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1 [D I R T Y D I A N A] on 08/11/18, 12:46 am

The moonlight flooded the air, the stars were caught beneath the clouds tonight. Jahanghir was caught in a trance, shit it was something to this air. It was the kind of atmosphere that gripped you and made you want to move. It was like running through a party with the lights out, half-faded; his heart beat skipped.


He grinded his teeth, he was in the middle of a Kou festival. But it was more like a party. He made his way through the sea of people his strong body parted the waves of drunk citizens.

"they party like this war hasnt wrecked their homes" then he stopped.

"Maybe they party because of that"

He didnt shake his head he continued pass the people and into the back streets. He crossed the most beautiful courtyard, stepping over red wooden bridges above koi fish ponds. The buildings attached to it were ornamented and adorned with greenery, shrubs and assortments of flowers. The moonlight still prevailed.

"..."he just thought it was beautiful, and what was even more beautiful was the moon and it's strength. The orb floated in space more than twice its usual size, almost magnified. He had been walking for some time making his way through different courts, parks and streets of the upper class district; only now had he realized the moon was blue.

He stopped again in the middle of a square stone patio about 7 meters in  size. The patio was surrounded by a Koi pond, but it was one of the more unique arrangements. He stopped and he stared at the moon and something moved his heart. It brought his memories back.

Jahan muttered slowly. He had remembered his last night with her under the moonlight. How much of his heart he had wanted to give to her. She had been there for him, and he cared for her.

Then at nowhere she was gone. He hadn't thought about it much at first, than days went by. Weeks, Months. She was gone, and when he did realize it; he knew just how much it hurt to be without her. The rukh stirred around Jahan, he wanted no more than to see the woman now. He had not wanted anything but to return to the house He and Knuckles were using for base. He had to shake it off knowing the man would likely come looking for him if he took long. The patterned high class residential area was a light jog for a fanalis.

Right before passing the 7th bridge he saw someone standing across it. He couldnt make out whoever it was but he squinted and somehow it was a familiar shape, and then the feeling of hot blood rushed him.

Who in hell was that?

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2 Re: [D I R T Y D I A N A] on 08/11/18, 11:29 pm

A night in the country of Kou had never been so loud since the start of the war. It had been a while since her feet touched civilized soil. The cursed blood that had taken over her vessel had become dormant. The scars on her body reminding her of battles long forgotten. She had no idea how long it was going to last. All she could do was push forward.

All she could remember from that night was a fog in her mind she couldn't quite clear. Pluto had been with her alongside the boy who looked as if he had seen too much. They were all weary from travel and made their way to a district on the outskirts of the city. The canine had gone out to hunt for a meal while the boy rested sound on his guardian's lap.

The sky was filled with dozens of shimmering stars and the moon was full. Diana was alone, wandering the small garden she had stumbled across. She wore her normal ivory attire without her gilded armor. There was no need for it any longer. Her hands and digits were wrapped in linen to hide the curse. Her ancestors frowned upon her as the rukh around her had been stained black.

She sat in the shadows of the night on the bank of a stream. Her hand rested on Phobos' head, legs submerged in the shallows below. The calm waters made her miss the rivers in Reim. Diana had been away from home for a long time. Would they still welcome her? She was different now and every day made her more uncertain of who she was.

However, there were a few people she wished to see before she left. Rima, her beloved friend, was dead or lost to the madness that had once consumed them both. Yamato, the magician, who disappeared during the fight against the amalgamations. Jahan, a self-proclaimed king, whom Diana grew fond for after nursing him to health after he woke from a mysterious slumber.

"Ah... what to do," she groaned, rubbing her temples with her fingers.

The scent of fire passed by with the sound of a grunt before a loud thump. She had turned to face it but couldn't quite discern what happened. A body had been slumped over a bridge and a crimson trail of blood flowed down the river toward her. Diana got her legs up and out of the water. She was instantly illuminated by the light, out in the open. Phobos had woken, sitting up sleepily where she had been.
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3 Re: [D I R T Y D I A N A] on 09/11/18, 10:05 am

Knuckles was not a party person, and he surely wasn't about to celebrate anyone else's victory over the war.  If anything he was sort of mad he missed it all, though he knew he was doing good work fighting slavers in Riem. His body would move to the back door of the house they were staying in, the wood door would slide open as he stepped outside.  The moon was bright and blue? Sighing his body would lean on the frame as his eyes shut and his body would relax.   "It's times like these where I miss sitting in the bar with Ganbo and Jimmy, getting rich and getting drunk. OH well, the world isn't going to fix its self.

His ears would pick up on the sounds of cheers and yelling. He was glad he was no longer a law enforcer especially for things like this.  Knuckles would hate to be the guy to arrest someone for celebrating a victory well fought. Still, some people just needed to be put down.  Speaking of, Knux noticed Jahan was gone a little longer than usual. Perhaps he found someone to pass some time with and clear his head. There was also a chance someone would be trying to harm the World King.  Knux stepped outside and closed to door behind hind him before jumping onto the rooftop.  If Jahan was worthy of having him follow, he'd handle whatever came his way. After all, he did have a Djinn, and who could dare stand up to that alone? Knuckles wasn't even sure if he was strong enough to face that.

"Does he even have any gear with him?" Growling Knuckles looked down to his dart glove and figured it would have to be enough with his pure strength. It was true Jahan was a Black Lion, but even a Lion face a group of Ox at times.  "I'll give it a few more minutes. "


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4 Re: [D I R T Y D I A N A] on 11/11/18, 09:30 am

When he saw her, when he had actually set eyes on her his heart did not know which way to react. It had been far too long. He stopped in his tracks, his gaze wandered down and then back up. Before he knew it he was smiling again, and he stepped forward calmly. With every movement the feelings he had began to breathe new life. She was here again, a woman who might have been worthy of being his queen. He had remembered rolling through the grass with the white lioness, she had his heart which was so rare.

He didnt speak as he approached Diana, he met her beneath the starlit bridge and when he had finally been no more than a small few steps from her he stopped. He closed his eyes and grinned, not knowing what to say for the first time. So he spoke from his heart.

"Damn Diana, you got me lost for words huh? Its been a long time."

His first words to her had penetrated his own heart, he would usually hate this vulnerability. Yet he remembered her well, the woman who had nursed him back to normal, who would protect him if he could not protect himself. She looked so damn bad to him, maybe he just liked her but to him she was such a bad bitch. It didn't make sense.

"Fate gave me another chance."Jahan thought to himself. "I wont waste it."


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5 Re: [D I R T Y D I A N A] on 12/11/18, 02:07 am

Diana had picked up a familiar and a strange scent that clung to it from the still air. Could it be? Her attention turned towards the direction. She turned around half way before entirely whisking herself to fully face the figure approaching her.

"It has been a long time," her voice was soft and melancholy. They came from a place that held much truth. She couldn't start to count the days since she last saw him. Let alone her other missing companions. However, she was relieved he was still in one piece.

"You're still alive," she sighed in relief. Despite the king's presence, she still felt uneasy. A part of her couldn't forget the strange scent she had picked up under his own. "You have met more of our kin," she said, taking a few sniffs of the air. Her eyes shifted from side to side, wondering if they were close by.
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