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I was the luckiest man alive. "I. am. THE. LUCKIEST. MAN AAAALIVE!" "Oh shut up, Jack. I love you." Jill and I were cozied up together by the campfire. The flames were glowing neon orange, keeping the night at bay. I was spooning Jill, my chin resting a top of her head. The tent kept the howling wind from piercing us with its frigid air. This was the night before we decided to go into the dungeon.

My queen and I were from Reim, and were leaving on some work. We were hired as bodyguards, gimme a sword and I'm untouchable. Well, I thought I was until I met Jill, she shot me through the heart, like Cupid. Figuratively, of course. She was 5 inches off. With a bow, Jill was out of my grasp, but somehow, I charmed my way into her life and we've been together ever since. We don't have kids because... how the world is right now, it's just not right to have a kid. It's unfair, so unfair...

It was a foggy night, and on our way to Kou, through the mist we spot a huge castle. Well, that's what I thought at first, but Jill had different ideas. She glanced from the base to the tip of the structure and her jaw dropped... "Jay, this... this is a dungeon. I 'feel' it." I looked at it again, and now that I thought about it, I've been through here many a time. There was no way someone propped up a thing like this, even with magic in this amount of time. I had this overwhelming feeling that she was right. We already had our provisions, so we came up with the bright idea of going in there first thing in the morning, and we finally got around to talking about the rumors around dungeons.

"I heard if you conquer a dungeon, you get to claim it as the castle for your kingdom." "UGH, YOU'RE SO STUPID." Jill reached over and mushed my face, and we tussled until I was mounted over her. The image is still burned into my soul. Her thick, auburn hair draped across the floor, her deep, amber eyes staring back into mine. Fresh linens, that's what she smelt like. We were very passionate and I think we have maybe even conceived on that night, haha. I just felt it, you know?

When we awoke, there were some rays piercing past the fog blanket. The dungeon seemed to be covered the least by the mist, as if welcoming us to challenge it. We couldn't even see any other path away from here. We walked from our camp to the gate, side by side, fingers interlocked. Somehow, our hands just managed to reach out at the same time, and this is where things start to get blurry.

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Jack was dressed in a toga, with fresh laurels over his ears. Drawing his sword, filled with anticipation of the mysteries that lurked around every corner. Jill was behind him, in her hands, she had a nocked shaft laying in her bow. When they came to their senses, they could smell intestinal fluid.

As they stepped, each foot would sink into sponge-like flesh, fluid seeping at every point of contact, almost clear in color. The air was stale and had a pervasive odor of raw meat that they couldn't keep out even by breathing through their mouths. They walked carefully, everything seemed safe so far.

"Do you hear that?" Goosebumps ran up Jill's spine as she uttered her words. Jack turned to Jill, and behind them, there was a bubble-like slime coming from the footprints they had left. The fluid, now forming a bubble, started dipping and rising in the air, getting closer and closer. They nodded to each other, things of this nature could hardly rattle them as it was. The two ran in tandem down this throat-like hall, and touched the door, whisking them away from the 'fire'.

They could tell they were somewhere else now. The room, or area was pitch black. Jill was quick to act and lit the area up with torch arrow.

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Now there was more light than the fire should normally give off. It was as if the room was feeding from the flames. The floor was craggy and cavernous, but it was pretty empty except for some sort of spherical pod in the center of the area. There was only a horizon in every direction. "I guess we go to the center...?" Jack wasn't sure what to do, but this was the only landmark.

As they walked closer, the orbs attached began to peel off, the wobbled over. *Swish. Jack's blade cut through the slime like butter, but the slime was still intact. His eyes widened with panic and followed up with a few more retaliatory strikes as the adrenaline began to kick in. However, he saw the gate within the orb. It seemed as if it was just a bigger slime covering the whole gate...

Jack dived in, blade tip first and almost swam to the center of the slime. It felt like water and it wasn't even acidic. Before touching the gate, he turned to his love, beckoning her. Everything was going well... maybe they could really pull it off. Jack's eyes were trained on Jill, as Jill came running in with her bow in hand, and she went for a cannonball...

Time stopped. My heart stopped. My life stopped.


I don't know, how long I've been here... but everything hurts... I made it to the next room, but I don't remember anything... My hand, this isn't my hand... it's almost black. It's burned and scarred, pus is seeping from the exposed tissue, I see parts of my muscle hidden behind flesh...

My heart is palpitating, I've never felt so scared, but I can't even explain it. I know I'm about to die. I look down to my feet, and my whole body is burned, and I don't know why. There is a slime there, and it's eating away at my skin, it's melting my skin, and leaving bones. I don't have any more skin up to my ankles.

Tears are rolling down my face. I know why... the love of my life exploded on contact. Her body was obliterated, the chunks of her body were separated as if by some monster... and I'm here all alone... thinking of her disintegrating... I was the luckiest man alive.

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