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The 7 Praises

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1 The 7 Praises on 14/11/18, 02:03 pm

Name: The 7 Praises of Gremory
Djinn: Gremory
Range: 100 M
Cool-Down: (Always "Once Per Topic")

    The World King begins his chant, and it is as so:
    ARBA’s CHARGE MECHANICS All strength rukh up to 100 meters of Jahan gathers around himself creating a vantablack merkaba up to 7-21 ms in scale.1(The absorption of black rukh disables all abilities which manipulate the black rukh.) Due to the rapid gathering of all strength rukh, the shape becomes a spinning black hole with an effective gravitational range of 100 meters. (The area will become the darkest of blacks and suck in anything within its effective range, things absorbed within the black hole are dealt A tier damage and are never to be seen again)At the beginning of the second post of "The 7 praises",Jahangir may activate its effect:The Black Merkaba will expand  60 meters near instantly, dealing A tier damage to anything caught in the blast through extreme gravitational force. The attack will flatten, shatter and crumble any caught in the blast.

1.The interior of the merkaba is a neutral zone where the effects of The 7 Praises do not take play.

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2 Re: The 7 Praises on 14/11/18, 03:39 pm

  • Range would be 100m. I'm not sure if it was a typo or not to have put 100km in the range, but I figured I'd let you know.
  • What is a vantablack merkaba exactly? I have no idea what that is, even with a Google search, so if you could explain, that would be helpful.
  • Does the black hole effect merely mean it looks like a black hole? Also how big is the "black hole" itself. I just wanted clarification to make sure I'm understanding.
  • Ω-Tier damage does not exist in the systems. Damage caps at A-Tier.
  • How are you unaffected by his own Extreme Magic? Surely you would be crushed as well, right?
  • If it takes in all the strength rukh in 100m, how does that form something 100m in size? Its not like 100% of the volume absorbed was strength rukh.


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3 Re: The 7 Praises on 14/11/18, 06:07 pm

Vantablack is just a word to describe a substance that is extremely black

A Merkaba is a vehicle from Hebrew/Jewish mysticism, the chariot of god. In this situation it is simple a shape this shape here

The Merkaba itself is the black hole, and is also the reason the spell does not affect jahan, as the spell originates from a layer of strength sourced around him, which is the merkaba. To put even more plainly,the inside of the merkaba is the safe zone. (ill edit this line so that he can make the merkaba 7-21 ms in scale)

The spell forms a Merkaba  that ill likely make 7-21 ms in size. I just need to take into consideration my wingspan. The effective range of the blackholes pull- and then implosion is 100 meters. It does not form anything other than the Merkaba which is the source of the Aoe.

Though for that matter why wouldnt I be able to have an effective ability range of 100 ms.  The system is supposed to grant a bit more leeway for those with stricter restrictions, my extreme magic is the only one that demands a charge time before activation. In comparison to those who can instantly activate the spell after chanting or do not require a chant. Ill qoute you for a second:

NEO ADRASTOS wrote:200m was deemed too big for a sphere, even if the original was much much larger. 100m is generally how big Extreme Magic AoEs are or how far a direct attack travels. Since this is a sphere with you at the center, 100m is a bit more appropriate in this situation.


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4 Re: The 7 Praises on 14/11/18, 06:27 pm

Further edits completed fo clarity


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5 Re: The 7 Praises on 15/11/18, 01:12 am

So, a few things:

  • First, if it takes in all the strength rukh in 100m, how does that form something 100m in size? Its not like 100% of the volume absorbed was strength rukh.
  • Secondly, you mention how your Extreme Magic is the only one to demand a charge time, but there isn't really a charging drawback. The description states "At the end of the charging post", meaning that you would use it in the beginning of Post 1 and it would activate at the end of Post 1. For it to actually have any sort of charging involved, it would need to be Post 1 is the charging post and at the beginning of Post 2, the spell activates.
  • Third, IIRC, that quote is me grading Solomon's Extreme Magic. All Extreme Magics are graded by a case by case basis. As mentioned in the first point, you have an absorption/nullifying field of strength magic encompassing a 100m area, but then you also have a gravitational pull that is also 100m, and finally an explosion of 100m dealing A-Tier damage. Why isn't the gravitational pull the attack? Why add the explosion? Almost feels like a Supplementary/Offensive Extreme Magic.


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6 Re: The 7 Praises on 15/11/18, 09:29 am

1. You can not gauge how much strength magic is gathered and how powerful it would be based off the surface area of my attack. This is fiction, my spell is gathering strength magic at extreme levels and has a gravitational field of 100 ms. It is not a construct which is 100 ms, a black hole can be the size of a river stone and still pull several times greater than the spell i have described.

Also me having a charge DOES count, and ill add it to the spell fires in the second post after it is activated because i want my brownie points for having a charge post. This extreme magic gathers an extremely large amount of power before it ever goes off, it makes all the sense i would at least get the standard range for an AOE

2. It only forms 1 construct, that construct is 7-21 ms in scale See above post.

3. The pull doesnt serve the purpose of extreme magic, as in it will not smite you. It is a specific mechanic as in which to fuel the spell. The pull is simply a logical part of forming the black hole, i have no tiers or specific effects applied to the pull. The negation is also just a logical part of all strength rukh being gathered, and it is designed based off the systems explicit statement regarding fluff.

4. This is an omega tier spell, meaning based off other balancing rules. I would get 2 A tier effects, or 2 A tier hits. Or 1 A tier effect and 1 A tier hit. This much I know. So if I were to consider the pull a special effect I would give it an A tier rating and make it more violent. As it is now, its mainly fluff. We can make this negation Tier'd instead of going by the logic rules already established in the system. (i.e it would naturally do the negation regardless of me adding a tier to it, and i can just add a tier to it if i want to be extra absolute with its treatment ic.)

5. Im going to consider how every extreme magic before mine has been graded to ensure theres no bias. You argued against this move for hours and then hopped on to grade it immediately. I can not trust that you have absolutely no negative intentions by grading myself. Especially when in most cases you do not touch my gradings.

6. To wrap it up, I'll be adding that it fires in the 2nd post in order to get full benefit from going out of my way to charge. And i will be adding some kind of Tier to charging effect.


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7 Re: The 7 Praises on 16/11/18, 01:21 pm

  • You mentioned to me that the ventablack merkaba is the safe zone for Jaja or his allies to not be damaged. You need to put that in your description along with being unable to move while charging up your attack or specifying if you can or cant move while charging.
  • I don't see that you've edited the spell to clarify your attack activates in your next post, please add that.
  • During the discussion about this skill, you mentioned being able to take strength rukh out of everything, from magic tools, other strength spells, and even other combination magics, effectively stopping them from using said. This information is missing and should probably be included so miscommunication or misinterpretation doesn't occur. Am I to assume you are also able to stop people from activating flight spells as well?
  • Furthermore, you should decrease the size where you gather strength rukh. You may be allowed to keep the 100m explosion, but decrease the gathering to about 50m-60m. Or, you can switch it, gather rukh within 100m and decrease the explosion diameter, but so long as you pull people into the center as you charge, one of them must decrease. If your ability does not pull people into the center, then you must clarify and specify this information as well in the description.


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