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Building up a Country [Job/Solo]

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1Building - Building up a Country [Job/Solo]  Empty Building up a Country [Job/Solo] on 05/10/18, 01:28 pm

Job Details:
Job Name: Building up a Country PT 2
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Reward: 3,000 Huang, 50 Exp
Job Prerequisites: Pt 1 of the job chain
Job Overview: There was no luck in gaining any help or so it seemed, one man approaches you, his name is Jackie. Jackie tells you of a place to meet where other locals also feel this way. Head there and see what they are about.

It had been a few days since Bass would have entered the chamber to talk with the public officials of the area.  Since then he was a bit lost trying to find ways of how to help change the country for the better.  Hauling in his goods from his hunting trip this morning, he walked over to the usual stand where he conducted his business.   "Good morning, same deal as always, three hog pelts, 2 rabbit pelts, and a few vegetables.  Bass sold the same things he could to the same people, see the vendor he was selling this morning hunts stuff to was a guy who made clothing from hides, really good ones too. The vegetables were just stuff he enjoyed to snack on while doing his work. A trade like this was always good. Because of the type of trade the two were in they had good business for each other. Bass would get some clothes for free here and there and the vegetables were always something Bass would just give the old man. They had a good relationship, as did most of the vendors in this area with their customers.   Though corruption was slowly coming into  this street,  there were more and more thugs trying to come and collect pay for protection,  The vendors here would always handle them therm selves and send them running off, but as the numbers grew and the names behind the thugs got bigger less and fewer people wanted that sort of trouble, after all these were all family ran business, no one wanted their family hurt over a few bits of coin a month.

Bass was saddened by this if things didn't change soon he feared the people would raise up and not only fight back but join in eventually.   After selling his good and bidding a good day to Arbdu he'd start his shopping in town.  While walking through a market and an older man would walk up to him. His was bald, wore a long chin beard that was littered with grey hair as if he spilled floor on it weeks ago and it had dried in the hair.   "Excuse me young man, but you wouldn't happen to be the one named Bass would you?" Confused to how the man knew his name Bass would nod.  

"I see, you probably don't recall me but I was one of the men in the room with you when you spoke to the public figure officials, may we speak in private?" Bass looked the man over, he was telling the truth he recalled the man standing behind mean on the upper level look down on him. Perhaps he was an assistant?

  "Oh I see, apologies sir I didn't recognize you.  Please lead the way." And so Bass would follow the elder man into a cafe, the two at the rear of the building alone, live music was being played on a  wind flute, it was a calming and relaxing tone. Bass very much enjoyed it, perhaps he'd learn to play.

WC 508/500


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After having a seat with the man, he slipped Bass a note. On it read the address of a building in an area Bass knew of but never went. It wasn't near the market it was closer to the ports, where a lot of shady business went down. "I know this area, what are you trying to do to me old man?" The elder man chuckled.

"No one looks for people meeting here, its simply too common young man. ANd please, call me Jackie."

It made sense, even though he had his doubts it was in his nature to be trusted, which would probably lead to his death one day. Very well, what am I looking for here? Intel?" Jackie would shake his head no and wait until their tea was served before answering.

"Like minded people.  Those who also feel the way of the country is being corrupted and needs to be saved.' Bass would slip the note into his pocket and then have his tea. Once done Bass would thank the man before heading out. He was going to check this place out tonight, scope it out to see if it was truly safe.


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