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The Wanderer from the Plains [Kill Viable/Open]

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Introduction Post

Minku Jaht drug his feet across the dirt path he walked, eventually coming to a stop. He looked upon the sun judging the time from its position. He pulled out his bone pipe, something he would remake every so often to ensure freshness. Minku Jaht loosened one of the drawstrings on a small hindskin pouch on his hip. The musky stench that has been trapped in the bag released itself. Minku Jaht loaded his pipe with a green herb. He struck a match against his poncho before bringing the flame to the cup of his pipe. He took three deep puffs, holding his breath on the last. About a minute passed and he released the smoke from his lungs. A calming feeling overtook his body, and various small pains he’d been feeling from his constant travel, disappeared. He dumped the ashes. Blew into his pipe and continued his journey. Putting his pipe away and resealing his pouch as he walked.

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While on the look for Slavers Knuckles had taken a small path often traveled by people coming and going the mountain areas. While on this path in the distance he could see a figure about 25 meters up ahead. Wondering what they were doing and who they were the young warrior would move towards them. As Knuckles would come into sight it was clear he was of the Fanalis race by his bodies build and his hair color, though what often would throw people off was the emerald green hues which some would take as a sign of him being either half breed or just human with good genetics and a strong body. Of course though he was a full blooded Fanalis, just happen to have a mutation with his eye colors something rare but not unheard of. After all in his time he had met a Fanalis who had white hair and pale skin, but most of his kind he had met were usually red hair and eyes. Another notable figure about Knuckles was the vast amount of weapons and magic items he carried on his person. There was the warrior class weapons he had, his A tier bronze sword, and of course the B tier shield in which it would lay in. The shield was the sheath for his blade, both kept on his left forearm strapped in. They were both easily accessible at a moments notice and wearing the shield like this allowed him the use of his left hand while defending with the shield and kept his sword at a place he could grab quicker than if it was on his back or side due to being able to bring beth arms together. Paired with these items was his new water blade,The Surging Tide. Though in it's current form it was just a hilt in red leather with a handle guard the tassel was secured and wrapped  attached to his hip on the left side.   Of course his right side wouldn't be bare because his assassin items came into play next.  On his right arm a glove like contraption that fired off darts was strapped from his wrist up to his forearm. One the strap were small darts ready to be fired with one already in the chamber.  On the Upper right side of his back a large 1 meter by 1 meter solid yo=yo rested on his back near the shoulder. The handle in which he held it in potion right to the side of his head were he could reach over and free it from the strap on his back which held it down and in place.   From his neck a gem stone attached to a necklace which was also a magic item but something he hadn't had a chance to use just yet.   To match the flashy items he wore a red and black shirt which didn't button however his torso was covered with his Reim style cream white robe like top and a pair of matching loose flowing pants secured with a black wrapped belt around his waist and white wraps at his ankles finished off with a simple pair of black shoes.  

Most thought he was either crazed or stupid to walk around with all this, but for him it was his combat load something he was use in most fights more than not. With everything as is he was content with his weight load and even though of getting a back to fit more weapons and items with him.  As he  got closer to the man he could smell and off putting smell coming from him, even though he was about 10 meters away his fanalis noise was keen to picking up smells. It was awful to his nose, but he'd eventually get used to he he guessed. With the man now within clear sight Knuckles would use his other senses to ensure there was no trap, but even if there was he was quick enough to deal with it as a Veteran Fanalis warrior.

"Greetings, are you okay?" He'd yell out altering the man to his prescience if he didn't already see him since they were  coming from opposed directions.

Name: Glaciolus
Tier: D
Type: Magic Item - Necklace
Magic Type: Ice
Appearance: A Necklace with turquoise gem embedded in the center and a chain that is shaped like antlers. The magic circle is hidden behind the gem.

  • Frozen Horn ~ When infused with magoi, the magic circle behind he gem will shine and make the gem glow a white light. The user would need to point at the targeted area to produce this antler shaped ice which will grow up to 5 meters away from the user with 30cm long branches. The enemy would be immobilized for 1 post upon contact with the antlers - 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Name: Surging Tide
Tier: C
Type: Magic Weapon - Sword
Magic Type: Water
Appearance: When its function is not activated, this blade appears only as the handle, guard, and tassel. The guard is dark steel, the handle wrapped in red leather, with the tassel being a piece of simple cloth. The magic circle is engraved on the circular butt of the hilt from which the tassel is secured.

Wave Blade - Feeding magoi into the handle causes a 1.2m long blade of compressed and highly pressurized water to emerge from the hilt. This water blade acts almost like its a solid and can deal C-tier damage. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.


Name: Short Sword
Tier: A
Type:Short Sword
Material:Bronze and steel.
Appearance: The blade is a shiny decently sharpen the blade, the bronze in its creation gives it an off brown color while the Steel gives it a nicer finish to the look. The Hilt is 10.16cm(4 Inches) in length leaving the blade to be 40.64 cm(16 inches), combining them into a total of 50.8 cm( 20 inches. ) The leather is wrapped around hilt to absorb the shock of impact from crashing into things.  The sword awaits usage in a black leather sheath which hangs from the waits of the user.


Name: Bronze Sheild
Type: Sheild
Material: Two planks of wood glued together with leather and rawhide covering. Cased in a bit of Bronze.
Appearance: The Sheild is oval in shape, leather stained with a red color acts as a trimming of the center bronze part of the shied. The Sheild in 51 CM from the center to every edge. Handles on the back that allows the user to either hold it hands or slide on forearms while holding with off hand. In the center, there is a space between the bronze plate and wood where one may house a sword or trap weapon which might fit in the spaced during combat.

Crimson Comet:

Name: Crimson Comet
Tier: A
Type: Trick Weapon: Yo-Yo
Material: Steel and Iron for the chain.
Appearance:Two red steel circles cast together by a single steel pole in the center of each Circle steel plate. Bolted and screwed together. In the center pole, an Iron chain is wrapped around it with another set of chains to make the handle that would be represented as the "Finger loop".  Steel blades within the steel plates come out once the Giant yo-yo begins to spin in the fashion of use.  The yo-yo stands 1 meter tall and wide, the iron chain which would be like the string would be 5 cm width chains, the length of the chain was 10 meters.   Each blade of the was 15 cm in length and 3 cm in width.

Dart Gun:

Name: Silent Dragon
Tier: A
Type: Springloaded Dart GUn
Material: Mostly basic metals such as aluminum, and steel.  Leather and cloth
Appearance:It is a glove of leather wrapped in dyed clothes, with sewed symbols. The cloth is red in color with black and gold sewings.  Metal Knuckles guards and the spring fired dart chamber, The Chamber for the dart is on the top of the glove just a little behind the wrist. It is nailed into place with small nails. The chamber is 8 centimeters in length holding a single dart at a time. Reloading of another dart is as simple as sliding another into place.
Ammunition Material: Aluminum
Ammunition Appearance: A small thumb tack sized dart made of steel. It is about 7 centimeters long and weighs 18 grams, the dart is black from the tip of the dart to the flight.


The Wanderer from the Plains [Kill Viable/Open] D2dcXHF
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Minku Jaht could notice the gleam of metal in the distance. Not only that, but in general he saw a man dressed in a red and black robe. This caused Minku Jaht to slow his pace. Though it did not show he had become alert. He was unfamiliar with the ways of the people outside of the various tribes. This itself accompanied by the various battles between the major powers of the world created a rift between Minku Jahts people and the world. Before Minku Jaht was with 20 meters he removed his pipe and loaded a partially dry and partially sticky substance into his pipe.

He did not light the tobacco, but held the pipe in his mouth as if he were smoking it. His left arm visible. Not his right. Tactically speaking he was at an advantage. His weapon was hidden in his right hand, which he had positioned behind his back within 15-20 meters of the unknown man. What alerted him more was when the man, whom appeared to be a fanalis stopped on the path to speak to him at roughly 10-13 meters. Between him leaving his tribe to now he’s yet to talk to anyone in this manner.

Minku Jaht looked over the man, now that he was closer. He could see he was young and from the looks of his attire he was far to flashy. Something Minku Jaht learned early could cost him in the long run. Minku Jaht continues to walk. Debating whether or not to answer the question. In the end he decided not to. Minku Jaht got one step behind the stranger. He pulls a match from under his bear skin poncho. Fluently without a wasted movement Minku Jaht strikes the match. Jaht's chest swells as he smokes the entire pipes contents in one go before unleashing it all as a dense smoke cloud. The earthy yet harsh aroma of tobacco fills the air as the cloud spreads and forms a 3m radius haze. This thick bubble of smoke will linger for 1 post if undisturbed and limits visibility to 2m. Inhaling the smoke induces a light-headed feeling and dizziness for 1 post after end of exposure. He continues to walk.


Stamina: 100

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The person before him would simply ingore him and lit up his pipe. He'd assume the man was not needing of any help, as he blew out a large cloud of smoke that took over 3 meters, Knuckles was safely out of the smoke and he was glad this was the case. Then the man would start walking once more passing through his own smoke distrupting it. As THe man started to walk Knuckles would shrug as the man didn't seem like the slave owner or slaver type. He'd just stand tere turnig his head and following the man as he walked on once the man would walk past him Knuckles would keep on his way to walk in his own direction which was the opposite of the man who smoked from his pip. Before reaching the smoke Knuckles would swing his hands with A tier force to fully push the smoke away as he walked away.


The Wanderer from the Plains [Kill Viable/Open] D2dcXHF
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The man did not understand that was meant as a sign of peace. Minku Jaht looked over his shoulder to see his smoke being pushed away. It hurt his heart to see. Of course the man was far more equipped from the looks. Minku Jaht did not care, he would drop the traveler where he stood, but chose to wait until they met again. When that day comes Minku Jaht would attack the man without hesitation. However Minku Jaht knew fate worked in mysterious ways with such things. Minku Jaht looked away all the while continuing to walk. The sun indicated it was mid-day.


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