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Unusual Help [Job/Solo]

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Amatus Laertes

Amatus Laertes
There was one principle that Amatus liked to indulge himself on: never be ashamed of your body. You can always improve it - but if you're proud of it, then show it off. The statement became further cemented ever since he had changed himself into this... Crystal Kin.

Sure, there were wary eyes on the principle that he was neither Magician nor Fanalis nor Human nor Imuchakk. All the above would've been better, in their eyes, than the creature he was perhaps. No longer human - maybe they wondered if he still had a heart in that body made from gems (the answer is no, but he still had emotions and thoughts, thank you).

But, there was one thing that never changed - young children like sparkly things.

Two pairs of hands latched onto his long hair. "Papa, papa, it's really jewels!" A young voice shrieked, her fingers entwining in the surprisingly soft mane.

"A-ah, ah, s-so sorry about them!" A new voice entered the fray as an older gentleman caught up. One look at him told Amatus that he was surely wealthy. Dressed in the finest of silks, he tugged his (presumably) two children away. Just like their father, they were similarly dressed in the latest of Reim fashion.

Despite the eager expression the twin girl and boy wore, their father seemed more hesitant. Was he stuttering out of fear or because he was out of breath? Perhaps he was worried himself of a man who was obviously not human. No longer human.

"Haha, it's no problem! They are just children." Amatus offered a sweet smile before kneeling down. He held out his palms, brows knit in frustration before a quartz slowly began to form out of the "skin". The two children watched, eyes wide before gasping as a crude figurine of a fish appeared in his hands.

All the while, the father watched with hawk-like eyes. He fidgeted from one leg to another, hands wringing over as the children picked up the crystal carp and passed it between them. Finally, he broke the silence. "I would hate to bother you, young man, but you see, I'm awfully busy."

The rich man, someone he'd learn to find out is named Flavius, paused. Red eyes met hazel, Amatus prompting him to continue with whatever favor that was about to be asked.

"My wife has left me in charge of the house for the day," his voice dropped at the revelation, ears flushing redder than his hair. "But I'm afraid I don't have the time for that. I'll pay you handsomly if you can watch over Claudia and Soren and handle some of the chores." Finally a hopeful smile twisted Flavius's lips, his raised brows pushing wrinkles into his hairlines.

But before any answer Amatus could give, two arms - one on either side- wrapped around his elbow. "Please, sir!! It'd be so much to play with you!" Twin voices begged, eyes moistening as the edges of their mouths wavered, barely withholding cries.

"It'd be my pleasure to help."

First things first, take the kids shopping. The moment he said yes, Flavius whisked off with shouts of "prepare dinner by six and tuck them in before eight!". Bothersome really, but hey - he didn't have anything better to do. The most problematic thing was the fact that Flavius entrusted his children and a business meeting to a total stranger. Perhaps he had heard of the gladiator who turned to crystal? But then that'd be even worse, letting your children play with warriors who killed men and beast for sport...

"Now, don't the either of you run off." Amatus warned as he glanced down at the two children. Owlish green eyes stared back before the twins giggled to themselves. They swung his hands in theirs - each holding onto one for themselves.

So what to buy first...

The decision was made for him as Soren tried to drag him in the direction of a tent selling exotic toys. Unfortunately for him, six-foot-three-inches worth of gem was too heavy for him to tote. Regardless, Amatus allowed for a pit-stop to see what the two liked.

Once they were done (Claudia had gotten herself a plushie of some Kou rabbit and Soren a wooden sword), it was time to drag them to where merchants were selling greens.

The door to the mansion closed with a thump behind them. Bags dangled from his elbows, and from the free hands of both twins. Now that they were home, it was time to prepare dinner. Thankfully for Amatus, there were other servants to assist in the daunting task.

Already they had a menu prepared, so all he had to do was just cut up some of the vegetables and meats. It was a task he thought easy at first, but it turns out that slicing and dicing produce is different from doing the same to living monsters. Oh well, the stew would hide their irregular shapes.

Once that task was done, he was left with stirring the pot. Remedial work, really, but it was better with manual labor. Plus, it allowed his mind to wander. What sort of goods did Flavius sell as one of Reim's most wealthiest merchants? Must be exotic, considering the sheer abundance he lived in, from what he saw of the house so far.

"Hey, you, Dungeon Beast! Come here and rotate the meat!"

A voice snapped from ahead of him. Tsh, dungeon beast?

Amatus pulled the spoon out, settling it on the counter by the soup's pot. He then gave a glance towards the boy who shouted at him. A Fanalis, if the hair and eyes were anything to go by. A former slave, from the shadows on his legs and wrists. Perhaps he could let the name roll off, it wasn't that bad anyways.

Padding over to the grill, heat washed over his skin. The bar was hot to touch, but that was due to the fire that sat beneath the pig. "Good, handle this while I'm gone." And with that, the Fanalis servant whisked away, uniform blending with the rest of the staff.

"Come ooooonn, Amatus! I wanna play fight!" Soren latched himself onto his leg the moment he stepped out of the blistering kitchen. His fingers wrapped tight around his knee, though no efforts to pull were made. At least he learned one lesson today.

"I suppose I could, hm. But should I really?" He smiled mischievously at the child, prompting wide eyes wet with tears. A good actor, that one. "Fine, fine. Go get your toys, hm." And with those six words, Soren scampered off to wherever his bedroom was.

But that left plenty of time for the other one. A weight wrapped itself around his hand, prompting Amatus to glance down at Claudia. "I wanna participate too! Oooh, what if you were my knight, I'm a Reim princess, and Soren was a Kou general coming to take me away!" The little girl swooned, tugging on his fingers.

"That could work," Amatus mused, airy chuckles escaping him.

The door to the children's bedroom closed with a soft click. From the living room came the noise of music as guests enjoyed the feast he helped make. Already he had done some of the chores - sweeping the floors and wiping the furniture to help Flavius prepare. Honestly, how did a man like him become successful? But the idea of the paycheck drove him on.

All that was left was to take care of the remaining rooms. He didn't dare enter the master bedroom, but he took to one of the many offices. With a rag, he brushed down surfaces to clean them of dust. Messy piles of books and scrolls were rearranged to their shelves. Papers were stacked on desks.

The bathrooms he left to the other servants, but Amatus followed yet another Fanalis servant to the laundry room. There, his job was simply to stir the giant pot of sheets whilst others folded what had been cleaned already.

Night had fallen by the time Amatus was led to the front steps of the mansion. Even in the dim light of the moon, his hair sparkled brilliantly, his face tinted red. "Was your wife pleased with "your" work?" Amatus teased, his arms folding across his chest. He'd be sure to return - the woman was beautiful indeed.

"Yes, yes, she was! You can't imagine how grateful I am," Flavius stuttered, pulling a large bag. From within coins rattled. Quite a lot, too. "As I promised, this should be enough. Say, are you free next week too?"


WC: 500+/500
Magoi: 50/50
Stamina: 170/170

Job Name: A Man in Need
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3000 Hung + 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: N/a
Job Overview:
You will be going about your everyday life, when you bump into a rich guy who needs help. You must visit his house at least once during the mission.

He will need one of the following everyday tasks to be done:
1. Helping him look after Kids, which he has been given the task of baby sitting.
2. Household Chores
3. Cooking for an important Guest
4. Shopping
The job should take at least 2 hours to complete depending on what you pick.

On completion he will pay you for your help, whether you like it or not.


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