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Magilloween ‘18: A Game of Chance

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Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur
Within some unknown and irrelevant district, an important man suddenly opened his eyes. Despite this, he could see nothing through the walls of darkness that surrounded him. He was uncertain of how he had come to be in this place. Reaching out his hand feel about the room for a clue as to where he was, or how to escape, he realised that something rough was biting into his wrists. His hands had been tied together with rope. His mind finally registered the situation he had worked up to, and his thoughts scrambled into an incoherent mess. Why was he here, when had he arrived, what was to happen to him?

    ‘No, no, no! You just had to wake up as I was setting up the scene!

    An unfamiliar voice stabbed into his temples as if a knife. The harsh sound scraped against his barely conscious mind, threatening his already fragile mental state. The taunting tone was that of a young man, but he could not establish that for certain.

    ‘How could you be so frightened! It was only a matter of time before things came back to bite you.

    An unsettling feeling crept along the length of his spine, perspiration dripping from his back as it slowly drew closer to his heart. What was it that he had forgotten which this person was now punishing him for? As fear threatened to close its icy grip on him, he struggled to free himself from his bonds. Twine bit into flesh. Muscles burned with ache. Thoughts slowed to a halt. Without his knowledge, he had succumbed to that noisy fear which now drummed a terrifying beat into his ears.

    ‘Stop struggling. You won’t be able to break free. Instead, how about I have some fun?

    A strange pain jabbed into his temple and uncomfortable static ran across his mind as if his thoughts were being forcibly pushed aside. In place of the pitch-black room, he saw a cell with four white chairs lined up against the wall. He gasped as he saw the familiar faces which were slumped in those seats.

    ‘Recognise them? You should, because they’re your wife, daughter, son-in-law and grandson. Now, here’s the game: each relative has a coin in their hand, but some have a hand scribbled onto the head’s side. If you manage to guess which one doesn’t have a hand on it, they all go free. But if it does, that person dies. Understand? Now lemme something fun while I kill the time!

   He could not comprehend this absurd situation. This person was simply killing some time by toying with his family? They would casually rip apart their lives for such a reason? They would force him to choose in such a way?

     ‘By the way, I have added a time limit now. I hate hesitation. Sixty seconds now, okay?

     ‘No, please… take one of my eyes or an arm if you want! Just don’t force me to make this decision!

    ‘I’ll happily take those with your permission!

    Without realising the full extent of what had happened, he suddenly lost half of his sight and the feeling in his left arm. Only when the sticky blood oozed into his mouth and taste the rusty liquid did he realise that his rash offer had been accepted. There was no pain. Just an emptiness. An emptiness that was even more unbearable than pain; his voice was hoarse from screaming that he had not heard himself let out. But the more he screamed, the more blood filled his mouth and bile clogged his throat.

    ‘Come on now, you told me to do so, didn’t you? So, have you learnt? You gotta make a choice.

    He spat out the remaining foul mixture in his mouth and answered with ragged breath.

    ‘So you chose your son-in-law? I’m not surprised, but I’m sad to tell you that it was a null choice. Remember when I told you one of them didn’t have a hand on their coin? That was a lie. The real answer is that they all did! Isn’t it so fun when the answer is something you’d never expect!

    He screamed to the point that the capillaries in his eyes burst and he cried literal tears of blood. However, his cries did not reach that person. No, they did reach him, but they only made him enjoy himself even more.

    ‘By the way, his family was only told that he would be choosing who would die, so make sure to take a look at the survivor’s faces! Now, have the familial bonds been shattered!? Can his grandson hold onto his sanity after seeing his father’s brains blown out right in front of his! This shocking footage has plenty to focus on!

    His mind was painted red with the blood of his family members. Red. Red. Red. His faithful wife, his dear daughter, his young son-in-law and his new grandson. Red. Red. Red. He could not bear to watch, but there was no way not to see this blood red scene.

   ‘Oh, it seems his heart stopped from the shock. How boring. I was intending on having more fun with him. But it seems I’ll have to stop here.

    Within some unknown and irrelevant district, five blood-stained figures slumped limply in red chairs.

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