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The Tall Tale of Two Rays of Hope: The Magical Maestro and The Crossroad Kid [Noir/Sesshomaru/Main Hall/KILL VIABLE]

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The black haired girl knew she had to find a way to reach the end of the room sooner as the area was being destroyed by the force from the outside. Well that might be one thing, but perhaps trying to beat the wraith could be a second option as well. Although Noir knew it would be very difficult especially when the ice lady was able to deliver strong attacks four times in a row towards each of them.

Moreover, as strange as it felt. The young magician could feel something inside, as if something was trying to make her feel all the pain and the woes. She believed that the ice lady might be the one behind this but she wasn't sure how she could do that. However this was enough to make Noir being reminded of the past events, especially death related ones. There was a scene going through her head, the scene of Ariella who died protecting her from the manticore in that mysterious island, the scene where she accidentally swung her scythe towards Yaku, killing him. Scene where Ayero slapped her for getting Ariella killed… scene where she was a slave and all the hardships she faced during that dark times… The black haired girl shook her head, it was distracting and she knew she couldn't let herself distracted with those thoughts. A past is in the past and she had to let go…

“Having a hard time resisting your pathetic moment from the past?” A chuckle could be heard inside Noir's head, her own voice was speaking to her, her own dark side. “Let me take control, then I can assure you those dark past wouldn't affect you anymore.”

As she ran, Noir would try to control herself. It was already hard with the negativity that she felt and Rion was becoming even stronger as Noir tried hard to resist. “Don't…” And she was gone…

“Don't kill them? I know, i am not stupid. Besides…” Rion chuckled, happy to finally able to take control again. She would look back towards the ice lady to see what she was really like, but the timing was bad because the ice creature was sending some kisses and Rion knew it wasn't a gentle and warm kisses. As she gripped her staff of storm tight, pointing it down and then lifting it up, Rion would merrily chant, “Parete Lavica~.” before adding more magoi to scale it three times, to basically let the lava clash with all the snowballs as two rows of four lava walls emerge from the ground blocking the path of the kisses. “Besides… she looks pitiful…” Rion chuckled to herself before continuing to run, couldn’t wait for what will happen next.

Meanwhile, the older magician was holding the scarred side of her face as she remembered about her son’s death. “Akatetsu…” But the liger that she was mounting was affected with the sadness as well as he remembered about how his mother died… brutally dead because of cruel humans. There was a soft growl coming from his mouth as he continued to run towards the end of the room.

Magoi/Stamina: 372/220

Ability Used:

Parete Lavica
Tier: B-tier
Class: Magician
Requirements/Drawbacks:Noir need point down her staff and point it upwards as if she is lifting something before she use the spell
Scaling: Hits [Scaled 3x]
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30|15
Description: Using lava magic, Noir produce lava from her staff/wand to shape like a quarter sphere. The sphere size would be up to 1m - 3m depends on what the user want and it will protect anyone who is behind the sphere from B-tier attack. Scaling this ability will make Noir available to add more layers in front of the sphere. If the enemy touches the wall, it will sets them on fire at points of contact burning them for D-tier damage once per post of three posts unless the flames are extinguished.


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The red head adventurer shouts with triumph as he successfully deflected a icicle. He had never successfully parried an attack before. He had tried and tried over and over in training any failed every time. However as soon as had his moment of triumph he began to feel am overwhelming sadness. He himself hasn't had enough experience in the world to have much sadness besides when he lost his parents, however he promised he would never let thier deaths affect him. He could feel the sadness from those who lost thier lives in this room as well but he must let that affect him, not now. He would tell and slap his face with both hands, "huah!!!!" he would shout before looking at no it's group seeing them being affected worse then he was. He would inhale and shout at them as well, "Snap out of it ya three! You all act like this is a big deal, overcome this and surpass your limits!" he says in his normal foolish member before seeing the snowballs coming to them. Not seeing Noir use another spell he would jump off the orb soaring through the air before landing and running a bit ahead of the other two singing his own song of triumph.

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The wraith would let out a sigh once again as her attacks had failed to hit the group. It was bothersome to the spirit. Her heavy heart already carried so many woes. Her sadness, her cold power began to swell as they all raced through the room. She was going to come after them ferociously. As her blue face appeared in the steam from the colliding snow and lava she stared at them. The cold was coming to grasp them. Unlucky for them, the wraith wasn't the only undead that wanted the dungeon divers in their group.

Ten icy corpses stood across from them, they were 20m away at the moment. They all carried swords so ranged attacks would be hard. At least that's how it seemed, they all raised their swords for a salute, for a Dance of Ice. As the wisps of magic shot forth from their blades into the ceiling an icy assault followed. The spears of ice would violently crash into the ground, shattering on impact and impaling any unlucky enough to fall under them.

To make matters worse the cold was now coming for them. They could see the Cruel's Winter's Night moving. A flurry of snow would collapse in on them as she cast her Sweeping Mist. It rushed in, a rolling cloud of cold that would envelop everything before the Wraith. They would need some sort of defense against the attack. There was also the attack from the above, and the 10 undead that they would need to kill before they got too close. It was unlikely they were going to get a break from all of the excitement anytime soon.  

The sadness was beckoning even in the danger before them. It was calling out to them, speaking, There was something that wanted to know their feelings, it was looking for their strifes. It wasn't quite obvious at first. It was just a thought, however soon it would ring throughout their mins.

"What worries and brings you woe, losing to yourself or a foe,  But what of your failures do you know, or wish to own?" the voice spoke softly but with a power.

It was an overwhelming moment, so much was coming towards them so fast. It was uncertain if there would be more to come in the room as well.

How would they choose to face the icy onslaughts before them? Even their new dungeon partner was waiting to cast his magic. They would need to act fast, for once the ice had them in it's grips it would be over for them.

Dm notes: 150m left, Icy Corpses 10m infront using Dance of Ice, collapsing massive snow cloud coming for all from sweeping mist. Wraith same distance behind, undead 20m ahead.

Ice Wraith:
Enemy Name: Ice Wraith
Enemy Tier: A-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: A x2
Description: A woman made of ice able to fly around through the air like tornado winds, lifting things as heavy as a an adult immuchak male when she gets within touching distance. Does A-tier damage when she touches someone in the form of freezing damage.

  • A Cold Winters night: Activates upon entering battle, a massive wall of frozen mist 100m wide, 100m long and 40m tall follows her and does A-tier damage to whatever it touches, turning it into ice. Abilities can be cast from the cloud, stays with her for up to 300m of movement.

  • Winter Kiss: Shoots a 4m in diameter ball of snow which travels 20m exploding into a 2m diameter freezing the targets entire body for three posts. Requires A-tier strength to break free.

  • Sweeping Mist The ice wraith creates an icy mist from her arms. SHe then claps them together, freezing whatever they touch, once clapped an ice cloud double the length of the source and 1m wide for every meter doing A-tier damage in the force of small blades of ice.

  • Icicle Shot:  The Ice Wraith shoots forth an icicle which does A-tier damage, traveling up to 40m away the icicle is 3m long and 1m in diameter at the base, being 1cm wide at the point.

  • Flash Freeze Freedom: The Ice wraith turns into a frozen fog, flowing into the body of someone with at least B-tier damage and up to 40m away possessing their body and doing A-tier damage to them in the process.

Icy Corpses x10:
Enemy Name:Icy Corpses x10
Enemy Tier: A-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: A-tier
Description: Icy soldiers wearing old armor, seemingly from a lost an ancient land these undead warriors carry a long sword 67cm long that does A-tier damage.

  • Dance of Ice: Requires 2 corpses or more, they point their swords into the ceiling of the midway using a wisp of ice 2m long which shoots from their bodies into their blades. The wisps cause the ceiling to drop icicles from it's entirety stretching 40m forward. Anything in the filed takes A-tier damage from raining icicles.

  • Icy Scream: The corpse screams creating an icy cone 3m long and 3m wide at it's longest doing freezing A-tier damage to all within it's reaches.

  • Call to arms: The Icy Corpse charges forward exploding out 2m into an ice cloud which does A-tier damage.

You have 48 hours to post. After 48 hou an s any failure to post will result in automatic proxy post.

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Sesshomaru saw the ice zombies ahead of them and the wraith behind them with a freezing cloud closing in and for once he didn't know what to do. For once he felt helpless and he didn't like it at all. This whole du geon he had been relying on noir and her magic, even the magic of a stranger while he just sat by and watched helpless and powerless. What was he doing wrong? He is a fana, his strength was superior and he was a great as he there so what do these people have that he doesn't, what makes all of these people in this dungeon so much stronger then him? If he ever wants to discover his destiny then this would be something he have to answer. He would have to get stronger if he ever wants to become the great adventurer he pretends to be. To be honest, up to this point there has been nothing great or special about Sesshomaru, he hasn't doesn anything special besides being sent to prison for thinking he could beat trained guards. He thought his speed and strength were the best yet here he was unable to defeat 2 monsters now that he has ran into and unable to out run them. What was there that he could do.

He shakes his head not wanting to think about it anymore because for once in his life he was afraid to die, he looks at noir and the magic man with a panicked look on his face, "Please tell me you guys have some way to get out of this mess" he would say trying to calm down feeling as weak as an infant when he heard a voice asking a question and tries to answer it the best be can as he keeps with the rest of his group. "What worries me the most is being weak, in not being strong enough to be as amazing as I act. I'm not strong tho and I want to be! he would say ou loud in his moment of clarity about himself.

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Rion would chuckle to herself when her lava managed to stop the snowballs, but soon her smile turned into a frown when she saw the wraith wouldn't be alone anymore as these...icy undeads appeared in the area, literally in front of them as if they wanted to block their way. A sigh would escape from her lips before she cursed the situation. "Great, we are f--" Her words was cut by the red haired Fanalis' words and the young magician would raise her eyebrow. His words implied a hopelessness, but against what...? Was it against this mess? Well, those mess, she meant. They should keep running but perhaps it wouldn't be enough to stop anything that those creatures will do to them, they kept firing powerful attacks towards them and if they tried to ignore it in order to keep running, they would be dead before they reached their destination. Well, running was impossible as well... Rion forgot the fact that their path were blocked with the wraith coming from behind and those undead blocking them from their front, casting something towards the ceiling and she had a bad feeling about it.  

"Hey, wizard~" Rion would call the Emile, "Help us to deal with whatever the undeads are doing! I'll handle the wraith."

It was hell, for sure... a freezing hell. She didn't know if they can survive the attacks, she couldn't focus on other thing if she wanted to deal with what the wraith just did. So she would bet and she was hoping that Emile could do something, he made it out this far alone so he must be a bearer of something great. "Sfera Oscura" Rion would chant as she draw circle with her staff before firing it to the sweeping mist,  hoping it would stop the attack or at least blow it off course from the explosive blast and scaled it once to double the shots. This second shots will be directed towards the ice wraith and hopefully the effect of her magic could damage her, or a least send her backwards for several meters from the blast.

"...her biggest failure would be not strong enough to protect her comrades and loved ones...those poor dead people..." Rion chuckled as she answered the wraith's question on Noir's behalf, "For some reason, most of the people that she knew will always be dead sooner or later. And she blamed herself for not having enough power because she couldn't stop it. Although... the only failure I have is not taking this body for myself fully yet" The magician grinned playfully as she said that.

Magoi/Stamina: 312/220

Skill used:

Sfera Oscura
Tier: A
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Noir has to draw circle with her staff/wand and mention the spell name before using
Scaling: Hits (Scaled 1x)
Sustain: 0
Cool Down:  4 posts
Cost:  40 | 20
Description: Using destruction magic, Noir is able to create a small black sphere, 1 cm in diameter. This black sphere is created from a boiled water which was compressed with strength magic into an incredibly small size black sphere. The sphere will be launched up to 20m from Noir and will explode on contact, making an 8m rapid explosion the form of steam and force, dealing A-tier damage. It will send the victim flying backwards 1/4th the distance of its own blast radius as the side effect.


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As ice began to rain down upon them the wraith prepared to collapse in on them with her mist. An icy demise seemed like it was going to arrive. However they acted fast, and it would keep some of them alive. While the main of the team seemed to be focused on the wraith it seemed like Emile was tasked with dealing with the death from above,

While his allies would meet the snow with explosive force the magician had his own way of doing things. He was going to make sure that this path, that these enemies would be sealed off. Sure his allies could fend them off, and he'd be able to meet the attack but the chase was going to continue. He was going to have to put in all of his magoi in order to keep going. He tried his best to keep a stoic face, for a moment however his allies would see through his shell a smirk, it was uncertain whether it was a nervous one or him being cocky.

No matter what the magician's mood they would seem him come free from Mercury as he flew, the orb stayed around him. With a face full of doubt but a mind of certainty, the magician began to rapid fire of names. They were the names of his spells.

"Plantery Creation: Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and Saturn!" As he named of his spells orbs began to shape and form around him. There 9 floating orbs in total, 9 of them under his control. As the ice was soon to collapse in on them he would fire off two more spells in an instant. His commands were quick and concise, sealing, but most importantly saving their fate.

"Planetary Conductor: Sol and Planetary Confinement."

As the ice dropped on them the magician's book would spark, his entire body engulfed in flame. Almost like a radiant protector. He commanded and guided the planets, They all grouped together, the intense heat from him melting the rock in them, and the ice above. In the blink of an eye the group of constructs would rush forward into the Ice Wraith, hitting the corpses even as they flew by. The orbs would push, grinding against the structure until it mixed in with the rubble and the walls. It almost seemed massive, a black mass of burnt rock essentially protecting them.

Unfortunately for them, Emile had used up almost all of his magoi in order to protect them. The magician who was radiant just a second ago now sat, burnt out in front of a burnt mess. Crimson pools formed around him as blood started to pour out, the lack of magoi was causing him to bleed out it seemed.

It was not the end of his fate though, they had made it with only 100m left in the room. With the rest of their challenge was an approaching noise. The noise of metal scraping against the frozen floor.

DM notes: Emile is dying, giving you a chance to possibly continue ahead, if you wish to stay the undertaker will appear, if not you will be able to most past him and continue on.

Players have 48 hours to respond to the proxy post, after 48 hours if there has not been a post then there will be an automatic proxy post in order to continue the thread.

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Sesshomaru looked in amazement at the massive spellwork that the magic man was doing. It even smacked him out of his panic session for a few moments. He couldn't believe how amazing magic could be. He knew thay Fanalis could not perform thier own magic but a small part of him was now beginning to wish he could use magic, all he had was a magic carpet and a ring which isn't bad, but they are nothing compared to true magical spells. However seeing this did remind him of how weak he was, and how he had to get stronger. He watches as magic man gets burned up and starts leaving pools of blood. He runs to his side but stops when be hears metal against the ground, it sounded like someone or something was coming toward them. He would grab his bisento once more and look ahead towards the source of the noise wondering if it was head8ng thier way. He talks to noir while looking ahead, "are you able to heal Emile again? I will protect you magical lot while you do your stuff." he would say smiling but his voice now lack8ng confidence that it once had.

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"Don't tell me what to do, Fanalis." Rion would speak back to Sesshomaru with a playful smile, as she flew over towards the injured magician. She would then lift her hand and feed some magoi into her healing bracelet as she stared at the dying magician. "Healing him would be what Noir wanted to do anyways..." She murmured although it would be audible for the redhead to hear and she would let the pulse of purple light to engulf the dying magician, hoping she could heal him. It was not because she wanted to heal Emile, but she knew if she let him die, then Noir might become more unstable and it might made Rion got lesser time to have fun while she was in control of the body. The black haired magician would let out a sigh, she thought that the male magician wouldn't be in this state if he didn't try to use his last spell... The man and her could just combine their skill to attack the ice wraith and it might be working. His skills would be very helpful as they went deeper into the dungeon and if he was dying now... it would be a waste. "That is why you ask for help, my good sir... Although we should thank you for saving us from the ice, I believe." Another playful smile would appear on Rion's face, and it was still carved there when the sound of metal scrapping the frozen door.

"I wonder what will come this time..." Rion chuckled as she stood up, her staff ready on her hand and she would be waiting for anything that would be appearing soon. Haku and Shousui would be on guard for the approaching noise as well.

Magoi/Stamina: 302/220

Item/Skill used:

Name: Healing Bracelet
Tier: B
Type: Magic Tool
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: The delicate silver bracelet is approximately 15 cm around and contains a blue gem. The magic circle for the item can be found hidden on the inside of the silver surface.

  • Heal All – Feeding magoi into the item causes a pulse of purple light to spread from the user in a 3m sphere. Anyone inside the sphere experiences B-tier healing. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.


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The healing magic spread over Emile and the horrible nature of his injury slowly healed a bit. The charred and cracked skin gradually seemed to become fleshy again. But the magic was not enough to fully regenerate the damage that had been caused. Meanwhile, the dragging sound of a shovel echoed out as a young man suddenly approached the group.

I see your friend there is suffering quite a bit."

It was unclear where the man had come from. It was as if he had materialized from the echoes. The Undertaker looked to be enjoying himself with a jovial smile and acted eager to poke his nose into their business. There were coffins being dragged behind him and a shovel on his back. More metal scraping against ice sounded as he came within 5m of the group only to stop and present to them an offer.

"I see some potential in one among you, so I've come to offer"

The strange man then pointed at Emile's burned out form and grinned. "I can heal him and restore your bodies to peak condition. All you have to do, is play my game." The shovel resting on the undertaker's shoulder was hefted off to tap one of the coffins. "It's simple. Just take a quick nap in one of my coffins and I'll drag you to the gate. You'll have plenty of time to recover your energy and consider the road ahead." The man's words were like that of a snake oil salesman, but there was no spite or ill will behind his tone.

"You can always choose NOT to play my game. I won't force you, but if you don't take my help you may end up asking me for a coffin for...other reasons. On the other hand, if you pass this game of mine, I guarantee its possible to save your friend. Not only that, I'll get you to the gate and you will be best prepared to handle entering the Necropolis."

DM notes: Emille is going to die within 3 posts unless one person chooses to play, better chances with more people. There is nothing to lose, only the chance to win. 150m away at Undertaker, 100m away if you keep going.

Enemy Name:Undertaker
Enemy Tier: ?
Damage Required to Defeat: ?
Description: A barely middle-aged man with long hair. Dressing in dirty garb he carries a shovel. He is an oddity, but it seems he can be trusted.

  • Ways to your woes: The Undertaker creates a coffin for each player removing all foreign entities from the body but not damage.

  • Casket Carrying: The Undertaker can control and move the coffins at high speeds, making them a blur.

  • Rest and Restore: Restores all magoi and stamina for target players, also heals all wounds.

Players have 48 hours to respond to proxy, after 48 hours if they have not posted there will be a proxy autopost continuing the thread for those who have posted.

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The amazing warrior supreme relaxed a bit as he saw it was a human, or he thinks he is a human, he looks a bit weird to the warrior. He smiles at the man hearing that he saw potential in one of them. He had no idea what that meant, for he did not know of the true reasons of the dungeon. He looks back at magic man not sure how long he would last,  he had to be healed and quick. That and he enjoyed games and liked the idea of what kind of game he could play in a coffin. He looks at the undertaker and nods. "The magic man needs to be healed so i will play the game so he can be saved.
What about you two?"
he would ask looling at noir and shousui eventually getting in the coffin.

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Rion tilted her head when she saw a strange man entering the area, she didn't know if he was another creature just like the wraith but she was sure she didn't like him... Well, that was just a personal preference and the reason why Rion thought like that was because of his....vibe and of course the coffin that he brought with him.

A smirk was carved on Rion's face as she heard that the strange man was challenging the group to play a game,something that Rion would love to get her hands on. It was true that the healing she gave to Emile was not enough and she was planning to heal him completely later, perhaps at the next area. Although... It was just too good to be true that the strange man will heal Emile completely if one of them get into the coffin as well as giving the other benefits that he stated before. A sigh would escape Rion's lips as she felt the urge to save the male magician, something that Noir was feeling at the moment, a strong feeling that felt almost as an annoying distraction for the girl. But to make Noir stop feeling like that and in order to control this body longer, Rion knew she should follow the feeling and there was nothing to lose as well since she wanted to play the game since the beginning.

Just as she wanted to say that she agreed to play, Sesshomaru said it first that he wanted to get in as well, which Rion thought was a great decision because it might increase their chances of winning. "I would play your game, the more the merrier." Rion said with a sultry smile and would wait for what will happen after this. "I would pass." Shousui would answer Sessho's questions and would just observe the situation for now.


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The Undertaker smiled a toothy grin as it became clear that all three of them would be playing his game. Rubbing his hands in excitement, the undertaker waited for each of them to take their places in a coffin. Despite their purpose in housing the cold and lifeless dead, each coffin was warm and inviting once inside. Sleep would descend swiftly unto each of them, its embrace pulling the dungeon challengers deep down into the core of their own minds. The Undertaker closed each coffin behind them and then cheerfully hefted the chains used to drag them as he started to head for the gate.

"Come on, wake up lil' sis! If you sleep through breakfast, mom won't be happy.

The sound of a youth would give Noir and Rion cause to open their eyes. The two were separate, but one. They shared a body as the young Tenma stood over them. The boy hardly resembled the man he'd become, his form taken from the memories Noir herself could no longer recall on her own. Tenma was visibly annoyed that his younger sibling was sleeping in, but the smile on his face was full of familial love as he attempted to wake her for breakfast.

"Good, you're finally up. Hurry down, else I'll be in trouble too."

The young Tenma warned before turning to exit the room. It was a simple room, but there was an air of familiarity to it as though it were Noir's own. Books were strewn about recklessly in large stacks and the scent of flowers gently covered the air.

Once the magician decided to exit the room, she would find a staircase nearby leading down to the ground floor of a rather large and well maintained house. Downstairs, a dining area was lit up with sunlight pouring in through the windows illuminating the picture of a happy family. Tenma was just taking his seat, the boy looking happy and eager to dig into the feast before him. At the head of the table was a stern and stoic man scribbling away on a scroll with one hand as he nibbled at a loaf of bread in the other. A beautiful woman was using a wand to magically guide the last few platters of food to the table.

"Noir, you've finally come down!"

Upon noticing Rion and Noir, the woman's face lit up with joy as she gestured for her to join them. The man looked up from his writings and beamed a prideful smile her way. "Your mother made your favorite, I'm surprised you didn't charge down here at full speed, hahaha." After laughing briefly he returned to his work, now looking a bit more friendly as a lingering smile remained on his face. The beautiful woman took a seat at the other end of the table and then looked to Noir expectant for her to come take her place in the remaining seat.

The resemblance these adults had to the young Tenma and Noir was undeniable. The house they were in had the genuine air of home. It was as if the horrible past Noir had suffered was all just a bad dream. Instead, her family had never been broken apart and was happily living out their lives without worry or concern.

The beating heat of the sun hammered down onto Sessho as a vast wilderness stretched out before him. An uncontrollable urge to wander would overcome him, forcing his legs into action. Each step seemed to carry him thousands of miles, the scenery and environment shifting around him in response. It was like being some sort of omniscient god who could traverse space and time with ease.

At first, Sessho would simply move through the world unfettered. Plains, jungles, wastelands, and tundras. They all flew past him one by one. But as the fanalis traveled on, he would find that there was more than just wilderness before him. The steps started to carry him past scenes of his own life. People he had met, creatures he had seen, they were displayed like phantoms or visions seemingly unaware of his presence.

The dreamscape would show Sessho these things with a purpose. All of them had one thing in common. They all had something to regret about them, something left unfinished or unsaid. Jobs and tasks he never completed were shown to him, goals left unfulfilled and incomplete. They would populate his view until there was little left to be seen other than a catalog of possibilities he had yet to see through to their end.

Initially his steps were liberating as they let him fly across the world, but as more and more regrets and unfinished business appeared, now those steps felt heavy and burdensome. As if moving through sludge, Sessho would find himself weighed down by these tiny impurities of resolution in his past in the form of a physical pressure that burdened his steps and stole away the power to traverse great distances with such ease.

[DM Notes: Noir and Rion are currently in a body of their younger self. Her memories aren't restored, but the vision is using those locked memories as a basis for the dream.

Sessho might not actually have any regrets, but things in his life that someone might perceive as a regret or unfinished are what is manifesting in front of him.]

Players have 48 hours to respond, after 48 hours there will be an automatic proxy post.

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The red head adventurer began to calm down from his panicking as he got inside the coffin. You would think that something made for the dead would be hard and cold yet Sessho had find warm and cozy almost. He had find himself quickly closing his eyes to sleep, but when he closed his eyes he automatically found then opened again this time though he was outside of the dungeon in the real world. Immediately he forgot everything about the dungeon and his goal to fight the boss of it. He was only focused on the world and how quickly he could travel from place to place,  seeing so many wonderful places that he wanted to explore now. He claimed himself an adventurer and explorer yet he had never explored anything. The only places he has been to is Reim his homeland, and Kou where war was brewing. As he kept traveling with wonder and amazement he began to feel his body grow heavy bit by bit as he saw people that he could have talked to or met instead of passing by them and countless jobs he could have had because of them and so many more possibilities he didnt even begin to think of, paths he could have taken instead if others. He found it really hard to walk now but he refused to stop now. Yes, he had missed several possibilities but if he stopped now he would miss future chances amd paths, he had to keep going. He shouts in determintation as he tries to continue walking in order to find the paths of his future

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It was a strange feeling for both Noir and Rion as both of them climbed on the coffin, it was far from the impression that they got from a coffin. Usually a coffin would feel cold as well as unforgiving as death was always be put inside, well not always, but mostly a coffin would be used to store death body. They closed their eyes slowly though, embracing the warmness into their body as they quickly fell into slumber.

“Mm…” Noir moaned as she heard someone was trying to wake her up, it was quite annoying because it felt like she hadn’t gotten enough sleep. But some certain wordings made Noir slowly opened her eyes, “Lil sis…? Mom…?” She silently thought to herself, wondering who called her little sister and who this mother was. She remembered his face though…and she… already thought that she wouldn’t like the thing that was waiting for her downstairs...

“Ah… is that Caine…?” A chuckle would be heard inside Noir’s mind as Rion said it. It seemed like the control was given back to Noir automatically when both of them lost consciousness, although it was not proven yet. “Caine…” Noir murmured softly, recalling that name as her late brother’s name. Then she remembered another thing as well… and it was the fact that her family was massacred a long time ago. “Is this real…?” She looked around the room and could tell that this was the kind of room she would have with lots of books piling up all over the floor. “It feels like my body is smaller…or the stairs are just high…” She made a mental comment when she climbed downstairs that felt a little bit higher for her body size before heading towards the dining area.

There was a woman and a man inside, along with the boy who woke her up earlier. But what surprised her was not the fact that they were there, but more because of the fact that they were there, alive. Noir could tell that they were her family based from the family painting she had seen before, although she wondered why… even after seeing this supposed-to-be happy family reunion, there was nothing, not a single memories of the past coming back to her. It made her felt like a stranger again and Noir was not sure what to do with what she felt.

The man’s words about the woman was making Noir’s favorite piqued up her interest… “My favorite?” She would ask back, wondering what her favorite food was. As far as she knew, no one knew her favorite food as she never said it to anyone but… they might know... but… would they really know? What if they guessed it right and what if they guessed it wrong… she didn’t know what she would do after that. It was confusing, it made her feel dizzy and it felt suffocating. If this was really her home, her family, then how come she couldn’t remember anything even though she had forced herself mentally to remember?

And it struck her mind… what if she didn’t really lost her memories… what if those… massacre things, those stupid thoughts were just her imagination, which could be a good reason since she liked to read books and that might make her imagination went wild. “Why do they feel so real if they were already dead…?” She thought to herself over and over again until she stopped thinking and as if nothing ever happened inside her mind, Noir would say with a smile, “Good morning, father, mother and brother.”


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