: Collecting Supplies
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Jade Mountains
Job Reward: 3,000 Huang, 50 exp
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: The tribe has gotten low on supplies. They are in need of things such as medical plants, berries, firewood etc. Do what you can or take a tribe member with you to know what to properly collect.

Job Name: Eat and Rest
Job Rank: D
Job Location:Jade Mountains
Job Reward: 50 exp, 3,000 Huang
Chain Reward: 50 exp, 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: Now that the tribe has been taken care of help prepare the feast. Among completing that rest and talk with one of the elders as you enjoy a meal and wisdom for your journey. After that rest with the tribe and you may go on about your journey.

Early dawn. The birds sung their morning songs. The wind blew slightly too carry their tone. Minku Jaht was up early. Walking the tribal grounds. His first thought was to go to the meat locker. There was a stream where the Jaguar tribe stored their food. The meat they would salt and wrap in leaves. After that they secured the leaves by tying them down with string. From there they built a storage in the stream using rocks, branches, and twigs. This kept the fish from picking at it. Around it traps were set for any pesky animal that would try to rumage through it.

The animals in the area have learned their lesson and know to keep away. Every now and again the tribe would find a critter of two in their traps. They never trapped any big game, as they are the ones to normally get away to see another day. Minku Jaht reaches the stream just as one of the tribesman were checking the locker. ”What does the locker look like young hunter.” Minku Jaht said as he walked closer. “We have but 1 carcass in the locker Elder Jaht.” He nodes. ”I figured such a thing. I’m going to see what I can find.” Minku Jaht begins to walk away from the storage.

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2Helping The Jaguar Tribe  Empty Re: Helping The Jaguar Tribe on 08/02/19, 10:53 pm

Word count:217

Minku Jaht found his way out of the thicket and back to the rocky terrain of the Jade Mountains. He began scanning the ground for track marks from any animal. After a quick survey his search came up empty. He continued his search stopping every so often at spots he thought good game would be hiding. Each time he would come up empty. Minku Jaht began to think his search was going to end up a futile one. Suddenly from the bush he heard a noise. Minku Jaht figures he was in luck and gripped his weapon. A moose came running from the bush. It looked scared like it was being chased by another predator.

Minku Jaht drew his tomahawk and right when the moose ran past he sliced at its legs. The moose welded in pain. Hitting the ground with a large thud. Minku Jaht sliced vertically at its throat slicing its jugular. “Rest well and Yhank You.” Suddenly a panther burst from the thicket. Minku Jaht was taken slightly by surprise thinking it had given up its hunt. The panther managed a blow on the back left shoulder of Minku Jaht. He rolled forward to avoid anymore attack’s. “Impressive for a average panther. May we enjoy this battle to the death.” The panther lunges at Minku Jaht.

Word Count: 436

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3Helping The Jaguar Tribe  Empty Re: Helping The Jaguar Tribe on 09/02/19, 11:35 pm

In a split second Minku Jaht broke down the Panthers Frame. It was young. Not so young that it would have just broke away from its mother. This panther looked to have faced a few summers. There would be no room for error here. When the Panther lunges at Minku Jaht, he jumps back. Jaht hides his hand behind his back as he rushes the panther. He then swings his arm in a surprise attack that sweeps horizontally across the target. The panther raises up thinking it would easily be able to pounce. Only to get struck down. Minku Jaht inhales then exhales. He cleans his blade, before grabbing each carcass and dragging them back to the meat locker. By the time he got back it was mid day.

Word count 565
Job Name: The Hunt : Complete

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Mid Day. Word Count: 565

“Minku Jaht you’ve returned. What a find you have brought back with you as well.” One of the boysterous elder hunters says as Minku Jaht approaches him. Minku Jaht squints and sighs. “Yes the Almighty has blessed me with a good hunt.” Minku Jaht smiles at his own reply. He takes the panther and moose carcasses to the prep stations. That’s when he notices the the firewood is low. He knew that his efforts were more to help the elders. This would last them and the children until the hunters gathered. “I shall get firewood.” He called out to anyone who could hear.

“I shall accompany you Minku Jaht!” Shouted the elder hunter from before. He had just barely heard Minku Jaht. “I welcome the company from a elder of your time.” It was true though his approach in the beginning Minku Jaht didn’t favor. “What wisdom could I expect from you.” Minku Jaht thought to himself for a moment. “What is your name Elder?” The elder huntsman smiles at Minku Jaht. “My name is Monk young Minku.” The two continues to walk. Monk mostly did the talking though. They did not lose sight of the mission. Soon they’d find themselves at a pond with powerful looking trees. There were various herbs as well as berries scattered around.

Total Word Count: 783
Word Count: 218

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5Helping The Jaguar Tribe  Empty Re: Helping The Jaguar Tribe on 10/02/19, 12:32 am

“I came here with you for you to chose between one of these three. The firewood isn’t needed at the moment. There is enough stew from what you brought.” Minku Jaht looked surprised and confused. “Obviously I came here for the firewood. So I must chop down some trees.” The elder hunter burst out into laughter. “Let me show you something.” The elder walked to the edge of the pond. At the edge of the pond were patches of grass floating atop the water. “This is what is needed most. It is known was bubble grass. It is a herb that heal our ailments.” Minku Jaht reaches down and picks up the grass looking herb. There were budded pieces on the plant.

“One of the elders is in pain from a recent battle. We are few in number and Minku Tao is our mightest Warrior. We use this to ease those pains, as his wounds heal.” Minku Jaht wasn't that surprised he had noticed this before the elder had said anything. The two of them collected some of the bubble grass in a pouch. As they did hunters started to comb the area. “Just in time. Game such as bears and mountain lions like to come hunting a little later after mid day.”  Minku has wondered why no bears or larger animals like that were showing up. “Let’s take these back to the shamans, so they may prepare the medicines.” Minku Jaht and the Elder Hunter walked back to the tribal grounds. “You know you remind me of Minku Tao in a way. I could see that you two would have gotten along with one another has children.”  That’s when Minku Jaht truly began to wonder how old the man was. They arrived at the shamans tent and dropped off their pouches. “We shall let you have some of the seeds and a few vials of medicine for your troubles.” said the elder hunter.

Total Word Count: 1,107 Job Name: Collecting Supplies : Complete
Word Count: 324

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“Follow me Minku Jaht.” He followed the elder out of the shamans tent. “I must tell you. Simply from what you have shown me and from what I have seen. Your people come from a strong lineage. I can see you are intelligent. So what is your purpose in being here?” Minku Jaht felt proud by the compliment. He felt as if he’d made his people proud. This caused him to smile. The two of them walked through the common area, as Minku Jaht replied. “I wish to create open communications between us, the tribes who focus on our core beliefs and shy away from societies norms.” The Elders face perked.

“If that is the case I ask that you send us help. I ask for more Hunters or Warriors.” The elder had no time for games or beating around the bush. Minku Tao was in great need of assistance. As it stood the elders were worried of the tribes longevity. “When return to you all on my journey I will do my best to bring you help.” The Elder smiles. “Words are sworn by blood in our custom.” Minku Jaht laughs. “As in ours.” The elder laughs as well. The two clasp forearms, shaking hands. “Now to cut up today’s game to help the cooks.” As he said that the two had arrived at the preping area.

Total Word Count: 1,335
Word Count: 228

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The hunters had done well in today’s hunt. There were all manner of beast the mountain had to offer among them. There was a section in which some skinned the animals. While in another the chopped their limbs and gutted them. Normally each person or group for that matter had a certain section to work, however due to Minku Jaht being there they had become a little more lax. Minku Jaht chose to help chop the limps. He was accurate with his strokes. Hacking away limb by limb having good portions of meat on each cut. After that was done Minku Jaht was led to the baths by a priestess After cleansing himself Minku Jaht was led to the Elders Table.

Total Wors Count: 1,456
Word Count: 121

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Minku Tao arrived at the table shortly after. “You see Minku Jaht. Minku Tao was up before the rise of the sun. And just now returns.” Minku Jaht nodded it was something he had noticed none the less he figured Tao was on it himself. “When we run low on our supplies his days become longer in order to provide more, you see. We ask for help in order to help him focus more on being a presence for the children.” The tribe has long since gathered for the feast. In anticipation of the visiting Minku. Minku Tao stood with grail in hand. “Minku Jaht has come from the plains in order to open communications, with tribes like ours. The traditional and less focused on advancement. He has convinced me that we will not be lost to time. To do that we must help one another progress.” The tribe began to speak amongst each other. Minku Tao along them to do so. “Tonight we will feast and on his word as a Minku we will get what help we need.” Spoke up the elder hunter. The crowed of people quickly hushed.

“What my father said.” Everyone smiles and laughed feeling more comfort in their words. The Elder hunter was once Minku and was far more warming than his son. However different times had called for different measures. The feast began. Laughing, Talking, instruments, and songs could be heard ringing through the mountains through the night.

Total Word Count: 1,701 Job Chain Complete
Word Count: 245 Job Name: Eat and Rest : Complete

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