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The Purge [Solo]

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Job Name: Dead by Midnight
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A noble family of Kou has been targeted by assassins, with one already dead. One of the elders believes that he is next, and requests for protection. Watch over his house and protect him from the incoming assassins. If he survives their attack, then you shall be rewarded. If he does not, expect trouble.

Enemy Name: Assassin x2
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Men dressed in skin-tight dark navy-blue ninja-esq armor. They wear masks and wield swords that deal B-tier damage, among several other ninja tools.
Smoke Bombs: The assassin throws out a smoke bomb that explodes, covering the room in smoke for one post.
Deathly Kunai: The assassin throws out two kunai daggers connected with a wire. Each kunai deals C-tier damage, and after contact has been made, the assassin pulls on the wire and retrieves his daggers once more.
Sword Slashes: The assassin lunges forwards and strikes four times with his sword, each strike dealing D-tier damage for a combined total of B-tier damage.

It was a fine day for the black haired girl because she got to visit this nice dumpling stall near the port, not only it tastes nice, it felt very peaceful there as well as if there was no such thing as a war that was going on there at the moment. The seller was a young man, although he never got the chance to serve the country in the war because he lost a leg when he was younger but he pledged to himself that he would help to make things better even if it was just a bit. And there he was, going around the country to sell dumplings, one of Kou’s delicacy with a cheap price… or even free for one who need it the most.

However just when Noir wanted to eat her last piece of dumpling, she could hear someone calling her from a far. The girl would look at the person slowly before tilting her head, wondering why he was here. “So you were here, I was looking for you.” The man panted as if he was just running around the town but after a few deep breathings, he could breathe normally again. “What is it, Zhu Liang?” The girl asked before she brought the dumpling to her lips before it suddenly fell to the ground before she could successfully put it inside her mouth. As annoyed as she was, Noir would try to keep her composure and waited for the man to talk.

“Sorry for your loss.”
Zhu Liang chuckled before grinning towards the young magician, but he knew better to not try and mock the girl any further if he still wanted to live. “Well, uhh, there is a noble family asking for protection. He believes his family is being targeted by an assassin and he is getting paranoid because one of the elders beside him was already killed.” The man would pause a little bit to see if Noir was still with him before continuing, “So, do you want to do the job? I mean since you said you were bored with nothing to do.”

WC: 354/1500


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"What makes you think I will accept the job?" Noir tilted her head, making the man gave a confused look. It was weird for the man that the girl would say something like that, usually she would nod to him and go to finish the job without much words. Little did Zhu Liang knew, Noir was excited at the moment as she finally get something to do. "Uhh...i mean you...uhhh..." Zhu Liang stuttered, didn't know what to say but when Noir gave a small laugh, he felt like he was dumbfounded. "I apologize, just feeling a little excited now that you gave me some thing to do. Thank you, Zhu Liang." The girl would cupped her chin on hee fingers before asking the man sone questions. "So, who is this noble and where they live?"

WC: 489/1500


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Zhu Liang clicked his tongue, feeling a little bit annoyed with Noir’s prank but it was new coming from the black haired girl so the man could only let out a sigh before crossing his arms. “You scared me a bit there. If you do it again I will make sure you can’t eat that dumplings anymore.” He would laugh when he saw Noir’s eyebrow raised, noticing how surprised she was when he said that although she didn’t really show her expression. Zhu Liang thanked himself that he had learned how to read micro expressions because he found it useful now when he needed to talk with Noir. “I am just kidding though. Alright, back to our business. This noble, they are from Li family, pretty famous around here but not sure what they were being famous for, perhaps a legacy from long time ago. Their house is located near the port, the 3 stories building with red colored roof. You can see it from here.” Zhu Liang would point his finger towards the mentioned house and Noir would quickly notice it although she was looking at it from afar. “The one with golden fish ornament attached at the sides of the roof?” The black haired girl asked, making sure. Zhu Liang would nod, “Yeah, that one. I have made the deal with the noble actually and now some of my men are guarding his house, so you can head out to the house and if the assassin came, you can just beat them up.”

“You already made the deal with them?” Noir asked back, staring at Zhu Liang as she tilted her head a little bit to the side. “If I don’t agree to do this job, what would you do?” The young magician would bombard the man with another question. “And I heard you are going out of town to do some intelligence things, so if the assassin wiped out your men if I disagree to help, what will you do?”

Zhu Liang laughed weakly, noticing the non-apparent anger coming from the black haired girl. “I believe you would take the job, so hahahah, well, I need to go now before it is dark. Good luck!” He said before he ran away as quick as a bolt of lightning.

WC: 870/1500


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