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An old Friend [Training]

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1 An old Friend [Training] on 28/04/14, 10:48 am

Cold. Not the cold caused by the white flakes that fell from the sky… what were they called again? Snow. The cold was similar, though. Wet, borne on wind, blowing spray into any open windows that could be found. Even though these apertures were closed, Liam could still feel the chill on his skin, though the room was slowly getting warmer. he lay on a bed, his eyes staring at the ceiling, her mind on the contents of the room: a table, a cupboard, some other unnecessary items, and of course, the bed. he had tried before, and he had seen that it was quite possible for him to lift these things with his magnetic ability though at the present time, he could only lift a maximum of three objects. he closed his eyes…

… and the bed was slowly lifted up from the floor. he was still lying on it, though he somewhat didn’t feel her weight on it. That being the case, he was certain it was possible for him to levitate herself, as well as whatever other objects he could lift with his mind… even if he was the fourth object. ”Weightless…” he muttered softly, as the table slowly rose to join the bed in mid air. he sat up and watched the table, making it float around her bed with her powers. It was the cupboard that would pose a little problem, being the third item and perhaps one of the heaviest. Sometimes, she found her psychic grip on the third object slipping, though he was mastering the act quickly. Slowly, he crossed his legs beneath him, glanced once at the cupboard, and willed it to rise, as his gaze drifted back to the window. It rose, alright, with a lot less difficulty than he had anticipated. For a few minutes, he moved the floating objects back and forth, feeling pleased that he had finally gotten the hang of this. But now, the hard part of the training would begin.

First, he would try her luck on something little. he looked around. There was a cup on a shelf at the far end of the room. he reached out to it, and instantly felt the cupboard slip from him grasp. With haste, he caught it, letting go of the cup, which discouragingly made hardly an attempt to move. When he was certain that the cupboard was stable, he decided to focus on herself instead. Slowly, he attempted to lift herself off the bed. It was very shaky at first, with every floating object wobbling dangerously, but somehow, he managed to get off the bed. She noticed that his eyes were actually shut, and so he opened them to take note of his progress. he was actually closer to the ceiling than he had expected. Looking down, she could see the other floating objects beneath her. With a smile, he dropped each of the items carefully, then floated to the table and set himself on it.

Moving his body around seemed quite an easy thing to do, but it was wise to test the limits of this newfound ability. He thought for a moment, then walked to the window and looked outside. The wind was still strong, but the rain had all but subsided. She quickly changed into his battle suit, wearing a jacket as the only extra protection she would need. Liam wasn’t afraid of the cold; He had fared against worse in Fortuna. Opening the window with her mind, she squeezed through it and jumped off the windowsill, into the rain and night air. She closed the window and propelled herself upward as fast as she could manage. Flying upwards at such a speed was exhilarating. Perhaps He now understood why most characters who had the ability to fly did so often. On and on he went, until she broke through the dark clouds that brooded over the earth, into a dark blue sky spotted with stars and a spectral crescent moon. He hugged his shoulders; it was really cold here and the air was quite thin. Perhaps he would fly this high once again, when the sun was up. Then, it would be easier to bear. Liam let go of himself and plummeted back through the clouds. Spreading out his hands, a rare grin on his face, he allowed himself a whoop as his powers kicked in again, his fall evening out into horizontal flight. He eventually drew to a stop and looked around. The city seemed much different from this point of view. He couldn’t find his house from here. Well, in time, he would get to know this place from this perspective. Flying much slower this time, he descended into the city, just to have a look around, before he would go home.

However, Liam and Jean would run into an old friend as Zygus and Lagi would walk out amongst the crowds. Greeting the two magic twins, Lagi would be a little curious as to why they were here. I know that you two were among the famous, I’m just not sure what your doing here in the first place. I hope that your not here for me, I been on my best behavior these few days. The twins laughed at the same time, with liam speaking up. “Well, we were just practicing our magic. We went to visit reim to eat some of your delicious meals, but you wasn’t there for quite some time. What exactly happened to you anyway? “ Lagi was silent for a while, he and Liam began to have a serious talk while his sister jean would play with zygus. “Look, I’m going through a lot lately. Its really been stressful as of late, reminds me of a hole that seems almost impossible to climb out of, you feel me?” Liam would nod as Lagi would continue to voice his opinions about the clan, along with his current issues that he has with his father.

What could Liam want with Lagi?

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2 Re: An old Friend [Training] on 30/04/14, 09:57 pm

As the two metal birds played with each other, Liam and lagi continued their talk with each other. “You probably didn’t hear about this, but I was exiled for a while now. My family doesn’t want me home because they think I don’t have any talent whatsoever, and ill never be a great dominance user. Its pretty harsh right? People are still disowning others in this day and age…” Liam  scratched his beard and whistled twice, it caused jean to stop playing and   bring out a small bag,  He then hands the bag to Hyde. “Were going on a trip, a lot of meditating to do this time. Do you mind coming? “ LAgi scratched his head as he looked on, he wasn’t too sure what this would even help with. “Well, I don’t have anything better to do. Maybe this is your way of trying to help me or something?”

For the next few hours , Lagi began viciously training his mind for the next month. Liam was doing the best that he could to help, trying to offer Lagi some piece of mind. It was like he knew the condition of Lagi’s Rukh, and feared that it might worsen.  He would have to focus completely, getting ahead in this world was all that he desired at the time. "I have not thought of a poem lately. Perhaps i should do so after i find out the solution to my problem. "As Lagi ventures outside to take a break, he notices that liam also decided to take a break  by the lake. It looked like Liam wasn’t finished meditating, he decides to sit next to the Liam and close his eyes. "You seek enlightenment once again, Liam? Meditation keeps your Rukh pure and white. Center your feelings and emotions…" "Yes Liam, I thought I already told you that. I seek to further my abilities; I have to get better somehow. I wish to become a member of the clan again, but at this level of skill.. i cannot hope to reach out to the truth…..this real power that my dad keeps talking about….the legend beasts. Maybe I need to find another one…" The truth, something commonly mentioned from Lagi and the elders of the El Nagi.  The truth is absolute, and one of the most things that the El Nagi clan consider absolute is the legend beats that walk the earth. There was also the Pallbearers that everyone wanted to capture, legend beasts with the potential to surpass their own legends.

Liam began to speak his wisdom to Lagi, hopefully lending a hand. "The Lifestream. That's what we call the river of life that circles our planet, giving life to the world and everything in it. Unsearchable, unreachable, and yet we are the closest ones to it, as beings of pure energy. Due to our connection to the life-stream, the river of rukh within ourselves is also never ending. We are able to expand Lagi, to overflow with the rich amounts of energy that is considered Rukh. We go beyond limits, as our mental training states, limits are only what we set for ourselves. Limits are also false, they serve as a blinding notation towards what you can and cannot do." This was new to Lagi, even the limits of a El Nagi member was proven to be a fabrication of their mind? However surprised Lagi appeared to be, there was some truth in his elders words. There should be no limits for anything is possible. "Ya… I hear you loud and clear Liam, we are beyond what we see. We are beyond what we taste, and we are beyond what we feel. Such human functions forsake us, for we exist in the higher plane. That is one of the quotes that the clan tries to live by. " The elder nods his head with a pleasing look on his face, and then proceeds to train Lagi, but it wasn’t as practical as one would thing. "Lagi, i shall now teach you to become one with the life-stream. Close your eyes, and imagine yourself as a flowing river."

Lagi done what he was told, he was a blue river. This river however, was small and contained by rocks, each one bigger than the next. "Liam, something is blocking my path. It’s not like I’m imagining it on purpose, it’s just how I feel when I’m trying to do this. " The elder chuckles for a bit. "Yes Lagi, those are the things that bind you. This is your own fabrication of limitations, this is your cause, and you’re doing. Release yourself; reveal what seems to be holding you back. “Within the contents of his mind, the first rock glows and Lagi reveals a bit of his troubles. It plagues me, just how did i come to be? Was i born or created, i had family, but did they really care about me? What is death to a clan member that’s not even dead, is exile the same as death? “Liam then proceeds to answer Lagi’s question with a frown, he was there when Lagi was exiled.  . "There is no death, you only become apart of what you was once a part of before. When the time comes, we return to the life-stream to continue the cycle. And we will return once more, if we are chosen once more to exist, the never ending cycle. To master the life-stream, is to be above the cycle. When this is achieved, death no longer exists...." This was something that was hard to accept, it wasn’t the answer that Lagi was looking for.

"I choose to be above the cycle, i will find a way. I exist to vanquish the lies and reveal the truth; such is the way of the El Nagi. People who can’t recognize their own cognitive failings—is there any way to get them to accept reality without wrapping it in deception? Then i shall break that deception, and free their souls. " The elder then gets up and looks down at Lagi. "You speak with much wisdom Lagi, your years are small buy your knowledge grows quite intensely. You grow every day, achieving your eyes that see the lies, and now becoming one with the life-stream. How far will you grow?" Lagi gets up and then smiles at the elder, he then looks around him, the snowy wasteland. Such cold had little effect on him, it was hardly felt. "None, there are no limits. Limits are an illusion that i just detached from my mind. As i detach all other doubts, it shall bring me closer to the life-stream. The ultimate feeling of understanding, the true essence of enlightenment, the realization of the final destination. For our purpose is not only towards the village leader, that is not the only purpose for those of a higher plane."

The Liam smiles and then walks away, going back to his hut. Lagi felt that he began to understand himself a little better, He began to understand his own way, not just as a ninja, but as an entity. The way of the life-stream, destroy what is false, and reach out to the truth. "There is alot of fake people out there..." Lagi turns his head towards the outskirts of the village. "Corrupt politicians, criminals... thieves..even friends that you think you can trust. So much of the world is against to, is it ok to see with your eyes. How can people learn to see with their mind? We are no different for we are all born of the life-stream. These evil people, who lie to the world.... what would happen if they themselves was caught in the fabrications of reality? Those that are false, will be overwhelmed with their lies. It will weigh their heart and erase their existence, and in the end.. they too....will join the life-stream. To begin a better person...." Lagi clenches his hands into a fist and begins walking back to his home, his heart still felt heavy. However, the increase of Lagi's mental strength has allowed him to handle his bird way better than before. Commanding Zygus with a little more authority will allow him to grow and have access to even more of his powers. "Come!" Zygus said goodbye to his older sister in some bird language as he flew immediately to lagi. After looking at lagi in his eyes, Zygus starts to lick his hand. "Guess youre not being so sassy huh? We got to head home, i'm tired of holding you back and letting you do all the work."

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3 Re: An old Friend [Training] on 01/05/14, 12:02 am

On his way home with Zygus, Lagi started to think about the time he went into the dungeon again. “I remember that day so well; it was like it all happened yesterday. I remember that the Djinn granted me something akin to a gift, it was an angelic brace. But that wasn’t the only thing that I found, isn’t that right Zygus?” Zygus nodded as they made their way back to the inn that lagi was currently staying; there was a snowy backyard as to where all of the horses were kept. Zygus would stay there sometimes when Lagi went out on errands, sometimes the store owners would feel a little intimidated when Zygus was around. That metal bird had a habit of eating metal objects in the store, and buying for these things were way too extra. “Well then, let check out this baby.” Lagi then pulls out the angelic bow that he found from within the dungeon, it was a lucky break that he managed to get his hands on it. “Even Zygus was a little shocked, he remembered the contents of the bow from when the angels were shooting at him. “LAgi then stared to play around with the bow, pulling the string and simulating the action of firing an arrow. “You see this Zygus? I’m going to use this exact bow to start helping you out, were going to be the ultimate team. Just you wait and see buddy, things are going to be very different from here on out. You can do the flying, and I can do some of the shooting. “Zygus made a bird sound in response to what Lagi said, but it sounded a little reassuring that his pet had some faith in him. In the meantime, Lagi continued to focus on firing practice shots from the bow.  Eventually, he started to run out of arrow, only hitting a few arrows on the mark.
“I think I need to work on my aim, but why can’t I do it?” Lagi wondered how they was able to make those arrows of light, it seemed to be an advanced archery technique that was only known to the angels. “Tch, it doesn’t matter to me! I don’t need the angels to teach me anything, limitations are only a false fabrication of the mind. If they can do it, I can do it too. Maybe I can even do it better! “With a newfound reassurance of his ability to handle the angelic bow, Lagi holstered it up and pulled back the string with confidence. Suddenly, the arrow of light started to form. Lagi took aim and fired the arrow; it completely demolished the practice board that Lagi was shooting arrows at before.

“Woah! Did you see that buddy? I just did it; I can form the holy arrows now!” Even though lagi was no magician, he has immersed himself in the ways of  how Holy energy works. One of the reasons why was the fact that he had a angelic bracelet, along with his friendly relationship with the light king. With all of that in place, these things seemed to come naturally after.  “Now that I can do this, it’s about time that I read this scroll I found at the market. This has plenty of strategies that could help us improve our teamwork, are you ready buddy?” Zygus nods as if he understood and readied himself as to what was going to happen again. He paid attention as if he was  a dog and lagi was holding a doggy treat in front of him. “While I read this, why don’t you have a snack?”

Lagi took out a plastic bag full of special metallic birdseeds; they had plenty of iron that metallic birds like to eat. After throwing half of the bags contents on the floor, Zygus happily started to dig in and eat. “Zy!! Brrr!” While Zygus was tending to his need of food while LAgi read the scroll he bought. ““Yabusame was designed as a way to please and entertain the myriad of gods that watch over the ninja world, thus encouraging their blessings for the prosperity of the land, the people, and the harvest. A yabusame archer gallops down a 255-meter-long track at high speed. The archer mainly controls his horse with his knees, as he needs both hands to draw and shoot his bow. As he approaches a target, he brings his bow up and draws the arrow past his ear before letting the arrow fly with a deep shout of In-Yo-In-Yo (darkness and light). The arrow is blunt and round-shaped in order to make a louder sound when it strikes the board. Experienced archers are allowed to use arrows with a V-shaped prong. If the board is struck, it will splinter with a confetti-like material and fall to the ground. To hit all three targets is considered an admirable accomplishment. Yabusame targets and their placement are designed to ritually replicate the optimum target for a lethal blow on an opponent wearing full traditional samurai armor (O-Yoroi) which left the space just beneath the helmet visor bare. Yabusame is characterized as a ritual rather than a sport because of its solemn style and religious aspects, and is often performed for special ceremonies or official events, such as entertaining foreign dignitaries and heads of state. Yabusame demonstrations have been given for the formal visits of hokage. A yabusame demons traction was given to many, who reportedly was fascinated and pleased with the performance. To be selected as a yabusame archer is a great honor. In the past, they were chosen from only the best warriors. The archer who performs the best is awarded a white cloth, signifying divine favor.” Lagi scratched his chin as he nodded towards the ideas that the Scroll brought up.
It was teaching him a way to ride on Zygus efficiently and fire arrows at the same time; this was the beginning of the Yabusame style. Ride archers were considered as Yabusame, it was a skill that Lagi wanted mastery over really soon. There were other sections of the Yabusame style, there was plenty of details involving leg movement while firing. It was an indication that you would have to focus on the targt at hand while constantly moving around.

“Many beginning runners want to lose weight, have more energy, and/or look better. Unfortunately, those are also the same objectives of most who join health clubs only to stop going after seeing little, if any, results in the first month. Go ahead and set a goal to run a 5K or other race at some point. It does not matter if you do not expect to win the race. For most of us, just finishing is enough accomplishment. The point is to set a goal beyond just losing weight and help you stay motivated. Chances are that once you run a race, you will be hooked! Hm.... this sounds like ill be running the ninja olympics. The marathon training pace you should choose should be whatever is comfortable for you and allows you to complete each training run. After beginning to run, you may find that you were born to run. You may also find that running is enjoyable and fun, but does not come easy. The pace you choose should allow you to complete your training runs which will lead to achieving your goal.

Do not set a time goal. Let me say that again. Do not set a time goal! At the most, think, “it would be nice to run” under a specific time. Why the heck would I not want to set a time goal? I know, I struggled with that idea as well, but here is why: Your goal is to successfully train for and finish a marathon or half marathon. As a non-runner, or even a veteran runner, you dramatically increase the likelihood of injury by demanding a set time during your training runs and the marathon or half marathon run. If you push yourself too much, then you may not even make it to the starting line on the big day, much less achieve your goal. What if you have a time goal and finish the race, but do not hit your time goal? How will you feel? Will you feel you have accomplished anything? Finishing a marathon or half marathon is an incredible feat that very, very few people in the world can say they have accomplished. Remember your goal. he Wall is the term used when runners reach a point where they have depleted their glycogen (which is converted from carbohydrates). It is kind of like running “on empty”. When glycogen is depleted, your body begins to depend on fat as the source for energy. This creates a transition within your body that initially causes you to have very little energy. How to avoid the wall is the common question. Proper training and nutrition (carb loading) can help to minimize your chances of reaching this point. The amount of time you are running is another factor. When hitting it, some runners find it difficult to run and sometimes even walk. If you reach this point, it is okay. Just know what is going on when it happens. It can be a traumatic experience at first because you literally feel empty as if you have nothing left. What do you do? Keep going! Your body will make the transition and you will push through “the wall” to the finish line.” This was an introduction to the cardio training that lagi had to perform as well. “Alright… i can squeeze in a bit of that as well...”

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4 Re: An old Friend [Training] on 01/05/14, 12:55 am

The jogs were long and excruciating; Jogging in the snow didn’t make it any better. However, this is what Lagi had to do if he wanted to be the best. The practice was needed, and he continued on with his skill set of firing holy arrows as he was running. Lagi was starting to get good; one can even say that doing all of this cardio was helping him become a better archer. If there was ever a time that he was separated from his beast, Lagi would have to be ready to act without him. It helped a great deal that the arrows that lagi had been already powerful; it didn’t matter if he was an amateur when it came to archery. After much training in the cold, LAgi finally finished and went back inside with Zygus. He felt a little different, but he felt as if there were plenty of more things that he has yet to achieve. “it’s about time that we made some changes around here, I should thank Liam for helping me out. “Lagi decides to head back up the hill early in the morning to talk to Laim about his recent success with his own life and skills. “Liam really helped me out; I don’t know how to thank him anymore. I’m not too sure why one of the advanced members of the El Nagi clan was here in the first place. After all of that practice, Lagi went inside the inn that he has been staying in for a while. He then falls asleep, leaning on Zygus . “Just a few minutes, don’t worry about me Zygus. “Zygus licked Lagi’s hair a few times as Lagi continued to go to sleep, Zygus was high on alert as he usually is. This was one of the moments where Zygus shows a very good trait, His overprotective attitude when LAgi is sleeping about. “Zy!” Zygus had a way of napping with one eye open, it was just in case that anyone decided to come inside of the room when Lagi was sleeping and unable to fend for himself in such a situation. Who would want to take on such a powerful creature anyway?

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