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The Red lion Hunts,and The Redeeming Light Leads The Way! (Knux/Sylvia)

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It was nearing night time as the sun was in the middle of the setting. The sky had a punk streak racing across it as the rays of light bounced off the clouds and moisture in the air. The streets had been busy all day, but as the sun started to fade so did the crowds.   Knuckles place his hands in his pockets as he looked out to the water and the reflection of the sky in it.  For once the man would actually be enjoying things like the sights the world had to offer.  Perhaps it was something that came with age, or perhaps it can with a calmer mind. It had been Two years Since he and Ganbo had joined the Unity Corps back in Reim, in those two years his life had changed a good bit.  The man looked to his hands reflecting on his journey of power up to this point.  There were many reasons for him to come this way, looking for the King's Killer, tracking more info on the salve route leading to Reim, and just who from the council was in on the slave trade.  Tonight, however, it was to focus on the slave trade.

Later on tonight he had a deal worked out, getting some information from a guy to take care of someone that was breathing heat down the guy's neck, a favorable deal to Knuckles.  Little did he know at this point, that would never happen.  

Awaking from his drift into his dream world, Knuckles would close his eyes as he looked up to the sky. "I'll find them Ganbo, don't you worry brother." He heard rumors his friend Taavetti had come this way too, it would be nice to find him as well and get the gang back together.  Still, even if he didn't find him while here he'd have to move on.

Turning his body away from the view his red throw coat would float in the air for a moment before swaying back down to his body. Taking a step the male would walk down the roadway until he noticed it was dark. Lit Candle lamps would provide a sign of the places open, finding a small tavern Knuckles thought a drink would be nice about now.

Walking inside it was much like he was used to from Reim just in a different style,  a light wooden bar which was able to seat about ten people in a single line before turning and fitting another 3 seats.  Along the wall were tables for groups that followed till the end of the small building.  Scanning the room he noticed nothing crazy or out of the ordinary.   His body would make it's way to one of the few open seats at the bar, it would happen to be empty on the straight row with a single person sitting where the bar curved. The rest of the guest were at the tables with friends or discussing business.

Taking a seat at the bar he would slowly speak as his voice would emit a very low sound, not a whisper but closer to it. There wasn't much noise like in Reim where the crowd was always yelling and enjoying themselves to the fullest. This place seems to be lower on the tempo.  "A small bottom of Amazake please."  He found a taste for this sweet Sake, while in Reim he enjoyed a good whiskey type of drink their alcohol here was stronger naturally.  As the bartender reached for the bottle she handed it to the man, responses he gave her some of the Kou dollars he had in his pocket.  Bowing to her he'd turn around as would remove the top from the Sake. Pouring a bit in the plate/ bowl he'd take a sip.

His emerald green hues would scan the door watching it and all who would enter as to not let anything sneak up on him.   While he was in Kou's city he tried to walk around without drawing as much attention as he could without his Slave tattoos and scars scarring people from him, or the fact he was a fanalis keep others attention. Due to this, he didn't walk around with weapons at all. They stated in his hotel room.  The man was just dressed in jewelry and clothing.

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Sylvia wasn't able to enjoy life in many ways other people do, finding her brother took top priority, it didn't mean enjoying other stuff was impossible, but it was truly rare if that thought ever left our young ladies mindset. He was a former slave, or still was to Sylvia's knowledge, that is why going into dark and shady areas was a must, even bars at times. Thinking about this didn't leave her sad anymore, life has turned this way and becoming soft-hearted, would only make her weak, things needed to change that is Sylvia's main thought most of the time. But for now, she was searching for him, picking up a lead about a slave trading organization. It wouldn't mean they are connected towards her brother, but it's a good guess she could pick up some useful information here, if not try and try again.

She would enter in a bar, which wasn't far from her hotel walking there right now, as the sunlight was fading away, becoming closer tonight. After entering inside, many eyes would focus upon our young lady, because well she looks like a noble, had the ideal of a princess, not fitting the image of someone who would enter a bar on her own, being truly beautiful. Many people sat together, some even asked for herself to sit with them, but without even gazing towards them, Sylvia walked past leaving more of that royal princess image.

She sat alone. "What can I get you miss?" She sat and asked him to get, something with alcohol in it which she drinks sometimes, but isn't that strong, being given a drinking cup and, something pink in a glass bottle. But it wouldn't take long for someone new to enter, a new man possessing red hair, looking like someone not to make your enemy unless you wish for trouble, and oddly enough sitting on the same row as Sylvia just on the opposite side, as she took a small sip of her wine.

The worst thing about someone like Sylvia sitting alone in a bar means weird and odd guys might get up and hit on her, which was a pain, but she had only come here for information. She did look at the red hair man for a brief moment Knuckles Shi, he was like her, what I mean by that is, he stands out in a crowd, sending out that different energy. "Miss is something wrong, you have been looking at that red hair gentlemen for a while." She would turn her head in a rush, having a slight blush because people might have the wrong idea. "No, I wasn't." He would be able to hear what the man asked Sylvia that was serving her drinks. She would leave this alone, for now, it was nothing, maybe she's over thinking this, it wasn't like he had any leads. Sylvia needed to be careful given her own weapon was back at her hotel, carrying a giant scythe wand with you all the time wasn't a good idea.

Many could say Sylvia's dress is far too much for your everyday wear, but not a princess, that likes looking respectable at all times being both cute and classy in appearances wearing it more than any other outfit. Right away it starts out with one single short pink dress, which doesn't cover much of Sylvia's body, but that is the main reason, she dawns a long extravagant white jacket, acting like Sylvia skirt, as her dresses frills are shown over. The jacket's design is uniquely tied using one single pink bow, and several gold buttons, not only showing Sylvia's cuteness but importance, possessing a similar style near her long sleeves. Now finishing this beautiful outfit design is white shoes, but has a unique style, being tied like ribbons, going upwards around both Sylvia's legs.



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He could feel the eyes peering as he sat at the bar sipping his Sake. This wasn't Reim where he was well known yet still everyone would focus on him from time to time.  Hearing the conversation over to his side me looked over in that direction. A pretty young woman sat there with her wine, she had a finer taste according to her style of dress, either being of Noble blood or just being rich. It wasn't too flashy but it was obvious she wasn't from these parts either.  Though he wondered why she left the top part of her chest so open.  He decided to ask but would break the ice first. "I'm used to it." His voice had a tone of pride when he said that. "Being stared at, that is. Everyone is shocked to see a Fanalis with slave tattoos walking around amongst them open showing them off instead of hiding them. I ain't got nothing to hide."

He'd look back towards the door taking another sip of his sake.  It wasn't that he was trying to be rude or that it was his intent. He was being simple-minded and spoke bluntly. "Besides Miss, you don't fit in here either. This isn't a good part of town and your surely not someone trying to lure a man into a trap in an alley way right? I mean sure you got that revealing top part of your outfit, but it's not that I'll do whatever you want me to  kinda thing." His emerald green hues would look back over towards her, his eyes looking at her hair more than anything. It was so long but all he could think was the disadvantages of having that amount of hair during a fight. It reminded him that not everyone was a fighter the way he was. From this distance, all he could tell is she had the body of a woman who lived a decent enough life. Nothing pointing towards a struggle to live. Though he didn't assume she had an easy life, after all, everyone struggles.

If Ganbo was here he'd try to pressure Knuckles into talking to her sweet like, try to get her to fall for him, tell her the stories of how he defeated a list of warriors in Reim, and how he was one of the best of the Country's Unity Corps members at one time. Likely even the tails of all the beast he has slain helping merchants.  There were many stories he could use to brag and build himself up but he wasn't trying to let who he get out there.  It wasn't that he was hiding but rather didn't want the attention.

Still, he couldn't help wonder what a woman who dressed like that was doing in a place like this and alone nonetheless. So, being the nice guy he was he'd pick up his bottle and take a seat near her but not right next to her leaving a chair between them. He'd face the door again watching the sky to get an accurate timeline for his meeting in a few. He probably had twenty minutes or so to waste.


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He was good looking and everything, but that enough wasn't the reason if she fell for someone so easily, then, well I wouldn't be a noble worthy of gaining power. A Fanalis it's not something Sylvia is used to seeing, but his slave tattoos, wasn't something he tried to hide, even bringing up what they were to Sylvia. "I see, wouldn't it be better for you, if you try to hide them in public places? You keep looking at the door a lot, I'm guessing your waiting for somebody?" She said not knowing why he was looking in that direction, well he did have slave tattoos, maybe waiting for his master? But one thing wasn't right about that he had confidence current slaves wouldn't possess.

She would take a sip from her drink as he started talking, then a blush hit Sylvia's face after he mentioned the top part of her outfit was showing. "You really are a brute and stop looking at my chest, it's just a style of clothes I like wearing when I travel." She said sounding annoyed at him. "And what about you. Gold jewelry, your chest is shown, and your drinking alone. If I didn't know better, you look like someone ready to pick up women, because you don't look like any slave I have met." She said, turning her back to him, so he couldn't keep looking.

But it wouldn't take long for him to stand up, and walk over near our young lady just one seat away, as she still had her back to him, keeping a slight blush still being a little embarrassed. "You're not going to try and pick me up now after that rude comment are you? Even without you saying something so mean, it wouldn't work anyway, I have a good feeling you couldn't charm any girl, even if your life was on the line." She said only thinking this because he was so open, and didn't think before responding, but he had the looks at least, a strong personality, but no Sylvia didn't feel that way about someone she just met.

But he was at least a former slave, maybe even still, as her eyes would look at him, wondering. "For someone so open about being a former slave, your confidence is more like a noble, unless this is all just an act you put on?" She said wondering what he would say. "Because you keep watching that door a lot. If I had to guess your date didn't show up?" She said now knowing he wasn't letting his focus leave it for even a moment. Sylvia was trying to find out some information.


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Laughter would come from his frame, his chest rasing as he did. "Hide them? I take pride in them. I gained my freedom by slaying my owners. The fools taught me how to use a sword and then I used it against them. I let these show so the next slaver who thinks he's big can come and try me."
She'd comment about him being a brute and wearing flashy jewelry and showing his chest. While she was right, he probably didn't have the room to talk about her outfit he guessed.

"I don't look like a slave you've seen because you've never seen a slave like me before. Once I became free I wanted to buy me nice things, so I gained money doing things until I could get what I wanted. " He'd shake his head to him trying to pick her up after making his comments. "I'm not that sort of guy. Picking up women is for men who have nothing better to do. Besides, a woman would have to prove herself capable of handling someone like me. " He was referring to his lifestyle though he was sure she wouldn't understand unless he told her.  

"Truth be told, I think you're right. I'm not a ladies man. To be truthful the last girl I thought I might get along with I ended up fighting her. " She would make comments about him looking at the door often as if he was waiting for someone. I" I'm not waiting for anyone, but I do have a plan to meet some guy later for business.  I'm keeping track of time by looking at the sky as it changes. As for my confidence well that comes from my accomplishments over the last two years." He'd take another sip of his Sake before refilling the cup.

His eyes would look back towards her, her back was to him, but her eyes would be looking at him. "I wouldn't take a girl to a bar on a date, not that I would know where to bring a woman here anyway or that I have ever been on a date. " She had some fire to her, he liked that. Though he doubted she was a fighter like him, he wasn't even sure women outside his race went for Fanails due to the reputation they had for being hot-headed.  

"And what of you? Waiting for some rich boy to come in and sweep you into the night? You probably like the delicate types you can boss around." As much as he wasn't one for idle chit-chat it would be lying if he said he wasn;t enjoy this company. It wasn't often he met someone who would speak back to him like this, especially a woman. While being a Famous warrior in the Reim Coliseum did bring a bandwagon of women he never partook. He wasn't really into that sort of thing, or even into dating. He had never found someone who would likely handle being with the monster he truly was. A man who made a living killing other warriors for riches and fame, or even a Unity Corps member who devoted more time to keep the peace than being at home. He would even go out training for weeks at a time.

He'd look back to the door one last time before turning around and setting his drink on the bar, his head facing forward. He needed to relax, no one was coming for him, not in Kou. "If I may be so forward, what bring you to Kou. You don't look like you're from this country."


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She didn't dislike his type, after all, he had guts. Many people that came out free from slavery would hide, well she didn't know if he was or wasn't, but the fact he could speak about it so freely was admiring at the very least. "I see, it's not something I can blame you for, in the end, they took your life away, and where stupid enough to teach you things that can be used against them. In other words, they wish to make a lion into a sheep, but all that did was make the lion roar louder." She gives an answer he might not have guessed. "Any slaver wishing to collect people like their own personal items doesn't have room to complain about what happens next if that person fights back." His laughter did show signs of his confidence, as she would sit normally again, no longer shy about the earlier comment.

"I don't know much about the Fanalis race, but I do know they like to fight, mostly the males, didn't think they cared about jewelry, but I already have an idea of your character. So I'm guessing one of the many reasons you wear it, is because people might wish to rob you, giving you another reason to fight correct?" That was odd he wants to date someone like himself? "What you wish to be with a girl who can fight you? Wouldn't that only be another Fanalis?" She said, knowing about their strength, but wouldn't believe how strong one really was until seeing it for herself.

She took a sip from her drink as he would continue talking. "I see what kind of business?" She said, wishing to learn more, so far, nothing he said sounded like a lie being really honest for some reason, he could tell the time in an odd way from looking at the sky, showing signs of his lifestyle. "No your wrong again, I don't date giving it's hard traveling all the time. But I like a guy who is strong, has confidence, doesn't lie staying towards his sense of honor and pride never allowing himself to stop moving forward no mattering their past, who will also not bow down to anyone, who also has a taste in fashion and keeps a respectable appearance, someone that isn't going to just agree with everything I say." Sylvia would speak again. "But dating a noble, who might have to marry another noble one day is a daring move, I doubt anyone has that kind of guts to challenge a noble family, well, unless they are a higher rank noble because there is no risk in it. But I don't need someone to save me."

She would answer his last question honestly because he has been so far. "Because I am not, my home burned down long ago. Now, I search for my brother who was made into a slave. But unlike him, he got me away in time, where now I live with a noble family that only wishes for me to marry a higher ranking noble, which will give them more power."


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Oddly enough she understood him? Was he misjudging her from the start? It seemed that way at least. She didn't even sound like she pitied him, but rather understood it. Her words were true, he was a lion a Red Lion of the Fanalis race.  She didn't even look slightly affected about him saying he killed the salvers, and then it became clear. How foolish, he hadn't noticed it before in her eyes. Perhaps she was just better at hiding it than he was, but she had the sorrow and pain within her eyes too.  She admitted that she didn't know much about his kind, besides their thrill for fighting.  "I don't think sex has anything to do with it. I met a female who hated her own race, and she drew a sword on me when I told her she was a Fanalis herself. I think women have the worst temper then men at times." Taking another drink he'd turn his head to face her. "But, we also have small tempers and incredible strength and speed making us the ideal weapon, or tool for anyone. Reim has an armory of us and dresses them with gold plates to try to make them feel special. The fools." He'd down the rest of his cup as his cheeks would start to get flushed with red from the drinking. "I
can promise you, usually, I don't wear anything but a single gold necklace I got when I became free.
He would pause for a moment. "And clothing too miss dirty mind." He'd tease at her."I don't care what the woman is really, I just don't want someone who I have to hide who I am from them like truly am. I would think a woman who could fight or is a fighter would understand that better than others." He'd look over to her and grin.

She'd ask about his business but he'd just play as if he forgot about it.  Not that he cared if she knew, but he didn't want anyone to be involved in any dirty work later down the line if something like that were to happen. Instead, he'd sit there and listen to her talk about how he was wrong about her and what he said about the guys she was into. "OR is that just what you tell yourself since you have a hard time to pick guys up in something like that? I'm joking" He'd mutter a laugh. "You are an attractive woman, but you really shouldn't close yourself off because you Travel often. Merchants make a living traveling. Some are even of Noble blood."

She'd then talk about her past a bit, if not for her brother this conversation would have never happened. How bad did he fell, all this talk like she was something that couldn't ever truly grasp who he was? She might not have been a salve be she knew the pain of a family being split apart from it. For her sake she was lucky she didn't get found, she'd would have been raped and killed long ago.  He was quiet for a moment. He didn't even move until he closed his eyes and lowered his head. "I can see I was a fool to think you of just a noblewoman, of course, that's where the spirit of your comes from." Leaning his head back he'd look up to the ceiling his face cleaned of emotions of expressions just a blank stare. "Would you happen to know what Slave Organization it would have been? Hm no they must have been freelancers at that time giving your age.  "

Standing from his seat he would finish off his bottle before turning to the woman and place a hand out to her. "My name is Knuckles Shi, know in Reim as the Savage of the Coliseum. I left Reim to find slave groups. If you know who took your brother I will make them pay." The thought of killing came to his mind, and with his expressions returned to his face, his head would tilt to the left and back a bit as his left hand pushed his hair back making it spike a bit.


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