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Building up a Country IV- VI [Job/Solo]

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Job details:
Job Name: Building a Country up Pt 4
Job Rank:D
Job Location:Balbadd
Job Reward: 3,000 Huang,50 Exp
Job Prerequisites: Pt1-3
Job Overview:After Handling the lower level bandits, they get suspicious with the new members not returning. Convince the other members of the group that this proves you're making the right choice. Gather them to your side and make your Banner.

Job Name: Building up a Country Pt5
Job Rank:C
Job Location:Balbadd
Job Reward:7,000 Huang, 100 EXP
Job Prerequisites: Complete 1-4
Job Overview: You've gathered a mass of people its time to lead them into battle. The same group of bandits who attacked you not so long ago has returned with stronger members. It's not just the new joins this time, they brought with them a Unit leader.

Enemy Name: Bandit Newbie x3
Enemy Tier: D
Damage Required to Defeat:C
Description:These men are tall and a tower of muscles, this gives them the thoughts of being unstoppable, their outfits are long black cloaks with a skull on the back.

Slash: The user attacks with their dagger, slashing across their targets bodies attempting to cut them. Deals D tier.

Enemy Name:Bandit Unit leader
Enemy Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat:B
Description:The unit leader seems more experienced, they bore a tattoo of their face matching the banner on their cloaks. It's not just the looks that are different, they also seem to be better at fighting.

Inspire: Calling out the name of their group the Unit leader inspires the members of his party, this gives up to 3 others C tier Strength. Last 2 post.
Proper slash: Having a bit of experience with his bandit knife the Unit leader is able to make cleaner more efficient blow cutting deeper into the flesh. This deal C tier slashing damage.

Job Name:Building up a Country Pt6
Job Rank:C
Job Location:Balbadd
Job Reward:7,000 Huang, 100 EXP
Job Prerequisites: Completed 1-5
Job Overview: War seems to have been started with your small group and this bandit group, after losing men on both sides thus far you've at least learned their name, the Skullist. As you've grown in number with each victory the people of Balbadd have acknowledge you as defenders near the docks. You need to defeat the Gang leader of this area and set it back over to the people.

Enemy Name:Skullist Leader
Enemy Tier:B
Damage Required to Defeat:A
Description: A large muscle man with black hair. body covered in chains and a mediocre mage who uses strength magic to manipulate those chains.

Wrap up: The Skullist uses Strength magic to move the chains around his target for 2 posts, if the object is living they are overcome with a heaviness preventing them from moving.

Chainacane: The Skullist uses his strength magic to spin himself violently in a circle causing his chains to fly out from his body Dealing up to B tier damage if all 8 chains hit.

Chain shower: Skullist brakes every link apart from one of his chains with strength magic before letting them then free fall to the ground dealing an AoE damage worth that of A tier in Damage. The Cone is 10 meters wide,10 meters tall, and stretches out 10 meters giving it a triangle hitbox.

After a few days had passed Bass was attending another meeting, the location, of course, had been moved due to the fire, but it was still in motion. Arriving there he noticed there were a few people missing from the last time. Perhaps they got scared off? It was either that, or they simply couldn't make it. Bass would take a seat as he would listen to what the others had to say at the meeting. There were talks of future events planned to get more people to join, though there wasn't much funding at this point. Bass needed to stand up and gather more people and get more locals involved. There wasn't that much of them that really could afford stuff to lead to an event, he wasn't even sure if people would even come to an event held since there was an obvious danger for those who would show their faces. People were starting to voice their concerns with the attack and how safe they truly were. After hearing a few people's worries Bass would stand up, the people would recall his efforts which saved lives. "Friends and comrades, I urge you to put your worries aside! The progress is being made, do we not have more people speaking out on the attack a few days ago? We were targetted because we are making a change, and change that we seek won't happen overnight. We have to slowly build up our numbers and set out openly discussing and voicing our dislike with how the country is currently going!"

WC 260/2500
Stamina 100
Magoi 100


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He'd pause for a moment as he scanned the room.  Some didn't even want to look him in the eye. His pleads were hitting home with some people but not so many others.  His chest lifted as he took a deep breath. "Okay then, give up. Let the city fall further into despair and tell your kids and grandkids why life is hard here, why they need to join a gang to be safe from becoming sold, or raped. Tell them you were to frighten to do what was right when the time was right before the tree of evil bore fruit. " Again he paused as he started to walk to the front of the room. "Who's going to save us if we aren't willing to save ourselves? The police are all pretty much dirty, the few good cops there are can't help much and its further than our city. It's our entire country that has subdued to this level of vileness. How much longer must we watch family business got out of business because they can't afford the protection money? Or how long until their business become the front for drugs and slave trade. We have to put a stop to it, we must be the justice, we must be the symbol of hope for this city and this country!"  With his words spoken he could hear cheers from the crowd, others were backing him sharing stories of beating some punks out of their neighborhood.  It was going to get worse before it got better he knew this, but right now they needed someone to show them the way and to lead them to the light of justice.



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