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Making Noise 1-3

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1Making Noise 1-3 Empty Making Noise 1-3 on 17/12/18, 08:15 pm

Job Details:
Job Name:Mid War Hunting
Job Rank: B
Job Location:Kou
Job Reward: 200 XP 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:N/A
Job Overview: There have been rumors of small groups trying to gather power in the underground while the war is still raging one.  One of the rumored groups seems to be interested in people, rounding them up at night under the cover of the shadows. People have been going out trying to prevent the loss of anyone more people going missing but with the war testing the country apart they have been overtaxed since the start.

Two strangers hear of this, Diana Corvus a warrior who has fought in the war to try to fix this civil war, and Knuckles Shi a warrior from Reim who has come from this life. Tagging along with Knuckles is a strange boy fused of two minds into a single body who goes by Neph.

Both warriors seek to gather some information and find the truth on the missing people, while Neph seeks to make some noise along Knux to spread their names among Kou.

Enemies:  All NPC's use B tier Items for weapons and equipment.
Enemy Name: Shipment Guard [6 in total]
Enemy Tier:D
Damage Required to Defeat:C
Description:Rookies to the underworld lifestyle. They don’t know much but are trying to make it in this world. They lack basic combat knowledge and wield a small dagger.  They dress in dark clothing and usually guard a door of crates.

  • Stab: The user simply jabs their arm forward attempting to jab at their target dealing D tier Dmg.

Enemy Name: Partoling Guard [4 in total]
Enemy Tier:C
Damage Required to Defeat:B
Description:Guys who have been around for about 6 months to a year within the new up and coming gang. They’ve killed before, and know the basics of combat.  They wield crossbows usually from a high place and keep an eye out.

  • Sweeping Shot: The user fires two shots rapidly from their crossbow.  Each shot deals 1 D tier worth of damage with blunt bolts with a maximum range of 25 meters.
  • Altering Flare: If the user sees an unauthorized person within their structure they will fire 1 flare shot into the air to alert other members.  The Flare shot deal no damage to people or objects unless held in one's hands as it burns in which case would deal C tier burn damage...

Enemy Name:Reinforcement Guards[6]
Enemy Tier:C
Damage Required to Defeat:B
Description:When the alarmed is sound or a flare is shot these are the first guys to show up on the scene. They look like decent fighters using a Sword and Board fighting style taught by the Reaction Force Commanders. They all wield a short sword and tower shield.

  • Parry: The user uses their sword or shield to redirect one attack of C tier or lower into a different direction.
  • Block: The user lifts their shields to block up to 1 C tier ability or lower.
  • Shield Bash: The user rushed at C tier speeds slamming their shields into their opponent. This is often done with a teammate who performs the same skill.
  • Sharpen Press: The user uses their sword to quickly stab over their shield while using their tower shield as cover. The Attack Deals D tier Damage while blocking D Tier Damage.

Job Name:Making Noise II
Job Rank:B
Job Location:Kou
Job Reward: 200 XP 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Making Noise 1
Job Overview: After finding the on-site location The group has taken down the initial guarding forces but reinforcements are coming. The group of "heroes"  must fight through them or getaway to safety. It's clear at this point there is something worth finding here.

Enemy Name:Captain Guards.[4 in total]
Enemy Tier: B
Damage Required to Defeat:A
Description:Men in full suites of leather armor. They are in charge of each sections fo guards within the structure.  Each brandishes one spear while using arm bracers to combine attacks.

  • Spear Throw: The user throws their spear up to 10 meters away to stab their target. This deals B tier damage on hit.
  • Over Cover Strike: While keeping cover behind either a Guard with a tower shield or some structure which conceals their body, they reach over with the spear and stabs downward into their target dealing B tier damage.
  • Fleeing Call: If death or defeat seems likely the user will let out a signature call that would start to echo from each member within 30 meters. This call would alert the Ace’s of the group.

Enemy Name:Court Mage[4 in total]
Enemy Tier:C
Damage Required to Defeat:B
Description:Rouge Magicians wearing dark clothing wielding either a staff or small wand. They are paired up with the Captain’s Guard equal in rank and power.

  • Fire Bolt: The User chants the name of the spell before a sphere of fire is sent from their wand or staff out to a maximum of 20 meters.  The circle beam is only 10 cm in diameter. On hit, it will deal D tier damage and set the target ablaze for an additional post dealing another D tier of damaged.
  • Wind Wall: Chanting the name of the spell the user conjures a strong gust of wind in front of them in an upwards direction to block up to B tier worth of damage.  The Wall is 10 meters high and 5 meters wide.
  • Lightning Bolt: Channeling magoi into their staff or wand the user speaks the name of the spell before casting a bolt of lightning traveling at C tier speeds at the target for up to 20 meters.  The bolt of lighting is 3 meters long and 15 cm thick.  Upon contact, the use takes C Tier electrical damage applying arc burns on contact. If area hit is flammable it may catch fire, unless hitting a living creature.
  • Gift of Life: Channeling magoi and casting a green aura over a single person healing them for C tier per post. If Spell is disrupted the healing stops on that post.

Job Name:Making Noise III
Job Rank:B
Job Location:Kou
Job Reward: 200 XP 15,000 Huang
Chain Reward:  60,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Parts 1 and 2
Job Overview: Finally the courtyard is free of foes but they know their group is here. Move inside to seek out the slaves or whatever they are hiding in the base.  Beware though, many foes still lie ahead.

Enemy Name: Team Leader Sandy
Enemy Tier:B
Damage Required to Defeat:A
Description:A Very butch looking woman who sports shorts and a collared shirt. Her body is a canvas for her muscles.  She is a human who rivals the size of an Imuchuck and has the strength of a C tier Fanalis.

  • Flex: Flexing her muscles in a single limb she is able to increase the damage output of that limb by a single tier allowing her to deal A tier damage.  
  • Rage: With a violent scream the user bulks up a single limb blocking up to A tier worth of damage.
  • Suplex: The user grab ’s target within their reach of 3 meters and lifts them up into the air with both hands before leaping backward with them and slamming them into the ground for B tier worth of damage.

Enemy Name:Squad Leader Bucky
Enemy Tier:B
Damage Required to Defeat:A
Description:Bucky is a master bow’s man who teaches the long-range fighters how to use their crossbows. He is known for his thrill to hunt humans while off duty. He wears a dark green scheme of clothing with a dark hood. All his arrows res in a quiver like no other which hold a poison that induces rage. The Rage makes people lose their minds for 2 posts attacking whoever is nearest.

  • Rapid fire: The user fires 4 arrows each dealing C tier worth of damage to the target they hit, if all four hit the same target they deal A tier worth the damage.  Each arrow travels 25 meters.
  • Headshot: Finding his mark the user fires and single arrow flying at B tier speeds and deal B tier damage upon Impact. The Arrow has a max range of 30 meters.
  • Trap: The user places down a bear trap the is capable of applying B tier damage to the person who steps onto it fracturing the leg bone on the spot.

Enemy Name:Captain Dotty
Enemy Tier:A
Damage Required to Defeat:O
Description:The Captain is the leader of this compound, though his rank is nothing overall he takes his job very serious and pushes his men to have the hardest training standards within the organization. And while this may mean his men hate him they are loyal until death. The Captain is a Magician and a warrior. He offers much knowledge to the court mages and watches over the sword training.  He is usually found wearing some scholar like clothing and deems himself a classful man.

  • Inspire[Passive]: When any of the men under his leadership are around they ignore 1 deadly shot to their bodies and fight one.
  • Enchanted Blade: The user coat’s their sword with light magic allowing the sword to deal A tier light magic damage upon impact.
  • Parry: The user is able to redirect 1 form of A tier damage.
  • Sword Block: The user uses their sword to block one form of A tier or lower damage.
  • Light Missiles; Lifting their wand and channeling magoi while speaking the command, a bright glow would emit from the end of the wand before blasting off in a large AoE rain of light magic arrows. The arrows rain over a 40-meter area in a square hitbox dealing A tier damage.
  • Burning Light: Lifting their wand the user casts a spell which emits a blinding light to those who see it, blinding them for 4 posts.

Compound Img:
Making Noise 1-3 NC10_02
Making Noise 1-3 106da523-b6b6-4176-9bf0-6faf51d0b4bc

Knuckles would get himself ready from his hotel room like any normal day. Though today wasn't necessarily normal perhaps in his world it was. This was how he had made money in Reim and gained access to the military. How he had become a member of the Unity Corps before.  The man sat on his bed and took a deep breath, there was going to be some killing today, and a lot of it done by his hand.  Though he knew this wasn't without risk. He knew his life was in danger with the upcoming events, it likely wasn't going to be a walk in the park storming a patrolled and guarded compound of slavers. From what he gathered they had made some good deals on slaves for gear to increase their power and lure more members to them.  Running his hands over his face he stood up from the bed and went take himself a warm shower to freshen his senses and help him feel relaxed.  It wasn't like he wasn't used to probably dying after all he became a famous Gladiator within Reim. Something that paved the road to riches for himself.

After finishing his shower the male walked over to the dresser that sat within his room. Opening it up he grabbed from his a black and red shirt with gold trimmings.  Slipping into it he then placed on the golden necklace he bought once he became a free man, it was important to him, it was his symbol to his freedom.  His red tattoos were still clearly visible where the shirt didn't cover, and while it stayed unbuttoned showing his chest scars and slave tattoos he didn't care.  For Pants, the man wore a set of cream white Gi pants, that had a high waist to them coming up to his belly button. With some cloth wraps, he would wrap up both his legs from the bottom on his shins to his ankles. He would then finish off the outfit with a pair of black shoes that were more like slippers in his opinion than anything.  

Next, it was time to put on the assortment of gear he had.  The first thing he got ready and placed on his body were two white gloves. Something he had recently occurred from a market. Each glove had a black magical circle on the back of them, he was eager to test them out compared to his normal weapons.  The next thing was his Silent Dragon, an assassin weapon he got while in Reim, it was a handy device that helped him often.  It fired 5 small thumb tack sized needles with small fixtures on them to help it glide in the air. They had a short distance of flight but were small and fast enough to not be seen easily. While it was deadly on its own it was typically paired with his poison, Cherry # 5. This was a red liquid kept in 3 separate vials, he'd prep his first dart with a vial as he readied it in the chamber being careful as he did so to not let the poison touch himself. With that ready, it was time to move onto something else he had been holding onto for a while. The essence of the Dawn, a flask filled with a magic liquid which he had tied around his neck with a string.  

Truth be told this was probably the only gear the Fanalis male would need, but he enjoyed his toys and thus the next thing he'd  equip would be his shield and sword, just in case he didn't want to expend the extra magoi since he had limited access to it on his magic gloves which were another shield and sword.  He had the stamina to wield these for days. He stretched out his left arm as he slid the shield over his hand until it felt snug onto his forearm. The shield was also the sheath for his bronze sword, allowing him an easy draw to his blade.  Last but not least was his second assassin toy, his yo-yo, the weapon of choice for the man more times than not. He was still working on making stylish moves with it, but for now, he was good enough with it.  He strapped this to his back and then headed out the door.  

Once outside his room he'd travel down to Neph's room who was staying at the same hotel as him, he was hoping he was in his room getting ready to but there was no telling for sure.  While walking there Knuckles would notice how the morning had come and gone, and they were starting to head into the afternoon time frame, a little early for a raid.  Upon finding Neph whether he was in his room or not, Knuckles would smile once finding him.

"Ah there you are, about ready to go? I'm just itching to slay some more slavers.  And from what I heard these guys got some coin laying around, so we can line out pockets too!"

The male seemed to be nothing but overjoyed about the idea of killing slavers and stealing from them afterward. He figured if he did this enough times over and over again they would get the message and stop altogether. Though it would be the first time he'd do something like this in Kou he was sure he could get the message across.  After listening to any of Neph's words Knuckles would lead the way, he'd walk with his hands over his head making small chit chat here and there as they walked for about 30 minutes or so.  They had made the far travel a few days before allowing Knuckles a few days to recon the area.

As they walked they would cross right in front of it, Knux would slow his pace down at this point and mutter to Neph.
"That's it right there."
It was a fairly large compound standing 2 stories high and had 3 or four building in total surrounding a courtyard. The buildings were a dark grey color with a dark grey title for roofing. All in all, it was just a well looked after family estate they must have bought.  Red Lanterns were light around it to give the light for the place, which was a good thing for Knux and Neph.
170 magoi /410 stamina
notes Word Count:1,068/4,500   OOC: TLDR Knux got ready went find Neph then walked to the compound.


Name: Short Sword
Tier: A
Type:Short Sword
Material:Bronze and steel.
Appearance: The blade is a shiny decently sharpen the blade, the bronze in its creation gives it an off brown color while the Steel gives it a nicer finish to the look. The Hilt is 10.16cm(4 Inches) in length leaving the blade to be 40.64 cm(16 inches), combining them into a total of 50.8 cm( 20 inches. ) The leather is wrapped around hilt to absorb the shock of impact from crashing into things.  The sword awaits usage in a black leather sheath which hangs from the waits of the user.

Name: Bronze Sheild
Type: Sheild
Material: Two planks of wood glued together with leather and rawhide covering. Cased in a bit of Bronze.
Appearance: The Sheild is oval in shape, leather stained with a red color acts as a trimming of the center bronze part of the shied. The Sheild in 51 CM from the center to every edge. Handles on the back that allows the user to either hold it hands or slide on forearms while holding with off hand. In the center, there is a space between the bronze plate and wood where one may house a sword or trap weapon which might fit in the spaced during combat.

Crimson Comet:
Name: Crimson Comet
Tier: A
Type: Trick Weapon: Yo-Yo
Material: Steel and Iron for the chain.
Appearance:Two red steel circles cast together by a single steel pole in the center of each Circle steel plate. Bolted and screwed together. In the center pole, an Iron chain is wrapped around it with another set of chains to make the handle that would be represented as the "Finger loop".  Steel blades within the steel plates come out once the Giant yo-yo begins to spin in the fashion of use.  The yo-yo stands 1 meter tall and wide, the iron chain which would be like the string would be 5 cm width chains, the length of the chain was 10 meters.   Each blade of the was 15 cm in length and 3 cm in width.

Dart Gun:
Name: Silent Dragon
Tier: A
Type: Springloaded Dart GUn
Material: Mostly basic metals such as aluminum, and steel.  Leather and cloth
Appearance:It is a glove of leather wrapped in dyed clothes, with sewed symbols. The cloth is red in color with black and gold sewings.  Metal Knuckles guards and the spring fired dart chamber, The Chamber for the dart is on the top of the glove just a little behind the wrist. It is nailed into place with small nails. The chamber is 8 centimeters in length holding a single dart at a time. Reloading of another dart is as simple as sliding another into place.
Ammunition Material: Aluminum
Ammunition Appearance: A small thumb tack sized dart made of steel. It is about 7 centimeters long and weighs 18 grams, the dart is black from the tip of the dart to the flight.

Name: Essence of the Dawn
Tier: A
Type: Magic Item
Magic Type: Sunseer [Heat+Light+Clairvoyance]
Cost: 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain
Appearance: On the outside, it is an ordinary flask that is roughly 20 cm tall and 7 cm wide. During the day, the inside is filled with a warm, fluorescent golden liquid that seems to come alive at the touch. It's warmth reminds you of the kiss of the sun on a summer day or a mother's loving embrace. In the night, the liquid turns blue and cold, shining brightly like the moon.

The Wrath of Apollo - After channeling magoi into the flask, keeping the flask upright, the liquid sunlight will drain out and seep into the ground. A pillar of scorching light that is 20 meters in diameter will erupt from the ground underneath the target and deal B tier damage in the form of burns as well as applying the effects of the magic type.

The Gift of Diana - After channeling magoi into the flask, turning the flask upside down, the liquid moonlight will drain out onto the surface below, creating an icy mirror that is 15 meters in diameter. It will show any past or present the user wishes to see. However, it will be silent and the user many only look into a maximum of 1 threads peruse or sustain

Name:Cherry Number 5
Tier: B
Material: A blend of herbs from around Reim and its outer walls.
Description: This vile of Red Poison is something that can be placed on to an object that would be used to enter a body, it could also be placed into a food or drink for consumption.  It can also be heated with a fire source to make a gas, which makes the poison air born in a 2-meter area.  The poison effects those who come are injected/Consumes it either eating drinking or breathing it with it temporary blindness, causing their pupils to dilate to the point where most sight is black. The effect is a temporary blindness for 2 posts. As the Name implies this lovely little treat has a faint smell of cherries, and taste a bit like the red fruit, but only because of a cherry extract that gives it this flavor and smell to not alert those who consume it via the mouth.  This amount about is about 3 vials worth.

Name: Shield and Blade
Tier: B
Type: Magic weapon- gloves
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A pair of any size fits all, white gloves that have a magic circle on the back of both of them(instead of the alchemists circle).

Right Hand:Blade By feeding magoi into right glove, a blade of strength magic surrounds the glove. The blade is 1 meter long and .25 meter wide. It can deal B tier damage and is destroyed when it takes but to B tier damage. Also Right Hand:Blade can only be used while Left Hand:Shield is not in use.10 magoi activate/ 5 magoi sustain

Left Hand:Shield By feeding magoi into the glove, a shield consisting of strength magic forms 1 meter in front of the user. The shield is flat end is 3 meters wide and 3 meters tall. It can take up to 1 b tier damage. It cannot be used while Right Hand:Sword is activated. 10 magoi activate/ 5 magoi sustain

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2Making Noise 1-3 Empty Re: Making Noise 1-3 on 22/12/18, 01:33 am

Neph Acxa

Neph Acxa

   “ We are going to take vengeance upon the Asehi Family. You will not hold me back from killing off that sad little excuse of a family. Forget finding your brother in this large lake of a war, he is just a little pebble in which you have no means of ever finding again. Now I shall assist your so call friend to get OUR name out there, and eradicate everyone in our way. First and foremost, I shall remove your sorry existence or rid myself of this accursed magical altitude in my body.

   “ You speak as if you can grasp vengeance with your own hands. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, or weeks from now. If I have any ounce of control over this body, I will stop the needly killing you wish to fall upon some family who wronged you. Speaking on my brothers name shall me your head, if we did not share the same neck. As for killing any on our path that shall not happen. It seems the only thing we can agree upon is ridding ourselves of the magic within this vessel.

Arguing kept the body woke getting them no physical rest. Mentally they were strong together, but constantly butting heads thus leaving them drained. Under the name of Neph now they had to come together once more to get towards their one goal, and that goal was to help their mutual friend, Knuckles Shi. Sitting down on the edge of his bed running his hands across the top of his covers letting out gentle signs as the feeling just made him feel at ease. To him it was soft linen little scratchy in certain spots, but he did not mind. Moving down slowly not wanting to lose his moment this being a new experience for the young boys mind, stimulating himself into a natural balance. Neph, the third entity; Wondered in the back of the mind only appearing as a shadow silhouette to Aseo, and Taavetti if they ever caught a glimpse of him. Finding their head on the pillow everything seeming to slow down, each one of them imaged pillows as one by one, the scene in their showed them all falling slowly asleep.

Morning came over them and when the lights creeped through the window, it hit on their eyes. His ears beginning to ring getting accustomed to the morning noise of the inn. Raising up making the bed rattle briefly, his clothing was gone, and a new sword. No a rapier, laid upon the cupboard to Neph’s surprise. No regulation of how the weapon found itself in his room, but he had some burn marks along his forearm and ash below his cheek. Looking into a mirror near the window, he would examine his body to make sure nothing else was physically wrong as he searched his thoughts. Aseo, and Taavetti seemed puzzled by looking at the weapon, but the hidden entity smiled. Not having much of a clothing option, he would pick his tattern black top sliding it over his head struggling to pull it down his wings as they folded to make it fit.

Walking across the room checking the door to see if someone forced entry, or something relating to burns marks appeared but nothing was out of the ordinary. Touching the hilt of the sword, it shimmered briefly of a red hue. “Magic weapon? I don’t mind if I do” Lifting the rapier up into the air, swinging it back and forth getting a feel for its swing, and lightness. Few moments of studying the weapon, he sense the fire affinity it had for heat magic blessed, and overjoyed to have got this weapon mysteriously. Reaching for his bag, he would scan over his magical and mundane items. Rumpling through the bag, he would wear his ‘viper ring’ as he had a thing for jewelry. The bag itself was his witch doctor bag something he required as of recently from a merchant a nice little snag, he was fond of his new magic weapons as he carried magical gauntlets inside the magic bag. Neph, was done looking through the bag before he strapped it over his shoulder, and begun walking towards the door. Opening however as he went for it, Knuckles walked into his room.

Quite the early morning friend.” Greeting him as he entered as common courtesy, Knuckles spoke briefly on what he needed to let him know of for the job ahead. Picking up his new rapier from the floor since he was recently rummaging through his bag, he would sheath it on his side. “ My pockets have been feeling quite empty these days. I do not mind changing that. ” He said stepping out the room, to follow along his friend now. Both of them seem to be excited about targeting slavers, but it worried Taavetti. His thoughts rolled through in waves, he felt as if there was slavers in heliohapt, or if their methods of the common people were bad, but that weakness allowed Aseo to take charge.

Walking had grown boring, and the silence him and knux had also brought a bore to Aseo. He knew he did not share memories with the man, but this silence while walking wasn’t how he expected it to go down. “ Shall I scan the area from above? ” Stopping in the path right behind Knuckles, he noticed all the lanterns and how dullish the buildings were. Such lame aesthetics for villains, but he never expected much for slavers. Awaiting for Knuckles response, he would slowly fluff out his wings allowing them to stretch.

Items brought:

Making Noise 1-3 Zji8GjOl
Name: Able Substitute
Tier: A-tier
Type:  Wand
Material: Black Steel, and White Oak
Appearance: A white oak wand as long as 1.2 meter long wand, with a core made of black steel. It has foreign markings on its shaft, a deer looking center, with antlers holding a pearl, he made with others in his makeshift family representing how their cracked, but whole.

Making Noise 1-3 ZmsCOyN
Name: Viper ring
Tier: D-tier
Type: Magic Tool - Ring
Magic Type: Heat
Appearance: The ring is made of titanium and shaped into a snake wrapping its tail to the wearer’s finger with 2 small jade stones embedded on the eye parts. The magic circle is located on the forehead part.

  • Heat Sensory-The magic tool is activated whenever the user feeds magoi into the ring. The user is then able to create a cone shaped heatwave starting from 0.5 meter wide and spans out to 5 meters long and 3 meters wide. The user will be able to have a heat vision that allows the user to see any objects in the dark by detecting their heat. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Making Noise 1-3 3UixlQMm
Name: Acxa
Tier: A-tier 80 || 400
Material: Metal, Fur
Description: Acxa is a face mask that only covers the face completely, and the neck area. A cold metal, carved into a bug theme painted white, connected to the bur by long rectangular holes laced up with old gauze tape. The eyes aren't visible when the mask is equipped.

Making Noise 1-3 Ebbbagofdevouring
Name: Witchdoctor's Beast bag.
Tier: A-tier
Type: Magical Bag
Appearance: A leather bag a meter long each way and able to fit up too 1.5 meters in objects as its seemingly stretchy material allows for the bag to fit an alarming amount of items inside. Its painted either red, green, or blue, along with some white leather layered in a way to resemble a face, did it's eyes just move?

  • Dissolving prescription- Feeding magoi into the bag its eyes will briefly glow and blow out a small green cloud of smoke, purely cosmetic, however. The real function being that after it's exhaled inside a 10cm in diameter green treat can be found inside, the shape of the treat changing to the user's wishes, but not gaining size. Upon feeding the treat to a beast, or eating it themselves whoever ingests it will begin to sweat, but this sweat is not ordinary. It's acidic in nature and will last up to 4 posts, dealing c-tier acidic damage to anything the player or beast touches. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain

  • Moaning sickness-By feeding magoi into the bag it will begin to inflate, only around the cheeks before the bag's mouth opens. It hurls out a 2-meter wide wave of acid that does A-tier damage to items, destroying durability. Can be clashed by other A-tier abilities, does less damage to items if weakened by the clash. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain

Making Noise 1-3 D035696e7a40e9e8345b155c0ad68809

Name: Fists of the Prophet and Goddess
Tier: B
Type: Magic Gauntlets
Magic Type: Sunseer (Heat + Light + Clairvoyance)
Appearance: A pair of golden gloves that fit the wearer’s arms perfectly, reaching only as far as the middle of their forearm. The Prophet glove is adorned with red orbs. The Goddess glove has the middle finger and ring finger joined together. Both polar opposites yet strangely alike in their appearance, these gloves have never been apart.

  • Tiresias' Vision - By feeding magoi into the Prophet Gauntlet, the glove radiates with a brilliant yellow light and user is able to preview the past of the item or person with a single touch. Viewing the past of an item is easy, and the user is able to see as far back as the creation of the item. When a person is touched, the user is able to see the past 24 hours of that person’s life from the moment they are touched. The visions of those hours can be seen within the red orbs that decorate the glove. Sustaining doubles the time lapse you are able to see. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.
  • Khione's Touch - By feeding magoi into the Gauntlet of the Goddess, the glove radiates with a dazzling white light. The user draws the heat out of whatever it touches, canceling up to B-Tier heat magic or causing immediate frostbite to a limb. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Making Noise 1-3 Ca2521df96c0169a106ca1a98bca4126
Name: Ashrune
Tier: B
Type: Magic Weapon - Sword
Magic Type: Lava Magic [ Heat + Strength ]
Appearance: The sword is about 118 centimeters in length with 98 centimeters being the length of the blade. Without feeding magoi into the weapon, the blade is a common steel color and only changes orange once magoi is infused.

  • Eruption - Feeding magoi into the weapon whilst it is stabbed into the earth causes lava magic to activate. The ground in front of the user glows red briefly before a 3m diameter pillar of lava bursts out of the earth up to 3m high. This eruption can take place within 8m of the place where the users sword was stabbed into the ground and deals B-tier damage. 10 Magoi to Activate | 5 Magoi to Sustain

Word Count: 934/4,500

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Making Noise 1-3 RlPDTVe
The room was pitch black sans for a dim lit candle sitting upon an old, wooden desk. She stepped towards it, her heels echoing off the walls. Her hand hovered over a rusty silver bell but before she could grab it, another set of footsteps approached. They were slow paced, their feet dragging on the stone floor. A wrinkled hand grasped the back of the chair, pulling it out to allow the figure to sit within it.

He was a small, old man that was dressed quite plainly in traditional Kou attire. At a first glance, one could tell the man was stuck in his ways and well disciplined. His name was Li Qiang but most called him Goho. Diana wasn't sure where he got the nickname from but she never asked. She had gone to him for business. He was loyal and always secured her royalties.

"You are here but I can not see your light, white lion."

Diana's heart sank into her stomach. He was blind but he could still sense the morality on a person. Once she was revered for her light and now she was stained black. She knew this. "I must have lost it on my journey." A fool's answer but she truly could not remember when it faded.

"Even the dark side of the moon regains it's light as the days pass," he said, a soft smile revealing itself to her. It let her know it would be okay. That it would just take time. She sounded an agreement. "I have a task for you." The old man handed her a paper with near illegible scrawling on it. All she could make out was the price and a diagram of the area.

"The underground is breeding more demons as the war goes on. Lambs are being led astray and not returning to the herd. Sort this out and find what you can to bring back home."

Diana folded the paper and tucked it in the hem of her skirt. "Thank you, Goho. I'll return with tribute."

It had only been a few hours of scavenging for information and she was able to pin point the location of the building she was looking for. Now, all was left was to lie in wait.

Pluto had disguised himself in his human form. A tall, muscular man with long silver hair. He wore minimal clothing but it was styled similarly to his master. He hid in the area, napping in the shade while Diana surveyed the area on ground.
✦ 422 wc | m | s ✦

Making Noise 1-3 Sesshomaru_sit_boy_by_metalric

Name: Pluto
Tier: A
Type: Normal | Legend
Species: Lunar Canine
Appearance: Pluto is a special breed of canine that was bred by Minerva Corvus and is exclusive to the hierarchy of the Corvus Clan. It has a voluminous white coat with a large grey mane, long ears and tail. They have red sclera with a blue iris and get their name from the crescent moon shaped mark on their heads. As a full grown male, he is a final height of 5 meters tall on all fours and 10 meters tall standing on his hind legs.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Synthetic Humanity
Trait Tier: Ω-Tier
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast
Trait Description: Due to extensive breeding, and genetic manipulation, and experimentation by Minerva Corvus, Pluto has awoken his innate ability to assume a human form, albeit temporarily. Tapping into a genetic predisposition to the rukh, as well as an Alma Torran bloodline, Pluto changes his physical appearance to match that of a 6'7" human male, slim in stature, with pale skin, white hair, and crimson eyes. The body is clothed in furs and articles reminiscent of his canine appearance, while the crescent moon on his forehead now appears as a tattoo upon his chest.
Trait Effect: Pluto may briefly assume a human form, gaining the following effects:

  • Pluto's base damage is reduced by one tier, representing a slightly weaker physiology.
  • Pluto retains all of his traits.
  • Pluto can fluently communicate in human language.
  • Pluto can use any ability he has registered so long as his physiology allows it.
  • Synthetic Humanity must be activated by an external catalyst. Pluto's master must make contact with the beast and pay 40 magoi to activate the transformation.
  • Synthetic Humanity lasts for 3 posts, and has a 5 post cooldown.

Trait Name: Acidic Maw
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Over time through breeding, this species has developed an acidic saliva. The acid has similar properties to sulfuric acid. However, their bodies are covered in special enzymes that neutralize the acid so they do not harm themselves.
Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register acid based abilities for his mouthd and grants immunity to the specific acid used. Any ability made using this trait will deal an additional A tier damage in the form of severe acid burns.

Trait Name: Damage Resistance
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Over time through training and experience, this beast has become more resistant to cuts and stabs due to it's rough hide.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to resist up to B tier slashing and piercing damage from basic attacks and abilities.

Trait Name: Necrotic Claws
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Over time through breeding, full grown members of this species have developed an ability to secrete a toxin through their claws that has the properties of necrosis.
Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register toxin based abilities for his claws and grants immunity to the specific toxin used. Any ability made using this trait will deal an additional B tier damage in the form of rapid decay.

Trait Name: Apex Predator
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Through sheer genes, size, and good training they can move faster than most mounts and beasts.
Trait Effect: The beast can now move like a blur across short distances and move fast enough to run along walls.

Trait Name: Basic Speech
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Due to his sudden transformation and the after effects of manipulation from life magic, the beast has gained the ability to speak.
Trait Effect: The beast can now speak using simple words and basic sentences.

Making Noise 1-3 350?cb=20160613233757Making Noise 1-3 350?cb=20160613233753
Name: Essence of the Dawn
Tier: A
Type: Magic Item
Magic Type: Sunseer [Heat+Light+Clairvoyance]
Cost: 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain
Appearance: On the outside, it is an ordinary flask that is roughly 20 cm tall and 7 cm wide. During the day, the inside is filled with a warm, fluorescent golden liquid that seems to come alive at the touch. It's warmth reminds you of the kiss of the sun on a summer day or a mother's loving embrace. In the night, the liquid turns blue and cold, shining brightly like the moon.

  • The Wrath of Apollo - After channeling magoi into the flask, keeping the flask upright, the liquid sunlight will drain out and seep into the ground. A pillar of scorching light that is 20 meters in diameter will erupt from the ground underneath the target and deal B tier damage in the form of burns as well as applying the effects of the magic type.
  • The Gift of Diana - After channeling magoi into the flask, turning the flask upside down, the liquid moonlight will drain out onto the surface below, creating an icy mirror that is 15 meters in diameter. It will show any past or present the user wishes to see. However, it will be silent and the user many only look into a maximum of 1 threads per use or sustain.

Making Noise 1-3 OdOOoDw
Name: Kuroi Kiba
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Weapon - Sword
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A thick steel blade, forged to resemble that of a mighty beast's fang. The total length of the weapon is 121-centimeters.

  • Dark Path - By feeding magoi into this sword, a starry black shroud will begin to envelop the entirety of the blade. If the user is then able to swing the weapon successfully, a 5-meter crescent blade of strength magic will be thrown in the direction swung, traveling up to 20-meters away and dealing B-Tier slicing damage to anything struck by it. Additionally, the crescent blade also has a powerful gravitational pull, and will drag anything within 5-meters towards it. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.


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4Making Noise 1-3 Empty Re: Making Noise 1-3 on 22/12/18, 05:32 pm

Looking at the angel liked man Knux nodded, he'd normally speak more if it wasn't for two things. One of them is they were about to hit a compound something Knux hadn't even done before.  While it was true that Knux and Ganbo had taken down a few places before they were merely hideouts. Nothing over the top like this or with this many people within it. This was like a place where people were sent to for bigger pocket clients.  This was bigger than anything they had hit up before, not that he was worried about the difficulty of the job but he was worried about his friend. This wasn't Taavetti anymore, well it was but it wasn't it was a mix or a blend? Perhaps someone new entirely. This was the second thing that had stopped him from making conversation, he didn't KNOW this person he only knew a fraction and a part of the person he was traveling with now.

Knuckles waited for the report from Neph before making any other movements.  Once Neph would return and give the report to Knux he'd nod. " Think you can take out the watchful eyes they have at the top while I make my way through the front? We can meet back up in the center of the compound. Sound good to you?" he'd ask before listening to Neph's response. Once their plan had been finished and ironed out Knuckles would offer his hand to the younger warrior. "Just yell for me if you run into some trouble, I'll do the same.  Good Luck." With that the red-haired male would bend at the knees as he leaned forward, his emerald green hues scanned the crowd's movements waiting for the proper time to dash through them, at last after a few seconds the chance opened up and the fanalis blurred from sight taking off in a dead sprint, taking a deep breath the high pitched roar would soon exit his mouth as it traveled at the two shipment guards  at the entrance. Before they could even figure out what happen Knux's roar had reached their ears and some of the civilians within the area causing all of them to grab at their ears and duck in pain, shutting their eyes as they did so.

With each of them taken off guard and unable to draw their weapons before Knux's shoulder slammed into one of them crushing their chest in with basic A tier damage.  Blood would spray out from his mouth as his body made contact with the large cement pole behind him before a few cracks were applied to the pillar.  The other guard was starting to recover, but before he could fully grasp what was going on, Knuckles would apply an uppercut to the man's jaw with full force sending A tier fanalis strength level force into his head shattering his jaw upon impact and sending his body off of the ground a few inches before dropping knocked out onto the ground.  The crowd wound the entrance would start to put together what just happened, a panic formed and screams would start to echo from the front of the building as the crowd cleared. It would likely take law enforcers a while to hear about this and then respond leaving Knuckles and Neph plenty of time to take care of things, both unknowing they would soon have someone else to deal with.

After clearing the door Knux would start to move through the compound's entrance and head towards the center, he could see it now. He wondered how Neph was handling things  thus far.
tags / 170 magoi / 410 stamina
notes OOC: WC 1674/4500

Ability Used:
Fanalis Roar

Tier: C
Specialization: Fanalis Racial
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short(3m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must inhale a deep breath before roaring.
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: -

After taking a deep breath, the fanalis lets out a mighty roar to stun and intimidate enemies. The enemy does not suffer any actual paralysis, however, the noise is loud enough to cause pain and will stagger foes using basic actions or lower ranked abilities.

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5Making Noise 1-3 Empty Re: Making Noise 1-3 on 24/12/18, 03:03 pm

Neph Acxa

Neph Acxa

  Looking over the his somewhat friend shoulder, watching his motion. Jumping back into the clearing, his wings would quickly flutter out creating a strong gust pushing scrubs, and even some tree the opposite way from which they flapped. Upward they went, covered in the lining of trees until breaking through the nights sky, the darkness covering everything but the shadow casted from six large, glowing wings. Moonlight dripping off of them as if the gods had came down upon them, Neph smiled as he nimbly equipped his ‘Axca Mask’ to his face. Ascending higher, covering himself with the clouds; The winds becoming thinner as he rose up higher, but surprisingly it was not affecting as he would have thought.

Taavetti, look at this compound. Compacted, small in space, built in a square almost, and heavily guarded. Do you only think Slavers would live in such a well defensed estate? Do we know what this ‘Friend’ of yours got us into?

I trust in his judgement, and for now with him we can cause more destruction to this feeble dynasty of a nation called Zou(Kou). As for the Slaver compound just focus on finding the patrol, and take them out with your Invasion spell.

He has only really flown close to the ground, so this was practice in real combat situations for him. Squinting his eyes, he would make his descend after getting above the compound center, spiraling downward gracefully. Neph, would take his descend as the time to locate the patoraling guard as he created a diversion with his shining wings. Using the reflective properties of the moonlight on his feathers, he would make himself look like a mythical creature, but he was so he laughed. “ On..wo...hree.. four..” skipping over some words his he stopped, spun, and flicked his wings down sending a strong basic gust to below him as he shoot back up. Great speeds came out of him as he was startled from the speeds he reached.

Even though he was startled, he it took only a couple of seconds before he got back to his cloud screen. Seconds turning into some minutes before he landed down in the tree lining, retracting his wings so he can conceal himself; Neph would reach the ground, and pat his red haired friend shoulder speaking. “ There’s four patrolling guards on the rooftops, and they seemed seasoned. Taavetti believes I should put them in illusions. I however believe, killing them should be enough but I’m going with Taavetti’s silent approach to illusion, and then capture.” Aseo actually speaking to the fanalis, before the voice shifting pitches.

Patrolling Guards

PG#1 “Did y’all see that? What kind of creature would visit these lands?”

PG#3 “Shut up, and get back to watching the forest, and main path. You fuck up last time, and slaves escaped briefly… Haha before we found and killed them.”

PG#4 “....”

PG#2 “Can y’all get back to work.”

The guards weren’t far from one another, so the conversations would be heard. They soon spread back out about twenty to thirty meters apart without having to jump across some of the tiled rooftops, before actually being in arms reach. Each carrying their ‘b-tier crossbows’, and all had a keen eye and skill. Seasoned Warriors they were. Guarding the corners, they would all be facing the forest but every minute or so look over there back to check another guard, or themselves.

Watching Knuckles, leave off to infiltrate the compound he would take flight to do the same. Once more hidden among the clouds, nimbly retrieving his wand, writing the word TRAGIC having one arrow float around him. The boy would know what to do, and how to quickly get it. Diving down from the clouds approaching the top of the tree line, he would cast his wings above the tree’s and flap them viciously towards one of the guards, but from thirty meters away hiding himself in a shadow of bright light. His body looking like a silhouette, and his wings reflecting moonlight, the dripping its light off like liquid. Neph, would create a strong basic gust pushing it towards the guard, amidst the winds would fly the arrow of light; It invading the mind of the soldier caught off guard by the sudden strong winds.

PG#4 “ Be careful of the strong winds! Something strange is happening! Be on wat-”

The guard caught off guard by the strong winds was guard #4, he becoming trapped in the illusion of light. Making his approaching, Neph scaled his power until he carried three more arrows of light with him. Soar fast, doing the dash, Neph was upon guard #3 closest to #4; Meeting his fist to the guards stomach with b-tier strength the winds brought from behind him with his speed would make it hard to actually believe the winged boy appeared before them. #1, and #2 were shocked, and thought they were sleep deprived but the words of #4 reminded them to be cautious.

PG#1 “Aye Najime(PG#2), are you seeing the mythical creature too?”

The first guard would say, but Najime(PG#2) would be strunk almost at the same time as PG#3. The arrow of light flew faster than Neph did, since it was made of light. Speed of light travelled quickly, but PG#1 was reaching for his flare gun. As the body of PG#3 dropped on the rooftop, Neph would be standing over his body and the dark holes were his eyes were on the Axca Mask would illuminate a dark cyan color, and his wings would rise. Neph wanted to cause intimidation to the last guard, but he could only capture the pose, and not press outward a killing intent. PG#1 was rose his hand upward with the gun in it, Neph flew from his spot. The last arrow moved as the finger squeezed the trigger. The flare briefly enter the air before Neph used his body to block it, while PG#1 fell under the illusion like the other three. “ Agh….” Clutching his teeth his skin burning; Even through the pain, Neph rounded up the three guards tying them up together and taping their mouths shut. As a small joke, he would strip them down to their boxer so they couldn’t escape. Luckily, Neph actually needed one so he took the guard he knocked unconscious with him towards the center. Doing the same to the unconscious guard, striping him naked incase he had a hidden weapon.

This is how not killing goes, Aseo. Now let’s meet up with Knuckles, and question this guard.

It would not take him long to reach the center, Neph would descend to the ground depending if the opening was clear, and no inner guards were around to spot him land. Waiting a bit, he would go into the clearing, and find a pillar to place his back upon and make a cool pose as he would wait for Knuckles. Arms crossed, and one foot up and one down.

Ability Used:


Tier: D-tier
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: He would write ‘tragic’ in the air with his wand.
Scaling: Hits: The number of hits or projectiles will double for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1 post
Cost: 5 magoi | 5 sustain

    Conjuring a arrow made of light magic, he would direct it towards 1 person. The arrow of light would project a image the user chooses from his imagination, or creates a image for them to see causing them to be stuck inside it for 1 post.

Word Count: 2112/4500
Magoi 295/320 -25


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6Making Noise 1-3 Empty Re: Making Noise 1-3 on 11/01/19, 02:23 pm

The sound of a high pitched roar echoed towards her as she was finally making her way around to the front of the building. Her hands quickly clasped her ears to prevent further damage. Had they been alerted to her presence? When she was certain the sound had subsided, she released her hands from her ears and pressed her back against the wall, moving quickly towards the corner. She peeked out from the edge only to see a red-haired man breaking his way through the entrance to the building. It seemed she wasn't alone in her endeavors but she was unsure of his intentions.

In a mere moment, Diana would witness an odd sight in itself. A winged creature descended from the skies. The bright glow of the creature caused Diana to retreat back into the shadows. “I suppose I have to find another way in,” she groaned, backing away to a half arm's length away from the wall. She shook her hand before forming a fist and slamming it into the wall with all her strength. As the wall gave into her might, a thick cloud of debris began to settle down into the room. Unknown to her, the two strangers had already begun to make it towards the center as she did as well, moving through the rubble. They would be greeted with the young bounty huntress and she would pick up a slightly familiar scent.


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7Making Noise 1-3 Empty Re: Making Noise 1-3 on 20/01/19, 09:48 pm

While heading to the center of the compound Knuckles encountered no resistance. Upon reaching the center he seen his winged friend waiting for him with someone he had managed to capture alive. What a well thought out planned. Knuckles would walk up to the two men and smile at Neph. "Good work, let's see what he can tell us eh? You want first go or should I get to it?" He'd ask before the bounty huntress would arrive from the same way he had just come from. Had he missed one? His arm moved to ready for an assault but something was different and out of place about her. She didn't have the scent of the compound me, she had no smell of slave labor. What was she and who was she? Knuckles lifted a brow as his emerald hues scanned the woman's figure taking note of everything.

Clearing his throat his shift in facial expressions was obvious as a more serious look settled onto his pale skin. "So who do we have here? Is someone new to the group? Perhaps a Merc for hire? Or are you something different I wonder?" With the lack of Ganbo Knuckles' personality had really started to take shape and grow becoming more independent and needing of allies, though he did care for his friends. Without the Imuchuk Giant to do the speaking he learned how to start verbal communication before taking actions. A year ago he would have attacked before even asking questions, leaving the talking to the blades of those who would battle him. He had changed taking control of his anger for the most part at least, and because of it, he was able to fight smarter. With everything pretty much under control Knuckles would just wait and by his time seeing what the outcome would be..
/170 Magoi - /410 Stamina - Ammo /5
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