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Haven City - Affiliation request

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1Haven City - Affiliation request Empty Haven City - Affiliation request on 27/04/14, 04:28 pm



Site Name: Haven City
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Haven City - Affiliation request Uoo7Ypf
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This is Haven City
A modern sandbox-based roleplay set in a fictional urban city with the same name. It
offers beautiful vistas and a playground for the rich and famous but also homes for the less
fortunate at the slums. And then there is the mysterious Nurikabe Estate, located
somewhere in Haven and owned by an eccentric man who never shows his face.

Talented individuals from all corners of the world seem to spontaneously appear at Nurikabe
and later in life gain fame as stars, politicians and business tycoons - further feeding the
mysterious reputation. However, not everyone coming to Nurikabe are so gifted and
remain obscure to hide darker pasts...

What kind of life will you lead?
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The code got a Little pooped

Haven City - Affiliation request Uoo7Ypf
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