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Professional Profession

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1Professional Profession  Empty Professional Profession on 23/12/18, 10:44 am

Talent Scout.
Related Class:Warrior
Profession Title: Signing Agent
Description: This profession goes around finding Talent for the Reim Coliseum around the world. Finding Excellent warriors who are either already strong and good fighters or up and coming young fighters who show promise. Upon finding the perhaps next big name in the Coliseum Knuckles is paid for his scouting. (Adds 3k Huang on every Job affiliated with finding new talent.)
Profession Perks:

  • Information gathering: To find the new blood for Reim's arena one must first learn where the fights take place in each city and country he visits. Part of the job is gathering this information from brokers. This gives Knuckles information on underground events, big names in cities and countries and where most dojos are.
  • Paper maker: The Coliseum pays Knux monthly for his travel expenses and to treat the new talent to a night on the town. This gives Knuckles a Passive 20,000 Huang Per month.
  • Sponsor ship Discount: When purchasing a weapon Knuckles promotes the blacksmith's name and shop before and after each match, he either sets up or takes part in giving him a 50% reduction in cost.

Profession Title:
Description: Reim's fights are famous worldwide but are limited to being held in one spot all the time. To fix this Knuckles has agreed to help build other Arenas around the global and time them into the Coliseum's name. While constructing the arenas Knuckles goes to many establishments promoting the pros of having a coliseum near them. He also promotes fights in that area if an Arena is already built.
Profession Perks:

  • Who's Who: Being a promoter means Knuckles makes a lot of business calls in person. Often having to meet with the business owners to use their establishment to hold a Promotion party and to let them know they are having one. As a result, Knux has easier time meeting officials in power through the network he has built as a businessman.
  • Arena Manager: Having built the new Coliseums Knuckles has the power within it, he can pick and choose who fights where and who fights who. This allows Knuckles to take up to 3 Coliseum fighters from one Arena and move them as he travels gaining access to them and their abilities for 1 thread.[Useable once per month]


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2Professional Profession  Empty Re: Professional Profession on 30/12/18, 03:39 am

Primary Profession: Talent Scout

  • I do not believe passive income should be allowed for Professions. That being said, Paper Maker perk is declined. I'm not sure what it can be traded for instead unfortunately.
  • For Sponsor-ship Discount, I do not understand. Do you get 50% off on all weapons you buy regardless if it was made by another player or yourself? How exactly are you getting the discount if the NPC or player you originally received the discount from doesn't follow you from country to country as your character travels?

Secondary Profession: Promoter

  • Be sure to add the profession title next to it's corresponding bold section.
  • Bringing coli NPCs should only apply to those Knuckles has beaten and that his connection to powerful NPCs should only be available if he has done threads related to his profession in that region first.

I think that covers... as much as I can gather/find from what we discussed.


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3Professional Profession  Empty Re: Professional Profession on 30/12/18, 10:57 am

Lagi has passive income why can't i?? What even is the deal with not allowing it.

It's obviously from weapons i make and IF buy from and npc Why would I be sponsored by everyone i got a weapon from, it's like you have no c!he what a sponsor is lol.

Why would a promoter need to fight? Have you not seen a promo event ever? The fighters go around doing a Q and A before their fight. Then you know I kill everyone I fight so you want me to just not have this work too lol.


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4Professional Profession  Empty Re: Professional Profession on 30/12/18, 12:10 pm


Paper Maker - As you know, professions are under the scope. We have had a couple staff discussions on the subject and passive income perks are something we want to scrap. Other professions with the perk will be updated once we finalize all the changes.

Sponsorship Discount - The issue here is when dealing with the market making your own weapons. If you promote a blacksmith in Reim and then go to Kou, would your discount follow you even though the blacksmith did not?

You could adjust this so that you promote the weapons in threads rather than just matches. By promoting in 3 threads you gain that discount for while you are in that region. That sort of thing. We just want it to be more specific and make a but more sense IC.

Who's Who - Same with the discount, you should have to do some actual promotions in the region before you can get big name officials and stuff to attend.

Arena Manager - What new Coliseums did you build? Are there threads for this? Regardless, gaining 3 combat NPCs of basically any tier you want is too much of an actual combat advantage for a profession perk, even for just one thread per month.


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