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Nefertiri's Vault 8df7YAH
Name: Nefertiri Bastet
Country Affiliation: Heliohapt
Race: Magician
Tier: D-Tier
Class: Magician - Life
Age + Birthdate: 17 + 6/6
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Nefertiri is a passionate young woman with a strong will and an nearly unbreakable spirit. She always speaks her mind even at the cost of another person's feelings and is really not the one for subtly. She doesn't make it a habit to lie and would rather tell the truth when it's needed and less because it's the honorable thing to do. Due to the best educators teaching her Nefertiri is quite intelligent and because of her intelligence she is not easily fooled. She hardly if ever takes anything most people say at face value and is quick to scrutinize before accepting anything as true. Because of her upbringing she is very prideful and places her family first before most things. She is quick to defend them if someone is trying to hurt them or slander their name. Most of the time she comes off as a no nonsense sort of individual and it's really only towards people who she doesn't know. Anyone lucky enough to get more friendly with her will see she is a very emotional and open person who enjoys fine food and sneaking hard liquor when she thinks her mother isn't watching her like a hawk.

Being the daughter of a priestess places Nefertiri in a very special branch of society. Mostly everyone expects her to uphold the teachings and such of the gods they praise. As passionate and sometimes overbearing as she can be Nefertiri is humble in the face of her gods and loves them with her whole being. She feels that she has been blessed like her mother by the gods, giving her the ability to control the rukh and the love of the gods comes in the form of the rukh. She is quick to defend her beliefs against others and she isn't too fond of outsiders who would try to convert her to their religious belifs or otherwise discredit her gods. She praises both Ra and Anubis equally, something rare since most people choose one of the gods to give most of their attention to. Her attitude towards them is nothing but positive, almost blindly so as she will follow her pharaoh to the end's of the earth and believes all people she bend the knee to him and their gods.

Hardly having to actually fight, she cares little for battle but she loves the rush it gives her. The ability to command and control the rukh puts her on a high that she can't get anywhere else. She does not toy with or speak to those she calls her enemy, something she learned from her mother. If she is going to battle outside of a spar, she attempts to go for the kill in the fastest way possible. She respects anyone she enters battle with but she uses any tactic that will help her win because really there is no such thing as " dirty " when it comes to fighting for your life.

Alcohol: Because of her religious practices she hardly gets to enjoy things that are just bad for her. But when she gets the chance she sneaks some into her system with friends who are honestly bad influences all around.

Reading: Despite her explosive personality Nefertiri enjoys reading quite a lot and one can frequently find her reading over the scriptures and enjoying stories around the feats of the gods.

Cold Weather: Being born and raised in a relatively warm area, the cold is not one of her favorite places to be, especially since the clothes one has to wear in the cold is very restrictive.

Blasphemers: Her love for her gods causes her to detest those who would do wrong against them, especially those lower than dirt people who commit blasphemy against her gods and what her people believe in.


Nefertiri wants to take what her mother has done one step further and be someone who is not only a high priestess of the country but someone who could be the pharaoh's closest confidante. She wants a relationship with him only because of his status as Pharaoh and his connection with the gods because she wants to be someone that the gods recognize. She believes if she can spread the word of her gods and convert others, or at least do something significant enough to gain the attention of the Pharaoh then she'll be one step closer to her current goal.

When she was younger a man from kou promised to teach her things he was sure she wouldn't learn anywhere else. He promised he would come back to Heliophat for her but since then he never has. Nefertiri could never forget that man and has made it her duty to find him, and hold him to his promise. She hopes that one day when she does find him he is well and had not forgotten her.

Being the ever studious and ambitious sort, Nefertiri wants to create new magic of her own. Something powerful and fantastic that will sway the hearts of outsiders to give themselves to the ancient gods that she praises. She wants to make a magic that will allow her to be blessed with the powers of her gods. A magic that will help protect her family and those she loves.

In her quest for power and recognition, Nefertiri has learned of the mysterious dungeons that has popped up across the world. She wants to conquer one herself or at least help her country gain the riches inside of one of them. She wants to learn about what's inside and hopefully gain a bit of the power within it.


Black Rukh: She's heard about the Black Rukh in hushed whispers and scary stories. How the gods gave it as a curse just as the white Rukh was a blessing. How it eats away at a person and pulls them further from grace only to be left as a husk. Nefertiri had thought it only to be a rumor until she saw it with her own eyes. It's a fear that she tells herself she does not have to worry about because of her devotion to her gods, it's a fear that deep down inside of her eats her alive.

Face-Claim: Okita Sōji (Alter)/ Fate Grand Order
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 152.4 cm
Weight: 54.43 Kg
Nefertiri, in the prime of her youth glows with the essences of vigor. She looks to be a slim girl with (mostly) subtle curbs and a ballerina-esque shape to her. She moves with confidence and grace, each step powerful and precise with no clumsy fault in her movement. Standing at a height of five feet one can see the budding flower starting to grow into the body of a healthy teenager. Nefertiri weighs in at one hundred and twenty pounds, her body toned but not so much so that she seems muscular.

Her facial structure is very soft, holding no hardened features that would cause anyone to mistaken her for anything but female (that wouldn’t be the only thing). Sharing the same warm cocoa skin color as her mother shows that she is a blood born citizen of heliophat. Her eyes are sparkle like a Golden jewel that can convey every emotion imaginable. Falling to her the small of her back, rich, thick, Ivory locks frames Nefertiri's rather heart shaped head. She maintains her hair well enough and only cuts it short about once a year. Her clothing varies but it's usually something easy to move in.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features: N/A


Nefertiri was born from Cleopatra a high priestess in heliophat along with her elder twin brother who is only her elder by a fraction of a second. Her father was a high priest but that was after he moved on from the royal guard due to some injury protecting the last pharaoh. Her family is relatively big due to having multiple siblings, all of which she loves dearly and truly. Growing up she was given only the best, from her education to the food she ate and the clothing she wore. Her mother was someone she looked up too and admired but her twin brother was her best friend and she told him everything. Some would say the two were inseparable but that was debatable. As soon as Nefertiri was old enough to walk and talk she was taught the scriptures of the ancient gods and duties of a priestess. It was clear very early on that Nefertiri was blessed by the Ruhk, causing her to be constantly doted on by her elders and given extra special attention in order to groom her and her abilities. As a young child Nefertiri was obedient and respectful to those around her, even if her curiosity got her into trouble it was usually brushed off because she was such a pleasant child. Unfortunately Nefertiri wouldn’t be a child forever and as she climb in age she started to change like all children do.

As Nefertiri entered her pre-teen years her hormones began to take over. She wasn’t so interested in being told what to do and when to do it by others, and she didn’t take to kindly to disrespect of her, her gods, or her family. The quiet child that bewitched everyone around her was now gone and in her place was a young woman who was more like her mother each day that passed. The people around her began to show more respect as she realized what sort of power she had due to her position because of her family and because of the path she would take. It wasn’t until she met a mysterious man not from her own home that she realized that there was a bigger world outside of Heliophat. This intrigued her and of course she wanted to leave her home to see what the world had to offer. She knew that she would never be able to just go, especially at her age and so she crafted up a plan to make a break for the world outside. Nefertiri would of course come back because she had planned to share her newfound knowledge with her family about whatever it was that she did find out there and it would all start with the man she had met that sparked her interest.

With a plan and some wit she got passed the guards who protected her and she even managed to slip past a few other patrolmen all in order to sneak into the caravan that she knew was led by the mysterious man. Her plan was to hide out until they were far enough away so he couldn’t take her back, unfortunately for her she had gotten into the wrong caravan and was kicked out in the middle of the desert or at least what she thought was the middle of the desert. As it turns out that Caravan was already up to some shady shit and she found herself wandering into the Desert of Forgotten Souls, unbeknownst to her of course. Fortunately for Nefertiri she was blessed by the Ruhk…. Also that mysterious man happen to find her before she got too deep into the danger zone. It was either a blessing or a miracle either way it only strengthened her bond for her gods and lessened her desire to leave her country anymore. During that ordeal Nefertiri found out that the man she had been fascinated by was a man from Kou who shared the same magic as her. The man’s name was Arata and her promised he would come back and teach her things that he was sure she couldn’t learn in her own country. With that he left, it was the last time she saw him.

The years continued to go by and things went on as usual for Nefertiri. She grew and learned many things on her path to becoming a priestess. It wasn’t until her mother got sick that she stopped her studies and gave all her attention to helping her mother get better and taking care of her siblings. Nefertiri grew frustrated as her mother wasn’t getting any better and her twin brother had been missing. She would find out that her mother had sent her brother away to look for someone, but Nefertiri never found out who. This frustrated Nefertiri even more, enough for her to search for her brother in order to get some answers.

Role-Play Sample:
She could only blink and breathe. Words wouldn't form in her mouth nor her mind, emotion was void from her face, and for a moment she wasn't even on the same realm of existence. Everyone near her held their breath and the only sound that could be heard was a constant but small meowing sound. It didn't take long for her to snap back to reality as a smile played on her face and she found herself bending down, scooping up a small ball of loud cream colored fur. " Thank you..." It was really the only words she could manage to mutter as her heart fluttered with this delicate life wiggling in her arms before finding a spot comfortable enough for it's taste. The young priestess knew she couldn't accept this gift, but it was damned hard to say no to it. Her golden gaze moved from the purring creature to the person who gave it to her. She didn't know what else to say but it didn't matter, she didn't need to say anything...


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  • Primary - Magician
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -

Loved By The Rukh:
Trait Name: Loved By The Rukh
Trait Tier: -
Trait Requirement: Magician Race
Trait Description: Blessed and loved by the rukh, magicians have a deeper connection with it than any other race.
Trait Effect:

  • Able to see the rukh and communicate with it.
  • Access to the "Borg" racial ability.

Enhanced Magoi:
Trait Name:Enhanced Magoi
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: -
Trait Description: Blessed by the rukh, the player has an unnaturally large pool of magoi to draw from.
Trait Effect: +20 Max Magoi



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D-tier Abilities

C-tier Abilities

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

Social Abilities


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Staff Of The Ancients:

Nefertiri's Vault KASZiKI

Name: Staff of the Ancients
Tier: D
Material: Gold, Obsidian, Ivory
Appearance: A beautifully crafted Staff that stands almost as tall as Nefertiri at Four feet and eight inches ( about 142 cm ). Its shaft is crafted from ivory, and the centerpiece is made of obsidian with seven golden accents crafted to appear like feathers, most likely a reference to the Falcon which is the symbol of the ancient god Ra. The staff is lightweight and reacts to Nefertiri's Ruhk by glowing in different patterns along its centerpiece when she uses her magic. This is purely aesthetics and nothing more than a reminder of the god's presence.

The shaft of the staff has a 5.08 cm diameter, making it easy to move around in Nefertiri's delicate hands. The centerpiece of the staff has a 15.24 cm diameter while the feathers look to vary in size due to their placement on the staff they all stand at a height of 10.16 cm.




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