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Siblings Adventure [Job/Tenma]

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Job Name: Greedy Bandits
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A group of rag-tag thieves known as The Vultures have been targeting small, unprotected villages within Kou during the civil war. Anyone who seems like easy pickings are liable to be attacked by their small group, anything of value stripped before they escape to the next town. They will either attack a harmless villager (who will repay you for saving her) or go after your own person (and upon their defeat, you're free to take their money for the trouble).

Enemy Name: Thieves x6
Rank: B-tier
Needed damage to take down: B-tier
Description: Each thief is dressed in black rags and leather, with white bindings around their necks and a red mask of a vulture to protect their identities. They reek of booze, and each one carries a Dao sword or a pair of hook-swords. Their swords deal B-tier damage and they move at C-tier speeds.
Double the Trouble: A thief wielding hook swords rushes at their foe, swinging one sword and then another in an X-pattern. Each swipe is a C-tier attack for a combined total of B-tier damage.
Dancing Bird: A thief with a Dao sword lunges forwards and thrusts his blade, stabbing a foe for C-tier damage before swinging the sword for an additional worth of C-tier damage. Together, the attacks deal B-tier damage.
Coward's Dance: A thief holds his blade(s) in the air as he nimbly jumps out of the way an incoming B-tier attack. He's capable of avoiding multiple strikes that add up to B-tier damage.

“The wind feels nice…” Noir thought to herself as she leaned against the tree branch, didn’t know what brings her to get a time for herself. Perhaps the war had affected her and it made her wanting to get a piece of calm sometimes. Her current spot was the best place that she could find so far and she liked staying there for a while, letting the friendly wind to caress her skin and putting her to a peaceful slumber. A sigh escaped her lips though, because although she got a quality time alone for herself, Noir couldn't help but to catch herself thinking a lot. What could be inside her mind? It was a lot of things, sometimes it was about the war, or it could be about herself, her goals as well as other things. Sometimes she felt silly for overthinking but perhaps it was just her bad habit for doing so...

Not only that, the girl was wondering to herself about what kind of stuff that she should do for today, at least she wanted to do something different than what she usually did in order to survive from this boredom. Perhaps she should go to look at this job board? Maybe there would be some jobs available for her to do that will pay her well although she was not that sure especially when the land was still in a bad condition due to the war.

WC: 240/1500


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A sound of gentle melody filled the entire room as Tenma played his flute, there was a mellow yet calming vibe being hinted from the tune as if it was trying to depict the swordsman feeling to life. Unfortunately his solo concert will have to end soon as there was a knock of his door, it was not a loud knock but it did sound urgent. When he opened the door, there was a soldier with worry took over all the color of his face and with a stuttered voice, he tried to deliver a message to the black haired man. While it was strange enough that the soldier didn't go to other people, for example his captain or people on the same level but Tenma decided to not pry more into the matter. He could tell that the soldier was not hiding anything shady behind the information, so he would start to prepare himself to investigate the matter.

Tenma thought that he might just go alone to this place, although it wouldn't hurt to bring one more reliable companion. Not to mention that he trust this person deeply, even willing to give his life to protect her. He would wander through the palace although his instinct was the one that led him to this person that he was seeking and praise his instinct because it took him not long to find this peculiar someone. Perhaps it was true that blood is thicker than water? Tenma was amused by his own skill to be able to find his sister easily. "Trying to fall asleep there? That is so you." He would chuckle as he looked up towards the girl who was sitting on the tree branch. "If I tell you that I have an interesting mission, would you come with me? Apparently a group of thieves, known as The Vultures have been targeting several unprotected villages in a row."

If the girl was willing to come with him, then Tenma would gladly escort her towards where the thieves would show up next. He was sure that the thieves would be sorry for what they did, not because he think he would beat them into pulp, but his sister might be the one who would rip their head off... Oh well, he would see later.

WC: 384/1500


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Noir's ears perked up when she heard what Tenma said, it sounded interesting and she wanted to take the job even though she had to do it with other people. Although she thought that if it was Tenma as her mission partner, then sbe had no reason to decline. The one eyed man had always gave Noir a reliable vibe, not only that, she felt like she had known him like forever. "Alright. But..." She couldn't help but to ask this question, "Why did you asked me to accompany you?" The man could have decided to go alone and victory would be still in his hand, maybe he wanted some kind of change? She didn't know but she will find out as soon as he answered.

The girl would then climbed down from the tree and wondered what she would do to those grou of thieves. She was in no need to prepare for her mission, what she had on her was enough and she would be ready to go now. Although there was one more thing left, the girl would whistle with her hand and called her beastly companion, when he came,she would be fully prepared.

WC: 440/1500


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